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ideate. create. [innovate].

New for 2009, GoSmallBiz is unveiling an all-in-one software suite for

managing a small to mid-sized business. Loosely referred to around our

Atlanta corporate office as the MasterSuite, our newest product offering is composed of six web-based applications and one desktop program, each

designed to streamline several key management functions for a SME. Backed by founder and CEO Fran Tarkenton’s long service to small business owners through, the MasterSuite reflects our enduring mission to provide entrepreneurs access to innovative and cutting edge technology to help them thrive in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. Spurred by the popularity of the GoSmallBiz Basic Website Builder and My Transactions, a simple online accounting tool, our Experts have spent nearly two years developing a set of applications to support additional functions — like human resource management and business development — with the same efficiency and ease-of-use. Thus, every aspect of the MasterSuite, from ideation to creation, has been configured with an acute focus on accessibility for small business owners. (See sidebar for descriptions of each application.) While our Experts place the finishing touches on the software, our sales and marketing team is reaching out to a list of prospective partners who we believe can best help us get the word out to the people who need these tools the most: Entrepreneurs. To that end, when it comes to pricing and commission structures, we’re offering multiple options (described below),

What’s inside the MasterSuite? [Employee File Manager] Lose the paperwork and gain the perfect HR assistant. Designed for the secure storage and retrieval of employee information, this desktop application expertly combines a user-friendly interface with a powerful database solution configured specifically for a small business. Track and manage vacation and sick day accrual; incentives and commission disbursements; employee reviews; and much more for a staff of up to 99 employees.

[Schedule and build thorough employee performance and disciplinary reviews with our simple scoring system. Start from scratch or use our templates to write an assessment.] When was an employee’s last raise? Automate reminders for reviews, appointments or training sessions; and answer hundreds of questions about a single employee or the entire staff using the File Manager’s robust report generator.

to ensure you’re able to maximize the value of the MasterSuite for your customers.

[HR Document Builder] Stop fighting writer’s block. Users can create and store an assortment of requisite HR documents, like personnel policies, job descriptions, interview worksheets, handbooks and more, using our growing library of document templates and data replacement forms. Simply choose a template; fill in a few business specific data points; and in minutes (continued on page 2)


making a [value] statement

Each application in the MasterSuite, in its core functionality, is designed to

provide lasting value to the end-user. Nonetheless, brand messaging will place greater emphasis on the tangible benefits of a software solution tailored to the specific needs of a small business — by highlighting, among other elements, its user-friendly controls and intuitive design. We are confident in the ability of the software itself to communicate its long-term value to the end-user through the daily functions it supports. In other words, once users experience first-hand the MasterSuite’s accessibility, they will also develop an appreciation for its fundamental value to the day-to-day operation of their businesses. With these ideas in mind, GoSmallBiz has chosen to pursue a subscriptionbased revenue model, with which we’ve found great success in the sale of the GoSmallBiz membership. And to ensure high customer retention rates, we will continue to improve and expand the features of each application to further


enhance the end-user’s experience.

a partner in [small] business

To guarantee the successful execution of a value-driven product for small business, we’d like to give you a voice in the final stages of the software’s development. We’ll provide access to the MasterSuite so that you can experience for yourself its exceptional value. In return, we’d like to hear your thoughts about the design of the applications; their usability; and other important elements that affect the end user’s experience. If you identify features that you think could be improved to better serve the needs of your customers, we want to know! Your knowledge of your customers, and of small business at large, is invaluable to ensuring our software meets our central goal: To ease the challenges of owning and managing a small enterprise for all entrepreneurs.

generate a custom contract or job offer letter. The HR Document Builder home page also serves as a human resource guide, with downloads of required federal and state posters and links to important state labor laws. [Business Plan Builder] Throw out the spread sheets, and build a cost-effective, professional business plan in only a matter of hours. Users can start from scratch or use our narrative templates as a starter guide; they can also access tips on the writing process at each stage of the narrative and calculate unrivaled financials for up to five year projections. The Plan Builder’s report generator can be used to create stylish charts and graphs, which users can then import to their narrative, all from within the application. [No spreadsheets required!] [Distance Learning Center] Explore a unique educational experience that lets the user decide where learning begins and ends. We’ve gathered all the information a burgeoning entrepreneur needs to know — digitally, in one place — in a growing library of one to two-hour online video lectures. Our Experts reach beyond the surface and get to the heart of important issues that affect small business owners. With 24-7 access to 10 distinct content channels, users can become experts on their own time though a series of courses designed to provide a comprehensive and focused education in small business management. [Enhanced Website Builder] Create an online destination that serves as more than just a calling card. With a wizard to guide them through the creation of an attractive (continued on page 3)

solutions a solution that makes [you] cents

commerce site, users can customize up to 10 Web pages to properly promote their businesses online.

