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2012 5th Edition

Yes, I am wearing PINK! Courtesy of Grandpa Cort and the family’s Breast Cancer 5K…the whole family got involved! The kids ran the kids dash, and got pink capes and a medal just for running!!

Yes, this year I went ahead and put crazy in the title!! I know most of you are thinking it should be a permanent fixture…Life here does seem to be on the crazy side, but somehow we muddle through!

Washington for another two years!! It is the longest we have EVER lived anywhere, and we are all excited. Jon is the new S4 in the unit, which is still a glorified paper pusher, (Thankfully!) He is the main Medical Logistics man now, so I guess it’s his head on the chopping block…eek! Doesn’t sound like fun to me. He has had some back problems this year, which caused his sciatic nerve to shoot pain down his rear and left leg. He is currently sleeping on the floor…by choice, not by me. To which he said, “Babe, it’s ME, not you!” I am still trying to figure out what he meant by that. Before the back problems arose, he was able to go on his big ELK hunting

Jon th

trip to where he got a BIG one and at 476 yards! I think he should have

is currently still in the 47 CSH, we

taken a longer shot, that would have

lucked out and get to stay in

given him more bragging rights! He

thinks he is going to hang the head in the house so it can stare at me all day …silly boy!

Ammon’s got this one figured out! Austin’s too embarrassed to let the cute girls touch him. Good news for me with the oldest, but I think Ammon is DEFINITELY his Father’s son!

Poor Bambi! Ammon wants to know if he can help cut you up after Daddy shot you!

Here’s a story of a guy named Jon (You have to sing to the Brady Bunch Theme song here yourself!) who took

He also got a deer that is little

his two boys and father-in-law duck

compared to the elk. Poor little

hunting…(I must insert here some info

guy…Austin and Ammon watched him

about our fearless hunters to make

take poor Bambi out with the bow at

this story interesting…At this time,

close range! Ammon asked if he could

Jon can barely walk—gimp boy we will

cut it up for him, while Austin tried

call him. My dad, Darrick, has just

not to be whoosie. But because Jon’s

gotten out of the hospital from his

rear hurt so bad, between, Jon, my

death bed; literally. Austin tried to

Dad, Austin, and Ammon, they couldn’t

break his growth plate in his wrist and

get poor Bambi into the truck, so they

has a cast on covering his thumb and

had to call Jon’s dad, Jim—the old

is not supposed to move his fingers at

retired guy to help them!

all! Ammon who just turned 8 is the only healthy person of the bunch, and a dog named Brandi!) Now these 4 boys are headed out to the Great Salt Lake to duck hunt on the duck boat. Being a concerned citizen, I ask the men if they are ok to go, or if they need anything. To which I get, “We

are good…we are going to have fun!”

for a couple of hours each week while

Then I ask, “Do we have cell phones?”

the kids are in school. I am finding I

The two “men” (I use the term lightly

am really enjoying it; I have really

here!) look at me funny and say, “Yeah,

cute kids who love to give hugs. Yes, I

why?” To which I replied, “Three

did do my reading this year, netting

gimps, and an 8-year-old are going

about 100 books this year. I think I

hunting…should I be concerned?”

need to get a life…So the other night

They laughed so hard and

I was having a bath, enjoying my book

replied…”We’ve got the dog too, we’re

with my yummy snacks, making myself

good!” Now, to make this story even

fatter!! When what do my wondering

better, Ammon shot 2 ducks, and

eyes see? My book dropping to the

Austin shot the decoy. So Ammon got

bottom of the water. Years and years

duck for dinner, and Austin got

of this tradition, and I have never,

plastic! They came home with 5 ducks

EVER gotten a book even slightly wet,


and I completely saturate my stupid Christmas book. Oh well, at least it wasn’t the Kindle right?!

Jenn is still off running somewhere, maybe she went over the rainbow! I love to run with my friends, Ady, Laura, and Julie. Sometimes if we are lucky, a straggler named Nikki shows up. I still shuttle the kids to and from all their destinations. I also volunteer at the elementary school for Ammon and Maya’s classes. I have started teaching gymnastics classes

Austin turned 11 this year, and started Middle School. He is getting tall like his Dad, thankfully! He measured at 4 feet 11 ½ inches in September. He is already taller than I was when I got my driver’s license and when I got married. However, he is still not quite taller than me, maybe

next year??!!! He has a few more

me laughing??!! We even tried to give

inches to go, which makes him mad.

the boys separate bedrooms, which

I told him it was OK to be taller than me when he was 12, but before then, I would be VERY upset! He does excellent in math, and is playing the trumpet. He hates all his other classes, because they consist of the R-word… READING!!!!

