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This is not a long boring review I will just give you a few quick data to tickle your interest a little I will point out some of the amazing features you'll find in the this elegant little wonder, Such as FaceTime, video playing and gaming. Facetime works like this.You call your friends and thanks to the video camera they can see you and you can see them (Both of you need to have an iPod touch of any model.) Lets say you want to show your friend the beautiful view in front of you, or have her opinion about a house you are about to rent. Just tap and start the back camera and she can see what you are seeing.. Video The iPod Touch has 2 built in cameras. One of them deliver pictures and videos in razor sharp HD quality. And there is no need for difficult and time consuming editing of the videos. Basic editing is a built-in feature. Just sort and save what you want to keep, right there on the spot. If you need a more fancy program for more fancy tricks, You can buy an App called iMovie app at the apple store (for under five dollars). Gaming The iPod Touch is probably the worlds most popular game player. It has more games than any other gaming platform. At the Apple store you can find more than Ten thousand games and other applications. You can play games together with your friends on the other side of the earth, thanks to Game center a new app. Finally I will mention a few words about the design of the latest Apple 4 iPod Touch. It is the thinnest, lightest iPod ever made. The new glass front and the stainless steel back gives you a smooth feeling when holding it your hand. It is a perfect combination of beautiful design and advanced new technology.

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==== ==== Looking for the Apple 30 GB IPod AAC/MP3 Video Player? Check It Out Here: ==== ====

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