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Coultrain: is Seymour Liberty

Born the only son of a Baptist preacher and registered nurse in St. Louis, Aaron Michael Frison, known to the public as Coultrain, was exposed to a multitude of musical genres starting with gospel, then from Blues to Jazz. He credits his parents, and their upbringing as major attributes to his gift, as well as his stern integrity. The stories Coultrain's father preached would eventually find their way into his own growth and style. The tone his mother carried in her angelic voice would characterize his tone, hence the heavy gospel influence in Coultrain’s vocal texture as well as the message. Appearances -20112/19/11 The Roxy

Vienna, Austria

2/18/11 Kassablanca

Jena, Germany

2/17/11 Bohannon Club

Berlin, Germany

2/12/11 Hard Rock Cafe

Warsaw, Poland

2/11/11 RUST -2010-

Copenhagen, Denmark

11/22/10 Gramophone

St. Louis, MO

11/13/10 Darkroom

Chicago, IL

11/12/10 10 Critics

Detroit, MI

10/2/10 Grand Star Jazz Club

Los Angeles, CA

9/13/10 The Mint

Los Angeles, CA

7/16/10 Angel's

Santa Monica, CA

6/30/10 Mojito

San Francisco, CA

6/26/10 Elbo Room

San Francisco, CA

6/25/10 Left Coast Live Music Festival Main Stage 6/6/10 The Blue Cafe

San Jose, CA

Huntington Beach, CA

5/15/10 SOM Bar

San Francisco, CA

5/14/10 Paradiso

Oakland, CA

2/17/10 Little Temple -20097/2/09 The Shrine

Santa Monica, CA Chicago, IL

3/28/09 Dakota Live Music Lounge

Santa Monica, CA

3/27/09 Mighty -2008-

San Francisco, CA

10/1/08 Waterfront 9/29/08 Marsatac Festival

Rotterdam, NL Marseille, France

9/27/08 La Laiterie

Strasbourg, France

9/25/08 Le Batofar

Paris, France

9/23/08 Thekla

Bristol, UK

9/21/08 HiFi Club

Leeds, UK

9/14/08 The Drum (Auditorium)

Birmingham, UK

3/21/08 Crash Mansion LA

Los Angeles, CA

“He exposes his unprocessed soul without force and it isn’t something that was built over 6 weeks on a television set or his need for the spotlight. It’s his connection to his spirituality and ability to tap into his true self through his music that makes him tantalizing. He’s insatiable through melody, sleek in his cadence, and his words are stimulating. He is innocent in his natural ability to seduce and his tone is unfiltered. And his first album, The Adventures of Seymour Liberty, proves this one track at a time. So if you are frustrated with where soul music is headed, brace yourself because your savior has arrived in the form of a humble yet intense storyteller who wanders the world in search of love.” Arasia Magnetic-Nu-Soul Magazine

Musically speaking, Coultrain penned the majority of PPP’s (formerly Platinum Pied Pipers) acclaimed album Abundance (2008), as well as performing the subsequent Abundance tour both domestically and internationally. He self-released his first LP The Adventures of Seymour Liberty (JuJu Dust/P-Vine) in the fall of 2007, to the reception of critical media acclaim in Soul music’s underground. In early 2010, Coultrain released a 7” inch through Recordbreakin’ titled The Wanderer/Balancing Act. Coultrain’s latest project, "GodMustBeABoogieMan" was released online (August 2010) and his subsequent mixtape While She Was Sleeping to the same acclaim as his previous musical efforts. Plans are in the works for his next full length release -- the next official chapter of the Seymour Liberty series in early 2011. managed by J. Johari Palacio of Perpetual Rebel

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