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Pan Con Chocolate can be found in select shops around the world, including: SPAIN | USA | ITALY | UK | PORTUGAL | GERMANY | MALTA | TURQUIA | RUSSIA | MEXICO PUERTO RICO | PANAMA | REPÚBLICA DOMINICANA | JAPAN | BAHRAIN | AND MORE


Made in Spain



Talking Points Arsène et les piplelettes “Chattering” with the founder of a casually elegant collection from the Basque region of France.


Art & Design Maison et Objet New trends and fabulous finds from the world’s best venue for home and décor.


Talking Points Lunii A unique toy that encourages kids to create their own stories.


Essential Trends Key looks for Spring/Summer 2021 from top global brands.

Talking Points Tia Cibani Kids 22


The story of a New York-based designer with a global soul.

À La Carte Malicieuse Fun French accessories turn every outfit into an original piece.

À La Carte Goodnight Light 26

This special lamp company strives to bring love and light into every home.


À La Carte Bleu Carmin Design Witty Animo character lamps bring a bright spot of art to any room.


Color Trends Seasonal fashions are presented in the most popular palettes.

Talking Points Dream Bracelet Twins 38


Creative accessories made by two talented young entrepreneurs.

Talking Points Scallybag! The essential new accessory for young sailors.

40 Talking Points Seaesta Surf 42

Vintage surf-inspired swimwear with a California vibe.

Looks My Summer Vacation Sunny days inspire sizzling swimwear designs.

Talking Points e-setera 48



Spring/Summer 2021 Key looks for the New Season

“À la Carte”

Ultra-cool sportswear for boys, girls and adults.

select brands and special products

Decor and lifestyle inspiration

Company pro昀les Essen琀al Trends & Color Pale琀es

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talking points

Chloé de Bailliencourt

express with our baseline:“Elegance, hair in the wind”. I like the idea that elegance can be laid back and fun. Chloé de Bailliencourt, founder and designer of Arsène et les pipelettes, talks to Kids à la Mode about her charmingly elegant yet playful brand of kid's clothes. I've been a big fan of your brand for many years! I've been curious to know, what does the name "Arsène et les pipelettes" mean? When I was searching for a name for my brand I did not have any kids yet. I wanted to find a name that would be timeless, maybe even a bit old-fashioned, to express my will to create timeless pieces, so Arsène [a classic French name] came to mind immediately. But then I also wanted to convey the idea of playfulness, of never being too serious about anything, and the idea that it was OK to add fun details on garments. So the pipelettes came in the picture. It means “chatterboxes”. I am proud to say I was myself a chatterbox when I was a child! This idea, of having at the same time chic and playfulness, we now 6 | Kids à La Mode

Where is your company located? How does your location influence the production and aesthetics of the line? We live in the Basque Country, a magical place between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees mountains, in the south west of France, by the Spanish border. It definitely inspires me everyday, as I literally see the ocean by my kitchen window! It gives me a sense of humbleness towards Mother Nature. And also, I must say that the Basque country in its whole, with its green hilly landscapes, its fauna and flora, its very strong and preserved culture, is now my main inspiration source. There was a time when I didn’t talk about the Basque Country, as Paris was the center of fashion and being from another place could make you look unfashionable, but eventually I realized it was a precious thing, living here, and that I had to claim my inspirations loud and clear.

Indeed, quality is paramount for us. We source our fabrics with our suppliers; we mainly work with Portugal (for tee-shirts, sweatshirts, a large part of our pants, swimwear and knitwear), but also with India (for woven fabrics which we print and have embroidered) and a little bit in Morocco (pants). We increasingly work with organic fabrics, which can be restraining at times, but we believe that is the right way to move forward. For spring and summer, 100% of our tee-shirts and sweatshirts are organic. We used cotton voile and cotton canvas, but also terry cloth and crepe fabric (I like their retro touch) and for the first time we used hemp, which is very interesting from an ecological point of view, and has a raw charm. Who is the company's designer and team? What inspires designs for new collections each season? I design with a small team around me. I get inspiration from many sources: first the research that we do every season, linked to our main theme, in books, exhibitions, movies; vintage clothing also inspires me, and I love the retro touch in clothes. I also look at current fashion -- it’s always an inspiration source.

