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Why is it that some people can eat all they want and never gain a pound? There is one school of thought which says it could be because they are using a healthy foods diet. Granted, some people just have a high metabolism for burning off calories, but we could all improve our diets with healthier foods. An Example For example, look at the difference between a raw apple and an apple that has been processed into apple juice. An apple has 72 calories and 3 grams of fiber. A glass of apple juice contains 120 calories and no fiber. Unfortunately, almost all of our food today is processed with preservatives, salt and sugar. Other Ways to Eat Better Unprocessed fruits and vegetables are among the healthiest foods that we can make a regular part of our diet. But there are other changes we can make too. Any time we can choose whole grain over "white", it is probably healthier. Whole grain bread is better for us than white bread. Wild rice is better for us than white rice. Feeling Hungry When we eat more of these healthy, unprocessed foods, we feel satisfied faster. The processed foods usually give us less nutritional value, and we tend to eat more of them because the sugars and preservatives don't help us stop feeling hungry. Combine With a Diet Some people may be able to lose weight just by eating a healthy foods diet, but for many who are looking to lose considerable weight, it is recommended that you combine healthy foods with a more controlled diet. A calorie shifting diet is a good choice for this. It works well because you are allowed to eat all kinds of food, and you are given the opportunity to select what kinds of food you want to include (you can choose healthy food). A healthy foods diet by itself will help your body immensely. Combined with a calorie shifting diet, you will lose weight quickly and develop healthy patterns for the rest of your life.

You can start losing weight today by starting a calorie shifting diet. See how you can combine it

with a healthy foods diet []. Here is the link: [].

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==== ==== Do You Want to Discover a Healthy Way to Diet? ==== ====

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Eating Healthy Food Maybe All That You Need  

Don't Just Diet, Do It The Healthy Way! Find Out How:

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