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JAIME LEE JIAMIN 2G Flora Drive, Carissa Park #04-35, S507025 Phone number: 92230202 / Email: Profile I am a friendly, outgoing and dedicated student that has a flair for writing and journalism. I enjoy reading and writing short stories in my spare time. I also love drama and would like to pursue acting. My other interests include fashion and photography; which taught me art and creativity, and playing volleyball and running; which bring out the driven and competitive side of me. I believe that it is not only important to be good at what you do, but also be passionate about it. I thrive under deadline-driven environments and I have great problem solving and team-building skills.

Work History SuperDog Cashier October 2009 – February 2010 Escape Theme Park Retail Staff November 2009 – January 2010 Nübox Temporary Sales Associate June 2010 Berita Harian, SPH Student Photographer, Column Contributor March 2010 – April 2011 Exquisite Magazine, Euplus Writer/ Host Intern March 2012 – Present

Skills Summary Layout Design Editing Proof reading Photoshop Creative Writing Microsoft Office Public Relations Problem Solving Fluency in English and Mandarin

CSS and HTML Interviewing skills Media Writing and Journalism Photography Presentation Skills Events Management Leadership skills Broadcast Journalism and Hosting Customer Service

Education Republic Polytechnic, Singapore Diploma in Communication and Information Design (Mass Communication) Apr 2010 - Apr 2013 Presently still attending GPA: 3.18/4.00 Yew Chung International School, Hong Kong Yew Chung International School, Shanghai 2005-2010 International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Certificate Coral Primary School, Singapore 2000-2005 PSLE Certificate

Achievements Photography Interest Group Management Committee, Publicity Department Student Council Representative Student Leader for Freshman Orientation Programme 2011 School Representative for Polyforum 2011 Involved in Singapore Young Arts Writers Programme Articles published in various platforms including Exquisite Magazine, TODAY and AsiaOne Photos and columns published in Berita Harian Complimented for Best Customer Service Award under NTUC Income Excelled in Literature and Drama in school, top of cohort score


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Whose fridge is it anyway? A critique of Roslisham Ismail’s Secret Affair Food Installation, SAM 8Q, Level 2 Singapore Biennale 2011, By Jaime Lee

Six identical refrigerators stood in the centre of the otherwise empty room, all in the same dull shade of silver and grey. They formed a circle, their backs against each other. There were small television screens on each of the refrigerators, each playing different scenes of a video shot at a supermarket. Moving clockwise, I opened each fridge and I noticed that they were all very different from the other. Some refrigerators were overflowing with food and you could hear the sighing groan of all the weight it was carrying. Some were minimal, barely carrying the necessities and there were even signs of neglect, with internal plastic wrappers of the refrigerators still intact. As I explored the contents of each refrigerator, I could not help but notice how each item was intentionally placed and how this placement symbolised something about the owner of the fridge. The refrigerator with all of its contents in separate boxes that were labelled and placed neatly next to each other brought to mind a fastidious owner, who perhaps, might possess an obsessive compulsive disorder. The refrigerator with an abundance of fresh and healthy food might have belonged to a mother with a generous love for her family. And could the refrigerator with barely anything inside, save for a bottle of wine, belong to a lonely bachelor? I believe that playing with the idea of curiosity and imagination was the centre of this project. Roslisham Ismail believes that the refrigerator is one of the most mysterious and secretive places in a home, concealing the private lives of its owners. As one would not usually dare to peek in without the permission or presence of its owner, we are presented with six refrigerators to explore, hence the title of his installation, “Secret Affair�. Roslisham Ismail showcases themes like the culture of consumption, domesticity and garbology in his art pieces. His previous installations include household junk tied together to form an artistic display in 2000 and collecting and destroying boxes used for branded products in 2004. Art has always been open to interpretation and this one is no different. But what sets this piece apart is how a seemingly ordinary appliance such as the refrigerator could speak volumes about the life and personality of people who own them. The installations show that the refrigerators contain life. They preserve life of the food that we eat, and they bring life to us by doing so. Perhaps the artist is trying to illustrate that even though the face of humanity might be monotonous and dull like the refrigerators, we are all different on the inside, and we all have something to offer. Secret Affairs triggered an excellent train of thought and inspired me to look past the ho-hum of life, a simple yet powerful message waiting to be discovered in the back of the refrigerator.

TODAY Arts and Entertainment Section, April 18, 2011

*Please take note that there has been a mistake in the school and a misspelling of my name

AsiaOne News Online, July 07, 2010

Creative Writing Sample, a short story


The warm light of the sun basked unto our faces as we sat together in the luscious emerald-green grass on top of the hill, our palms turned against the hot, rich earth. Between our fingers, grass peeked out, yearning to taste the rays of the sun. All around was endless blue sky, never ending, infinite. Faint wisps of white punctuated the baby blue, as evanescent hints of light glimpsed through. The heat was salty on my lips, and I could taste the humidity on the tip of my tongue. I could almost make out the soft buzz of the bees in some far away flower, the anxious fluttering of the butterflies’ wings, the light pads of the feet of a caterpillar on a leaf. Behind us, the wild flowers were dancing in beautiful efflorescence, marking the arrival of nature’s perfume with a gentle breeze. Clumps of trees stood surrounding us silently, whispering with the unknown, deep within itself. It was our own private sanctuary, our little piece of heaven. The heat carried the faint musky smell of earth around us with a luxuriant flurry, and enveloped our bodies like a soothing warm blanket. It also carried along the sweet smelling scent of pollen, nectar, and a slight aura of honey. We dug our toes deep into the grass, enjoying the tickling sensation of grass on bare feet, the dirty cool soil a guilty comfort. It was then, that I felt it. The air changed, and I felt his eyes crinkle as the corners of his mouth pulled into a smile. I turned my gaze on him shyly, and our eyes met. His eyes were light blue opals that were alight with mystery and intrigue, which matched the sky today perfectly. They changed; from a relaxing lull into a tender softness as we expressed what words could not spell. What was left of the wind chased over us, tousling our hair as the fragrance of ourselves caught on to the calm air. Our fingers were silently inching closer to each other, the heat barely bothering us now. Suddenly, next to my little finger, I felt the tiniest flutter of wings. I drew my fingers back faintly as I glanced down.

There was a ladybird perched on the tip of my fingernail, and as I slowly brought my finger up to my eyes, I marvelled at the beauty of this creature. It was a rich red, with four black dots aligned paralleled to each other, two on each wing. Its antennas flicked in every direction as it crawled slowly to the underside of my palm, the surface of my hand a new discovery. I cupped my hands together, palms upward to the sky, and as the breeze picked up, he and I watched as the ladybird spread its wings and flew away. His hand took mine gently and clasped it as our fingers interlocked, the fringe of my dress dancing along to the rhythm of the wind ecstatically, matching my racing heart. And at that moment, it was perfect.

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Some videos where I have hosted 1. Food review on Kha:

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