What are your themes and trends for Spring/Summer 2021? The Basque Country is our inspiration for the second season in a row. It inspired us for all-over prints, like our whales print (Basque fishermen used to hunt whales a long time ago, when

It's obvious that you use very high quality fabrics for each collection. Where do you purchase your fabrics and which are your favorite fabrics to use? What fabrics did you use for Spring/Summer 2021?

Kids Ă La Mode | 7

came in late for a large part, and the samples for summer were late as well. Our partners still struggle, whether they are in Portugal, India or Morocco. With our multibrand stores we used for the first time our B2B platform, we all adapt to the situation as we can! Although I realize that many plans are paused for now, please tell us some of your hopes and dreams for the future of Arsèneet les piplettes. We look forward to following them! Our main plan is to change the way we build our collections. We want to create less but better, to shift our production to 100% organic within the next few seasons, to rethink the notion of fashion seasons, which we find not adapted to the needs of the people and the planet. There are too many garments in circulation worldwide; we want to make the ones that we produce really count!


there were still many of them by the European coasts!), our surf sports and our swimmers prints for instance. We also used stripes in many forms and colors. In the Basque Country, stripes are part of the landscape, the houses often have stripes on their walls, and in summer, Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz beaches are covered with striped tents. What color palettes will we be seeing for Spring/Summer 2021? We have 3 slightly main colors: a faded yellow, a coral red and several shades of blue, from navy to sky blue. Please explain how and where you sell your brand. Are the Arsène et les pipelettes boutiques currently open for in-house sale? How has the timing of production and selling of the line changed this season due to the pandemic? We sell through multibrand stores in Europe, the US and Asia, and we also have our own stores: 11 in France, including 2 in Paris, and 3 in Europe (Spain and Belgium). All of them are open. We did not participate in virtual tradeshows but you can find our collection on the Playtime B2B platform. Covid 19 has impacted both the Winter '20 season and the Spring '21 season. Our winter production 8 | Kids à La Mode

art & design

Kids Ă la Mode explores new trends and discovers new gems at Maison&Objet Digital Fair.

Sky B Plane bed

Circu Magical Furniture A world of magic and fantasy that allows children to pursue their own dreams in their own space. Bun Van bedroom

Rocky Rocket armchair

Teepee Room Little Bunny chair 10 | Kids Ă La Mode

The Frosted Owl

Fruites Plates Pinapple

Flowers Plates

Yuko-B The French brand specializing in beautiful accessories for kids and adults including table wear, lunchboxes and more.

Snack Plates

Yuko means "who loves life", symbolizing an irresistible wave of freedom. Bento Panda

Bento Owl Kids Ă La Mode | 11

Big Simply Flamingos The Flamingo in Box Big Simply Speculos The Tiger in a Box

TriAction Toys This American-based company is home of specialty toys designed with European flair and quality.

Les Deglingos

Les Deglingos

Big Simply Hippos The Hippo in Box

Big Simply Muchachos The Llama in Box 12 | Kids Ă La Mode

Teddy Kompaniet Cow Musical Plush

Pink Cat baby Comforter Large Elephant Blanket Set

Cow Baby Comforter

Pink Cat Musical Plush

Kids à La Mode | 13

talking points

A French company has created a unique interactive toy that encourages children to craft their own stories and stretch their imaginations. With families now spending more time together than ever, Lunii is particularly suited to engage everyone in a new way that is productive, creative, and fun for all.

eco-friendly, screen-less alternative to phones and computers. These features are especially important during our current times Lunii gives children the experience of creating their own stories, because they correlate with the pandemic produced trend of giving them the option to choose the character's name and many simpler play that relies on the child's imagination. other aspects of the story line. There are 48 stories included in Lunii was started four years ago by a group of friends who came each toy, with 12 additional stories available to download at no extra cost. With a capacity to hold up more than 100 albums of out of design school together. Their goal was to help children expand their creativity and imagination by developing an different languages at the same time, kids can simultaneously improve their vocabulary, learn new languages, relax, and enjoy. innovative brand for kids. They were able to create a brand that not only helped reduce kids’ screen time but that was also "My Fabulous Storyteller� by Lunii is indeed a very artistically designed beautifully. designed product featuring rounded edges and super clean lines that sooth with a visual, tactile, and aural appeal bound to please "What really attracted me to Lunii was that the design of the both kids and adults. Its low-tech, emission-free aspect creates an product is aesthetically beautiful," says Thibault Decker, the

14 | Kids Ă La Mode

"We're in a period now where people are revisiting their values," Thibault says. "We're encouraging kids to become dynamic, and to discover a bit of the world. It's a good way to spend time with your kids, and it's a real moment of engagement when the finished story comes out."

company’s General Manager in North America. "The retro design looks something like a ‘Walkman’ and it's easy to carry around, to museums or anywhere."