they fought over, mind you. But they were too scared to sleep alone, and quickly moved back into the same room. I guess the Boogie Man gets you in your sleep too. Don’t worry, Maya is in the next room over, she will rescue you BIG boys. She will also go upstairs, or down, and turn the lights

Austin tried to break his arm showing

on for the boys…Maya to the RESCUE!

off for girls on a bike. I guess he was

And you thought the boys were

a little embarrassed when he biffed it

supposed to protect her!

and landed on his arm. We went to the E.R. and they thought he had broken his growth plate in his wrist, so he was told not to do anything with his right hand, to include, writing (that really bummed him out!), playing his trumpet, etc. He wasn’t supposed to move any of his fingers. Luckily, we went to the specialist and found out it

Austin also raced his motorcycle several times this summer, it was very exciting. He got a trophy for one of the races, which he thought was the coolest thing in the world. (By the way, COOL stands for Constipated, Overweight, Out of style, Loser! According to the kids.)

wasn’t broken at all. So that must

Ammon turned 8

have made the crash even more

this year and is

embarrassing after that! Talk about

in 3rd grade;

crushed ego, poor kid!

Mrs. Thompson is his teacher.

Austin hates to be home alone, but if

We love her,

Ammon or Maya are home with him, he is OK with that. I guess he thinks Maya will save him from the Boogie Man should he appear! Can you hear

“Look Dad! Is mine bigger?”

Austin also had her. He was

baptized by his Dad in Utah over the summer. He was VERY excited! I

think he was washed clean for an hour

gone too; instead we missed it for a

or two before he was all dirty again.

date night!

Ammon also

Today, Ammon went to a birthday

raced his

party where they went bowling. On


the way home, he asks me this


question in the car -- (Yes, prepare

times and

yourself!) “Mom, you know those

won a few

boxes on the wall in the Men’s

trophies. He

bathroom?” I am thinking really, is he

could have

REALLY asking me this question?!


“You know the ones that cost $0.75?

another one, but he said

“I’m HAPPY! Really I am…

What is in them?” What am I supposed to say to that? Then he

he had

says, “Next time we go, can I get

enough trophies, and he needed to

one?” I told him I didn’t know what

share the wealth. I think he may have

was in it because I haven’t been to

had one too many dirt naps!

that bowling alley, or go in the men’s

The kids went to the banquet dinner at the end of the season to see Grandpa Darrick get his BIG trophy, and little did we know, Ammon got called up, and won a trophy for the

bathroom. To which he replies, “Oh, then I will ask Dad when we get home.” I can’t wait to hear that conversation. Thankfully he forgot to ask!

season. He not only got one trophy, but 2; one for his age group and the other for winning the motorcycle division! He thought he was a total stud, and apparently did a little dance on the stage…If only I had been there to see him. If we had known he was getting one, Jon and I would have Missy Lou Who

Maya and Maddy Her Dance BFF!

Maya turned 6 this year, and is in 1st Grade. My baby is in school ALL day, it is soooo sad. I can’t believe she is that old! She has Mrs. Hoyt who is AWESOME! Maya is learning to read, and writes long, beautiful stories. She also loves to draw and color. We go through paper and drawing books like you wouldn’t believe! Maya is no longer taking dance class. She asked if she could take gymnastics; given

Our little Beauty School

This picture appeared, as is,

the choice between dance and

Drop-out that needs to go

in a Washington Newspaper,

back to High School, or

when the kids won a prize

Elementary for that

at the Everett Coho Derby.

gymnastics, and she decided to go


with gymnastics. So, drum roll here…To the tune of “Dancing Queen”…She is the gymnastics queen, young and sweet and only 6-years-old!


The gymnastics queen (Fade out.) She

Christmas to

moved up 3, yes count them, 3 levels

all, and to all a

in just a couple of months! She is now

good night!

taking a class twice a week called Twinklers, which is a class for more advanced kids; where she is improving

We hope you Don’t worry, we got Grandpa Cort to switch teams this year…no more

immensely. Cartwheels and

Husky Fan for you…Ute’s all the

handstands were always a part of our

he?! (Cort Is one of our wonderful

lives, now it is “watch this”, round-off into middle splits, or back bends, etc. It is amazing. She still does her best to keep up with her two brothers, and her best friend is still Josh, who is also in her class.

way baby! He looks happy doesn’t Neighbors that needed two beers to wear the shirt)

enjoyed these little tid bits from our crazy family. Hopefully we talk to each

of you before the next Christmas card!

Skidmore Christmas Card 2012  

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Skidmore Christmas Card 2012  

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