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The Official YWAM Olympic Outreach

Full sail ahead June saw a DTS Gathering with a nautical flavour. Rossie Henderson-Begg reports. The latest Discipleship Training School (DTS) Gathering took place in Weymouth and Portland, the home of the sailing for the 2012 Olympics next year – a lovely beached destination! A total of 44 people attended, so this was quite small compared to some of our Gatherings, but it still had a great impact on the lives of the DTS trainees and the local community. As always, we had many nations represented – 15 in total (Cameroon, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, England, Netherlands, Malaysia, New Zealand, Scotland, South Korea, Sweden,

Thailand, USA, Wales and Zimbabwe), covering every continent in the world!

Churches together We had the amazing opportunity to work with a number of different

Next up …

what w e i Prev ight The next DTS Gathering is in London, 4–11 November 2011. m h ac will be teaching on evangelism, plus plenty of opportunities to get involved outre e during There in different forms of outreach working alongside local churches, plus lots of fun lik and getting to know new people from around the globe and the world of YWAM. look pic m y l These DTS Gatherings are for anyone who is doing or has done a DTS – so that the O next includes current DTS trainees, current YWAM staff, and any YWAM alumni who s Game have completed a DTS. ! r For more information, contact Rossie on yea • • +44 (0)1582 463322 Forever is a ministry of YWAM England & Wales and YWAM International. Reg Charity No 264078. Forever is a partner with More Than Gold.

Testimony “Before coming here I was really scared and not looking forward to this week. But things have changed massively. I don’t want to leave now. I always felt like I couldn’t hear God’s voice but now I know that I can hear God’s voice very well. “I went on a treasure hunt and got exact specific details about the guy I was meeting and I got to talk to him and he burst into tears. I didn’t get to pray for him because he got over-emotional and just wanted to go, but I prayed for him later. “And since then I feel a calling from God about going to an SOE [School Of Evangelism] and I actually got three prophecies about doing something with evangelism.” (Christine, The King’s Lodge DTS)

churches around the area, as well as attending and sharing at a More Than Gold meeting of church leaders. (Forever is a partner in More Than Gold, the umbrella organisation coordinating the Church’s response to the opportunities offered by the Olympic Games.) The main churches we worked with were Underhill and Easton Methodist churches in Portland, and St Francis’ Church in Littlemoor (Weymouth). One main thing that stood out to us during the week was the unity and excitement of the local churches. The pastors are working together, coming up with their own initiatives for reaching the area next year during the Olympics, and are very open for us as YWAM to come and serve,

both in the short- and long-term. The church leaders we met and worked with are inspirational, having such a passion and heart for their towns.

Testimony “God really met me this week and spoke through the ministry times that we had. Thank God for how they were added into the week.” (Trainee, Harpenden DTS)

Opportunities knock! Another reason this Gathering stood out to us was the way

the outreaches were organised. The pastors were phenomenal, organising so many outreach opportunities throughout the week: cream teas at the local church, Healing on the Streets, primary-school classes, cleaning the streets, gardening, youth groups, sports ministry – you name it, we probably had a team doing it! We also did a lot of street evangelism and treasure hunting. The schedule was quite packed, as we had teaching each day alongside the outreaches, but the trainees got into it and saw

Testimony “We met two girls while treasure hunting. One was someone God told us we would meet beforehand, but God impacted them both. As we spoke to them more and more truth, God touched their hearts and they started to cry. We finished the conversation with them wanting to do an Alpha course and they were interested in reading the Bible and finding out more.” (Kerry, Harpenden DTS)

some amazing things happen. Having the churches organise so much meant we were able to serve them and the area in the ways they felt were most needed and beneficial.

Sailing forward One exciting aspect of this Gathering and the building of relationships with the churches in Portland and Weymouth is that it doesn’t end there! At the end of July, some of the Forever team returned to lead a short-term summer outreach, to continue to bless and serve. (There will be a report from this outreach in the September newsletter.) We don’t have anyone yet who feels a call to establish a long-

term YWAM team Weymouth and the Isle of Portland, but we are hopeful that God will continue to use us to bless the churches and see God impact the local communities in these lovely seaside places! • • +44 (0)1582 463322 Forever is a ministry of YWAM England & Wales and YWAM International. Reg Charity No 264078. Forever is a partner with More Than Gold.

Weymouth and Portland DTS Gathering Report  

Report from the Discipleship Training School (DTS) Gathering held in Weymouth and Portland, 4-11 June 2011 (for onscreen viewing)