Lunii is already a huge success in Europe, enjoying its first-place position on Amazon, and being among the top five of all toys sold in France. "We personally think it's even more of an American concept than European. We are working with national retailers, schools, Amazon and other on-line marketplaces. We are actually closer to a lifestyle -- it truly is all about how we live and interact," both Thibault and Alix agree. "We're investing to make sure people understand who we are, what our values are. Be prepared to see us make a huge buzz!"

Thibault brings a particularly relevant experience to the project. Five years ago, he co-founded a global non-profit organization called Street Art for Mankind. This New York based project raises awareness and funds to stop child trafficking through art by producing and inspiring murals, exhibitions, and performances with prominent street artists around the world. Street Art for Mankind strives to create true social change by connecting United Nations diplomats, ambassadors, and artists with the general public. Alix Schreiner, Head of Sales and Product Development, is also attuned to the visual beauty of Lunii's designs. You can see this in the captivating visuals of the company's promotional photos and product packaging. But aesthetics isn’t the only aspect of Lunii's appeal.

Kids à La Mode | 15

essential trends

Key Looks for the New Season


Global Affairs Fun & Fun


GOOD VIBES Guaranteed to make you smile. Multi-hued brights add a festive vibe to striped sweater, kid’s dishes and crocheted animal toys. Happy messages on tee shirts spread good cheer: printed “chenille” lettering; dazzling pink SMILE; and rubberized girl-power emoji artwork. Even Donald can’t duck the season’s must-have accessory: a cleverly color-blocked face mask. Global Affairs Boboli Monnalisa Stones and Bones

16 | Kids à La Mode

Spring/Summer 2021


Givenchy Petit Alo 4 Funky Flavours

ACTIVE MEASURES Kids stay strong and on the move in sleek, easy sportswear. Athletic looks add a new twist to the classics: tonal color-spliced zip-front jacket; logoprinted rib trim; floral print inserts on leggings. Super soft stretch fabrics are key to comfort dressing that goes from home, to school, to sports. Black impacts active wear such as leggings and bicycle shorts, and on oversized hoodie with giant zipper pulls by e-setera. Conguitos Monnalisa



Moa Concept

Kids Ă La Mode | 17

essential trends Koku Factory





Sun, surf and swimwear. Ocean-themed graphics are a natural for tee shirts worn with jean shorts or swim trunks. Girl’s swim styling ranges from ruffled halter top to one-piece tank. Beach colors are as hot as summer sunshine: yellow, orange, neon lime green. Seviglia Sunchild

Koku Factory


18 | Kids Ă La Mode

Spring/Summer 2021


Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Bobo Choses

FARM TO FASHION A cornucopia of fresh fruit and veggie motifs. All natural, all upbeat: simply-rendered graphics include cheery cherries, sweet strawberries, tomatoes and peppers. Agatha Ruiz de la Prada pairs a smiling slice of watermelon with green “rind” print shorts. Appliquéd lemons add tang to raffia shoes, while a radiant pineapple night light gives a warm glow. Contre Allee Bobo Choses


Goodnight Light

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Kids à La Mode | 19

essential trends

Jose Varon Monnalisa Knot


Lulaland photo by Zura Lagarde

Cascading frills are the focus for lovely designs. Not just for dress up, today’s ruffle treatments adorn jersey tee shirts and casual sundresses. Ruffles run around V-shaped yoke, asymmetrical collar and fluttering sleeves. Extravagant Pierrot collars add drama, in diagonal stripes and rich floral prints.

Paade Mode

No No

Monnalisa Givenchy

20 | Kids Ă La Mode

Spring/Summer 2021

Senorita Lemoniez Sonata

TODAY’S BOUQUET Dressing up for a garden day.

