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Finding an affordable or cheap cell phone plan has become important, or a flat out necessity, for many of us. Sifting through the stack of monthly bills makes you quickly question where you may be able to cut costs. For some the cell phone plan has become one of the monthly bills to reduce. Unfortunately this can be easier said than done as we have become very reliant on our cell phones and often our current service. Finding The Right Wireless Plan While you may want to reduce your cell phone bill you also want to make sure you get the right coverage to fit your needs. Saving twenty dollars or so a month may not be worth it if you aren't getting the coverage you really need. To find a plan that fits your needs best it can be beneficial to make a list of services and features you need in a plan before you start comparing cell phone plans. Remember want and need are two different things. You may want to have a list of needs and a second list of wants. Types Of Wireless Plans There are a few different types of wireless plans available. It is important to find the one that fits your situation or needs best. Contract plans are the probably the most common. In this type of plan you sign a contract for a specific set of features, including a specified number of minutes/texts within a certain coverage area with a specific provider. Contracts are normally one or two years; if you break the contract you will have to pay an early termination fee. Family plans are a type of plan often within a contract plan. Family plans are usually a good option for a family of three or more who all use cell phones. They usually offer shared minutes and free calling between family members. Prepaid or pay as you go plans require you to buy minutes up front. This allows you to keep better track of what you are spending as it doesn't allow you to go over your set minutes. This type of plan can be stopped at any time without termination fees. Read The Fine Print Before committing to any mobile phone plan be sure you understand the fine print. Understand things like the termination fee, how much it will cost if you go over your set number of minutes per

month and texting costs. You may also want to get an estimate of what your actual monthly bill will be once taxes and fees are added each month. Finding an affordable cell phone plan can take a little research and patience but it is worth the effort once you find the right fit.

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==== ==== How Many of Your Friends Have Cell Phones? Would They Ever Give Them Up? See Why This Plan Is Free. Check It Out: ==== ====

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