As we embark on this final — and perhaps most important — stage of the MasterSuite’s development, we invite you to take advantage of an exceptional profit-making opportunity: For the initial launch of the MasterSuite, we’re offering our partners a 35-percent monthly

[Perform keyword optimization for higher search engine rankings.]

commission on the sale of each full bundle of software. The same rate will also be applied across two additional bundles, the Starter Package and the HR Package. (See attached pricing metric for details).

Your customers will get access key statistics, like daily visits, unique users and site referrals; the ability to create 10 e-mail accounts; and storage space for up to 20 MB of files.

We recognize the possibility that many of our partners may require a more custom approach to packaging. So, if needed, our sales and marketing team is committed to working with you to develop a custom package that meets the specific needs of your customer. If, for example, you’ve identified high demand for Human Resources solutions, then we’ll collaborate on the development of pricing and commission structures — and, in many cases, branding guidelines — to maximize the value of our HR tools for you and your customers. We encourage you to contact us if you have questions about any of the information discussed above (see contact information on the following page). We would also like to extend to you an invitation to speak further about the MasterSuite with our founder and CEO, Fran Tarkenton. Like all of us, Fran is confident in the power of the MasterSuite and is eager to deliver its valuable features to entrepreneurs all over North America. On behalf of everyone at GoSmallBiz, we are excited to embark on a long-lasting partnership and look forward to collaborating on the development of a solution that works for you.

[Business Risk Assessment] Every business owner should know the answer to the question: Is your business at risk? Our virtual consultant will help determine if a user is at risk for potential penalties, fines or lawsuits as a result of non-compliance with FACTA, OSHA, FCRA, GLB, HIPAA or ADA through a series of simple multiple-choice questions. Assessments cover a range of important topics, like labor policies, facility regulations and other areas of a business that should always be monitored closely. Our virtual consultant will then generate a thorough report identifying potential liabilities alongside suggestions for remedies.

[ManageMyMinutes] Don’t let your customers leave their businesses exposed. Many businesses owners don’t know the risks of failing to keep their minute books current. ManageMyMinutes ensures they avoid those risks by keeping them compliant with all government regulations regarding corporate minute keeping. Conveniently organize and maintain a corporate minute book through a combination of automated reminders and template-based document creation; Print and archive required records and documents; schedule activities and meetings; and access customizable contracts and agreements.

about us a brief history of fran tarkenton [and gosmallbiz]

Fran Tarkenton has founded 15 successful businesses during his 40year career as a self-described serial entrepreneur. An NFL Hall of Famer and former quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants, Fran has spent his post-football years as the driver behind a long list of entrepreneurial initiatives in a range of industries, from software development (KnowledgeWare) to direct advertising (Guthy Renker). After the sale of his company KnowledgeWare to IBM in 1994, Fran set out to develop an organization that could bring entrepreneurs like himself all the resources they’d need to thrive in today’s highly competitive marketplace. The result was the Fran Tarkenton Small Business Network, later renamed when we took our services online. Today, the GoSmallBiz family has grown to include more than 52,000 active members all over North America and remains one of the most trafficked small business sites on the Web. Throughout our growth, our mission has remained the same: To help entrepreneurs manage and grow their businesses by providing access to a comprehensive body of knowledge and resources designed specifically for micro business. Along with a set of userfriendly business tools and vast libraries of instructional content, GoSmallBiz

What do members get? Fax or email the GoSmallBiz Consultants through our premiere service Ask Your Question about any issue related to managing a business, and get a real answer within two business days. Reach new customers online with a stylish calling card site using our Basic Website Builder. Track disbursements, receipts, auto mileage or even barter transactions using My Transactions, a basic accounting application. Receive a free monthly e-newsletter and gain access to timely, informative content written especially for busy entrepreneurs.

members get 24-7 access to highly experienced consultants specializing in nearly every facet of business, including taxes and accounting, marketing and public relations, human resources and much more.


for more information visit or contact:

John Coggin Director of Online & InteractiveMarketing Office: (404) 365-2599

Kasey Wheat Director of Online Sales & Business Development Office: (404) 504-3108

The MasterSuite and are products of GSB Technologies, LLC. GSB Technologies, LLC was founded in 2007 to expand key technological initiatives related to the consulting services provided on With a focus on producing solutions tailored specifically to the needs of small to mid-sized businesses, GSB Technologies has spent nearly two years developing our first all-inone suite of software applications for managing and developing a SME.

Enjoy a catalog of books, audio recordings and additional learning tools, compiled on to serve as a shelf-top resource for any need related to small business. Leverage the partnership of more than 50,000 small business owners from across North America with two free listings on our business directory. Stay current by visiting each day for up-to-the-minute news on business and technology. Our news service combines original content developed by our Experts with features and breaking news stories from a long list of reputable sources, including USAToday, Washington Post, BBC and the Associated Press.

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