Tutto Piccolo

Lush floral prints bloom on superb Spanish collections: Pan Con Chocolate and Senorita Lemoniez. A Liberty look print makes a natty boy’s shirt, paired with garden green shorts. Stopping to smell the flowers… in chiffon dresses featuring precious ruffles, bows and flamboyant hot pink. Senorita Lemoniez

Petit Alo

Pan Con Chocolate Pan Con Chocolate

Kids à La Mode | 21

talking points

Interview by Janet Jacobs

standards. These lasting connections enable Tia to develop her current line at a distance, and to achieve the heirloom quality Tia Cibani, founder and designer of Tia Cibani Kids, is currently that Tia Cibani Kids is known for. living in North Salem, a scenic town in lovely upstate New York. She closed her Manhattan studio, Chelsea Girl, four years ago after the birth of her second child, and is currently well situated to enjoy the sunlight and natural beauty of the area while staying easily accessible to her clients in New York City. However, Tia considers herself to be truly a global soul. Born in Libya, North Africa, she and her family moved to Canada when she was 6 years old. As Creative Director of her namesake collection for Ports 1961, a high end women's line, Tia developed close relationships with excellent producers in China, working with factories that provide the highest level of craftsmanship and

22 | Kids Ă La Mode

provide a little diary, photographs and videos that show natural shots... of them going to the seaside, to the park, showing lots of blue sky." The result is a delightfully fresh and original presentation that truly reflects the mood of the moment, highlighting lifestyles of real people from many diverse cultures. Fast-forward to October: Tia Cibani Kids Spring/Summer 2021 has debuted and is being sold by Luisa Via Roma, Lane Crawford Hong Kong and Ladida among many others. We asked Tia to describe the collection and tell us how she was able to strike just the right balance of fashion, beauty and optimism during this time of such serious world-wide troubles. Tia says, “I simply followed my heart. I knew I wanted the collection to feel optimistic and hopeful and so color was a big factor. I went for big color more than ever this season! I kept the fabrics light (mostly 100% cotton fibers) and my signature print this season is called Maasai Madras as it is a sort of hand painted tartan of bold strokes that incorporates the entire collection’s palette.

When we spoke to Tia in July she said,"We're late with the Spring/Sumer '21 collection. It's a complicated time now! But people are being creative and we keep going, we don't throw in the towel. I have some clients who really wanted to visit the showroom [in North Salem] because these clients had to feel and touch the fabrics. We've invited some of them here, with social distancing, or we can also send fabric swatches. But for most clients we're doing Zoom meetings and of course Playtime B2B digital platform. We've been on Playtime B2B before and we're back on it now. It's a very effective tool."

The collection was shown mostly out of our own studio/showroom space in Westchester but we did have a 2 day pop up in Soho/NYC. It was so nice to do that actually, it felt good to get out of our familiar space and set up shop, sort of like going to the tradeshows but it was just us. We kept it low key, only one client at a time. I have missed NYC, since the pandemic hit I had only been once to see my eye doctor so it was nice to spend a couple of days in the “greatest city on earth”. We also had plenty of FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp and Skype calls video calls. It has been a juggle, but we managed to wrap things up on a very positive note. Sales grew from last season by more than 100%!”

Tia Cibani is certainly not the only brand to have launched the Spring/Summer 2021 season a little late, as almost everyone in our industry has had to improvise and adapt in many ways. For instance, doing a traditional photo shoot this season seemed to Tia to be inappropriate and possibly unsafe. "I've seen photo shoots with kids modeling together and I was very shocked to see it. The kids are on the sets with stylists and others... I said, 'You guys are working?!' We decided to do a different kind of campaign this season. We've engaged several families from around the world: in Australia, Japan, Spain, Holland, France and the United States (Florida). This idea is based on the moment we're in now. We selected the families from their Instagram posts, picking ones we thought were fun, not necessarily the ones that had huge followings. We asked them to Kids à La Mode | 23

The collection itself is inspired by East African culture-- the Suri people of Ethiopia and a sort of mashup of the works of artists Simone Leigh, Aldo Lanzini, Tagene Kunbi and Nick Cave. Colors are fresh and bright and are paired unexpectedly. Fabrics are light in mostly 100% cotton qualities varying from paper touch poplin (a crisp poplin with a chintz effect), to a weighty cotton twill that makes great trousers and outerwear, to yarn dyed stripes and checks. Trims consisting of raffia, wood beads, waxed rope, silk flowers and ric-rac ribbons play a key role in presenting the mood and inspirational message.� This lovely line will surely bring some much needed brightness and cheer to the Spring/Summer 2021 season. @tiacibani For sales inquiries: For press inquiries: Stylist for global campaign: Maria Montane @mariamontane_

