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Prayer Calendar March 2012 Forever 2012: the YWAM Olympic Outreach



4 5 Thank God for the Financial provision for increasing opportunities all our new team plants for outreach in London

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6 Praise God that He is good

7 YWAM day of prayer in London*

8 For the team finances to be blessed

9 Crouch End London team: energy and unity

10 For YWAM communicators to join the Olympic outreach

16 For MTG* as they delegate outreach teams to churches

17 DTS Gathering in Coventry starts today (until 24th)

1 Andrew’s birthday: pray for continued perseverance

2 Coventry DTS Gathering*: evangelism opportunities

3 Year of prayer: that people continue to sign up and pray for the UK

11 Pray for staff to help with fund-raising

12 13 Pray that more churches For Abel: increased would sign up to receive capacity incoming teams

14 Pray for REMOG* to experience God’s goodness

15 Provision of equipment for communications during the Games

18 Arts team: more networks and connections created

19 Newcastle team: more staff to join the team

20 That the trainees in Coventry would have fun sharing their faith

21 For affordable transport solutions for getting teams into London

22 23 Pray for the YWAM Thank Jesus for His team preparing to start peace in Manchester this year

24 Megacities*: growing relationships with London churches

25 For the team preparing to start in Wimbledon: accommodation

26 People to sign up for “The Earhart Experiments”*

27 Sports team: more connections with existing ministries

28 Pray for the MTG tour visiting churches: safety on the road

29 For more teams to sign up to come during the Games

31 Kerry’s birthday: pray for great friendships on the team

* DTS Gathering – Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a six-month foundational discipleship course run by YWAM. The DTS Gathering is a week-long, evangelism-based gathering of DTSs from around Europe, run by our team. * MTG – More Than Gold, the umbrella organisation helping the Church to engage with the 2012 Games. * For details, or to indicate your desire to attend, contact Jennifer Page on * REMOG – Rudolf-Erich Müller GmbH & Co KG (REMOG) is a German company with a heart to “bear and

30 For preparation of Arise* prayer event in April

communicate social, economic and ecological responsibility”. One way it does this is through supporting us! * Megacities – a YWAM Australia project coordinating outreach teams in local churches in London throughout 2012. * The Earhart Experiments – weekend Arts outreach events being organised by Forever's Arts team. The first is being held 6-8 April, the second 2-6 June. * Arise – an international prayer event for children aged 4–14 years.

Forever is a ministry of YWAM England & Wales and YWAM International. Registered Charity No 264078. Forever is a partner with More Than Gold

Forever Prayer Letter March 2012  

Daily prayer topics for the Forever team this month.

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