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Website: Email: Facebook group:!/myauthors MySpace page: Current standing and capabilities: Supplying a print-on-demand book publishing facility, global online sales, cover design, book design, setting and layout, ISBN assignation, editing. Registered in England & Wales (company may have been designated dormant due to non action) Bank a/c with A&L (dormant and may have been closed by bank due to non use) A partnership agreement is in place with a print production facility in Europe. This gives direct access to a print-on-demand service. Using this agreement sales are done via the company website which is also referred to by other online sites. The partner company dispatches ordered books by post to the customer. Company receives an average of 25% of sales price in royalties, of which 10-20% is passed on to author. A partnership agreement is in place with print production and distribution facility in the USA. This includes supply and distribution to both retail outlets and major online retailers such as Amazon. There is an initial payment for each manuscript published of approx. $36 for print setup and online listing. Includes listing in major book wholesalers catalogues. Includes listings on major online book retailers. About the business The business operates on miniscule overheads comprising: hosting costs, annual ISBN purchase, and a fee per manuscript to US print/distribution partner for each manuscript published through them. Other costs are staffing which is currently 1 person (unwaged volunteer). The operation can be run easily by 2 persons, covering: website maintenance, database maintenance/entry, basic bookkeeping, manuscript editing, cover design, book upload and entry, dispatch of files to production houses. A trial run has been performed with a US author and the European production house and thereby the project stream tested and established. Prospective turnover can be estimated against comparable businesses in Europe and the US. The business model accesses procedures from vanity publishing, self-publishing and traditional and new media publishing. Future growth is envisaged into music and art publishing utilizing the same business model. The nominal graphic design department can be expanded and utilized for B2B. There is also the scope for establishing a commercial print sector within the company with the acquisition of sufficient funds and suitable premises. Current needs Premises with at least 2 desktop or laptop computers with internet connection. The company already has the necessary software.

Landline and office fittings. Objectives Investigation of viability and decision on which route to follow: either sell off of business as it stands, or reestablishing the business with the aid of grants and other funding sources. Estimate company worth as-is and on the open market. Find a way of showing prospective worth. Investigate and possibly initiate sourcing of funding for company (capital assets and an initial outlay for reestablishment). Look into Social Enterprise as a possible route into the future.


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