24 | Kids Ă La Mode

Malicieuse Fun and original accessories such as pins, patches and pockets will turn any outfit into a unique piece. Created in Paris in 2012 by founder Alissa Deney, the concept of Malicieuse is truly eco-friendly: with easy applications of an iron or clip, clothing can be restored or customized in a few seconds. Whether for kids or adults, this unique and varied collection brings a touch of chic, playful style to every wardrobe. Kids Ă La Mode | 25

Created by a Canadian/British design duo currently based in Barcelona, this positive brand strives to enrich people's lives through contemporary art and design. A variety of beautiful styles such as the iconic Duck Duck Lamp, Love Lamp, Boat lamp and more, will help to bring "Love in everyone's home and light in everyone's life!" For the founders of Goodnight Light, lighting is truly a way of life.

26 | Kids Ă La Mode

Love in everyone's home and light in everyone's life!

Kids Ă La Mode | 27

The Animo collection by Bleu Carmin Design is a charming, completely original line of lamps, shelves and pegs made of brightly colored steel sheet metal. Elegant and witty designs go well beyond the primary purpose of the object-- these products also tell a story, intrigue and bring smiles. Shaped as parrots, crocodiles and dragons, whimsical yet sophisticated character lamps bring a bright bit of art to any room. Adults as well as kids will appreciate the special qualities of the collection and will gladly make them part of their home decor.

28 | Kids Ă La Mode

Kids Ă La Mode | 29

color trends


Classic, time-tested combinations are stabilized with strong blue hues. Stones and Bones Seviglia Colores de Otono



30 | Kids Ă La Mode

Spring/Summer 2021 Pan Con Chocolate


Global Affairs

Tutto Piccolo


Kids à La Mode | 31

color trends

HELLO YELLOW This sunshine-inspired color story radiates a warm welcome. Boboli

The Nice Fleet

Fun & Fun

32 | Kids Ă La Mode

Paade Mode

Spring/Summer 2021 Pan Con Chocolate


Lulaland photo by Zura Lagarde

Pan Con Chocolate

Fun & Fun

Pan Con Chocolate

Kids Ă La Mode | 33

color trends

AQUACISE Watery shades meet with coral and shell pink for a lively poolside palette No No


The Nice Fleet

34 | Kids Ă La Mode

Spring/Summer 2021 Pan Con Chocolate

Piluca Bayarri Ibiza

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Bijou de Pieds

Tutto Piccolo

Tutto Piccolo Bijou de Pieds The Nice Fleet

Kids à La Mode | 35

color trends

SOFT PETAL Wispy, light-as-air tints of pale pink, buttercup, lightblue and tan.

36 | Kids Ă La Mode

Spring/Summer 2021

Kids Ă La Mode | 37

talking points

Dream Bracelet Twins Beat the blues with creative accessories made by young entrepreneurs. been making bracelets for a while before, but they were not very well done. My mom got me more beads and the bracelets started to get better and better. One day my grandmother Mimi said, ‘I think you can sell these on-line!’” An Instagram account on their mom's phone was established, and the brand was officially launched. Leela specializes in the loom style bracelets made of colorful elastic. Her artistic flair in putting together great color combinations makes them Eight-year twin old sisters Chiara and Leela Singh are quickly turning an entertaining summer pastime into a thriving business.The girls are busy non-stop creating oneof-a-kind bracelets out of beads, charms, rubber bands and plenty of imagination... and their growing fan base can't get enough of them. With the help of a crash course in business marketing from their mom, Courtney Mulligan, Chiara and Leela rose to the challenge of filling customized orders and delivering their beautiful creations to eagerly awaiting customers. Each of the girls brings distinctly different personalities and talents to the project. Chiara (meaning "clear" in Italian, as in a clear, bright blue-sky day) is as animated and sunny as her name. Specializing in the beaded styles of the collection, Chiara credits her children’s wear designer grandmother "Mimi" as being a big inspiration. "It was in June that we started to get a little bored. I had 38 | Kids à La Mode

fun to collect and pair multiple bracelets together. "I buy only really good quality elastic," says Courtney. "They are so comfortable that I wear my bracelets all the time-- when I sleep, in the shower, even in the ocean. I never take them off." Chiara admits that one time she did lose a bracelet in the sea, but only because of a super strong wave! Where Chiara loves to sketch people and clothes, and would love to become a fashion designer, Leela prefers to draw animals and aspires to be a dentist. When asked who thought of the name Dream Bracelet Twins, the girls answer in unison, "Both of us did!" A company logo design is in process, featuring a rainbow with cloud to symbolize wishes and dreams. "When we started making the bracelets, it was sort of a sad time," says Chiara. "We wanted to turn frowns upside down." Leela’s biggest dream is to sell lots of bracelets so she can go on a trip to Paris, while both girls share a wish to bring everyone a little happiness. Here is hoping Dream Bracelet Twins keep creating beautiful bracelets that make everyone's dreams come true. Follow them @dreambracelettwins on Instagram and DM for custom orders. Kids à La Mode | 39

