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Prayer Calendar September 2011 Forever 2012: the Official YWAM Olympic Outreach

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4 Praise God. He is good!

5 Youth and Children’s team: for more people to join the team

6 Blessings for Andy Hayman, friend of Forever, and his family

7 Prayer team: wisdom and clarity in getting the word out

8 Stratford pastors meeting today: unity and hearts to listen

9 New people for each team to enable team plants

10 Social Justice team: for continued guidance from God

11 Sports team: continued open doors

12 Open communication and networking between us and MTG*

13 MTG Missions team meeting today

14 For a new team member to head up Missions for our team

15 For enough accommodation for mission teams coming

16 Praise God for the way He’s bringing things together

17 Global Day of Prayer in London today

18 19 For an event manager to Yan’s family: protection join the Prayer team and energy

20 Blessings on the Royal Family today

21 22 For our wonderful office For Yan’s meetings in support staff South Africa to recruit people to come in 2012

23 Opportunities and favour for London DTS Gathering* (November)

24 For Forever’s Andrew in Newcastle: favour in finances

25 For more strategic support staff, including IT team member

27 For Yan, speaking in Norway this week

28 For Jude, planning next year’s Liverpool SOE*

26 For Catherine: wisdom in leading new team

* LOCOG – London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games, responsible for preparing and staging the 2012 Games. * REMOG – Rudolf-Erich Müller GmbH & Co KG (REMOG) is a German company with a heart to “bear and communicate social, economic and ecological responsibility”. One way it does this is through supporting us! * MTG – More Than Gold. An organisation that exists to enable the churches in the UK to engage with the 2012 Games. By working in unity with other groups that have a common vision for this time we are able to do more.

1 2 Duncan Green (spiritual Arts team: strength in advisor to LOCOG*): working together wisdom and insight

3 God’s abundant blessing on REMOG*

29 30 For successful recruiting Thank God for His for the London DTS faithfulness! Gathering in November

* DTS Gathering – Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a six-month foundational discipleship course run by YWAM. The DTS Gathering is a week-long event our team runs for multiple DTSs around Europe to gather for teaching and practical training in evangelism. Olympic host cities have been selected as the locations for these events. * SOE – School Of Evangelism. A six-month further training school run by YWAM, involving three months of teaching on evangelism and at least three months of cross-cultural outreach.

Forever is a ministry of YWAM England & Wales and YWAM International. Registered Charity No 264078. Forever is a partner with More Than Gold

Forever Prayer Letter September 2011  

Daily prayer topics for the Forever team this month.

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