talking points

SCALLYBAG! Company founders Chris and Carrie Wightman share a longtime professional and personal history. Between the two, their past design projects have ranged from baby products and dance performance costumes to cosmetics, car interiors, home goods, and more. Having met as teenagers and been together ever since, the couple has inspired each other to evolve creatively together for decades. When the pandemic forced the Wightmans to stay home last spring, they naturally began to develop and create a new product that is particularly useful in today’s environment. Living in the seaside town of Island Heights, New Jersey, the entire Wightman family has always had strong ties to the sea: sailboat owner Chris is a Past Commodore of the Island Heights Yacht Club, both of their daughters teach sailing to kids, and the whole family participates in sailboat races every Saturday.

40 | Kids Ă La Mode

By June, the Wightmans were ready to introduce the Scallybag. Perfectly proportioned to fit in an “opti,” the standard small boat used to train children, Scallybags have quickly become known as “opti’s new best friend.” Designed with plenty of room, practical pockets and a large center pocket, Scallybags allow young sailors to carry anything and everything needed for long days out on the water: water bottles, sunscreen, sailing gloves, sunglasses, snacks, hand sanitizer, masks, and so much more. Scallybags are adjustable and can be easily installed without any tools or knots required. The attractively colored bags are made with top quality, durable fabric and expert construction. They can also be personalized with embroidery such as the child’s name or names of sailing schools. Scallybags ensure that all opti sailors will be fully equipped, safely organized, and ready for the sailing season.

Kids à La Mode | 41

talking points

Catch a California beach vibe with Seaesta Surf, a fun, Catch vintage surf-inspired collection of eco-friendly swim wear. vintage Kids Ă la Mode gets the Seaesta Surf story from company co-founder Julia Wheeler, who just happens to be the mom of kids who love to surf, snack and nap. How did the idea for Seaesta Surf begin? We started Seaesta Surf in 2015 when my business partner and I had toddler sons and could not find any boardshorts we liked that fit well and had designs that we liked. Most boardshorts on the market at that time were really baggy and the designs were very baby- focused. We tested a few different art styles and two

different fits and were able to see what colors and fits people were really looking for. After our first year of testing the market, we started getting requests for swimsuits so we developed a one-piece swimsuit for full coverage with cool artwork. Excuse my ignorance, but what is the difference (if any) between boardshorts and swim trunks? Same product, just different terminology! Our boardshorts are made from 51% organic cotton, 49% recycled polyester. This fabric blend is quick-drying and gives our designs a slightly faded, vintage look. Our boardshorts have a slim, shorter, retro cut and a working drawstring to help cinch the shorts. What fabrics do you use? How do your clothes show your company's commitment to ecology? Our boardshorts are made from 51% organic cotton, 49% recycled

42 | Kids Ă La Mode

I love your designs! They have that slightly vintage, sun-faded California feel, and your color palettes are so natural, earthy and pleasing. Please tell us about your design influences and your collaborations with independent artists. Yes! We are inspired by vintage surf and skateboarding designs and culture so we look to a lot of vintage clothing for inspiration on color palettes. We work with a few different independent artists each season who create unique artwork just for us! This season we also worked with an 80s band called the Surf Punks and have another band collaboration up our sleeves for 2021. We also have licensed collections for 2020 and 2021 with Peanuts, using their vintage Snoopy and Charlie Brown art catalogs. polyester. Our swimsuits are 80% recycled nylon, 20% spandex fabric that’s made in Italy. Our shipping envelopes are biodegradable and compostable and 100% recycled. We also take great pride in creating high-quality, durable swimwear that lasts for years. We still have families sending us photos of swimwear from our first couple of seasons that they’ve passed down to multiple kids! How do you ensure that your brand is sustainable and ethically produced? Our brand is produced in an environmentally responsible factory in China. It is compliant in the following areas: worker’s safety, fair wages and benefits, and dedication to minimizing environmental impacts.

Kids à La Mode | 43

Who do you work with to create the wonderful images and videos seen on your website? We work with different photographers, bloggers and content creators all year. Our main collections are shot by Taryn Kent and then throughout the season, we work with different creators. This summer we did a surf shoot with Cole Ferguson, which was shot out in the water, completely on film. We also worked with Jordan Rebello and her daughter, Poppy, on an all-film campaign, featuring 8MM video and film stills. Where do the majority of your sales come from? Have you had to adjust your selling during this challenging time? We sell directly from our website as well as wholesale to select retailers in the US, Australia and Japan. During the pandemic, we had some retailers who weren’t able to keep their orders due to closures but for the most part, we were able to ship as normal! Your clothes are dedicated to kids who love to "surf, eat and nap". Sounds good to me! How does this philosophy inspire your brand and your lifestyle? The idea is that we just want to inspire kids to be kids! We want our collections to be fun and youthful, yet stylish. In our own 44 | Kids à La Mode

lives, we love to be at the beach and pool. My kids basically live in one of those two places all summer! Of course, snacking and eating is what happens naturally when they’re using up all that energy! Then as any parent knows, our lives revolve around our kids’ sleep! We'd love to hear more about your exciting upcoming collection featuring the iconic Peanuts gang. We are hoping to launch the first drop of our Peanuts collection in early October. We are using artwork from their vintage catalog so it will be surf, skate and vintageinspired. We are honored to collaborate with such an iconic artist and characters and can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on! #seastasurf


46 | Kids Ă La Mode

Kids Ă La Mode | 47

talking points

This ultra-cool collection for kids and adults merges the world of couture with the culture of sports. The concept of the brand was very much influenced by the rich experiences of the company’s three cosmopolitan founders. Teresa Vega Flores was a designer in the plastic industry and a real estate promoter for over 30 years. Having started her first fashion collection in 2005, she engaged Sophie Rodriguez as her main campaign model, so it’s natural that she accepted to be part of the adventure when Sophie and Julian Rodriguez asked her. Sophie Rodriguez draws upon her professional network shaped by a career as a model, radio and TV host. Immersed in the highprofile sports industry, Sophie is now e-setera’s community manager supporting the company’s visuals, ad campaigns and social media. As a 48 | Kids à La Mode

communication artist, Sophie influences the collection through her love of fitness culture and her taste in fashion. From architectural design to coordinating construction projects, Julian Rodriguez adds his skills to e-setera by managing the technical, logistical and financial part of the company. The e-setera message is “Your difference is your strength”. A bit of a utopist brand, e-setera has the desire to develop different collections that will reach out to unique people, all ethnicities and all ages together. For the kid’s line they present fun versions of their adult styles, including fleece tops with signature oversized e-setera zipper pulls; denim pieces which can be worn in all seasons; khaki styles with contrast taping; and a very special HEROES tee shirt. The HEROES tee shirts, available

for boys, girls and adults, are a tribute to the medical professionals fighting against COVID-19. They feature original graphics of a boxer wearing a mask. E-setera also offers their own carefully designed version of masks for kids and adults, which are available in 100% silk or organic cotton. As we must all wear masks during these pandemic times, why not wear one that is designed with the unique and unmistakable e-setera sense of style? Sophia Rodriguez

Julien Rodriguez

Teresa Vega Flores Kids Ă La Mode | 49

ontacts Contents

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Our mission Promoting Kindness Through the Act of Giving

Buy One, Give One, Empower One

For the conscious consumer

To bring comfort to children and families in their 琀me of need, and to promote a message of peace and kindness. #pajamasthatgiveback

As a company, we strive to be: Sustainable Our products are made from environmentally-friendly tex琀les, such as Pima co琀on, organic co琀on, and 100% co琀on. They are also OEKO-TEX cer琀昀ed. Adap琀ve Our products are designed to be inclusive, sensory-friendly, and with the inten琀on of fostering independence. Using Best Prac琀ces for Learning We believe in using evidence based research. Research shows a strong connec琀on between a child’s early experiences and development, which provides a strong founda琀on for learning.

To learn how we help promote peace, follow us on social media or visit

Mission-Driven With every pajama sold, we donate one to a family in need at our partnered shelters through our ‘Buy One, Give One, Empower One’ Ini琀a琀ve.”

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Joe Schoenfelder CEO 511 Central Avenue Cedarhurst, NY 11516 1-631-708-1278

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