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Prayer Calendar April 2012 Forever 2012: the YWAM Olympic Outreach

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7 Amy’s birthday today! Blessing on her plans this year

8 Kyle and Rossie: for lots of laughter this summer

9 That the message of Jesus would reach hearts this Easter

10 Football clinic all week in London: for participants to be open to God

11 Jonathan: as he prepares for the MBS* outreach next month

12 That DTSs starting this month would come to the Olympic outeach

13 Newcastle: good preparation for the ‘Viking invasion’

14 Arise* today: pray for the various host locations in the UK and the world

15 For YWAM Comms schools to get involved in the Olympic outreach

16 17 Rebecka: in Sweden REMOG*: blessing for recruiting young people their faithfulness for missions

18 Brick by brick*: thanks for those praying faithfully this year

19 MTG* Mission team meeting today

20 Lucie’s birthday today! Praise God for her compassionate heart

21 Open doors in schools for youth-work teams

22 Protection for the prayer teams praying in London this month

23 Wisdom as Comms plan for the outreach during the Games

25 Good communication at Stratford leaders meeting today

26 27 Wimbledon team: for a The Games start in three great place to live months: pray for peace among the busyness

28 Thanks for new team members arriving in the next month

29 Sports team: for good communication and cooperation

30 More short-term workers over the summer season

1 Praise God for His joy

2 Thanks for the time we had at the Coventry DTS Gathering*

3 Refreshment for team members on holiday this Easter

24 Networking with the right people for Youth and Children’s team

* DTS Gathering – Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a six-month foundational discipleship course run by YWAM. The DTS Gathering is a week-long, evangelism-based gathering of DTSs from around Europe, run by our team. * Kids in the Kommunity – a week of summer workshops and outreaches for children and families in six Olympic hosting cities during the first week of the Olympics. * The Earhart Experiments – weekend Arts outreach events organised by Forever's Arts team (6–8 April and 2–6 June). * MBS – Mind Body Spirit. A week-long outreach at Europe's largest spirituality fair.

4 More teams for the Kids in the Kommunity* outreach

5 That The Earhart Experiments* outreach bears fruit (6–8 April)

6 Yan’s birthday tomorrow! Pray for continued hope and strength

• Viking invasion – during the Olympics, Newcastle will host a Viking ship and up to 1,000 Norwegians on outreach. * Arise – an international prayer event for children aged 4–14 years. * REMOG – Rudolf-Erich Müller GmbH & Co KG (REMOG) is a German precision engineering company. They emphasise “social, economic and ecological responsibility”. One way they are doing that is through financially supporting us! * Brick by brick – – Forever's online 24/7 prayer calendar for 2012. Sign up at * MTG – More Than Gold, the umbrella organisation helping the Church to engage with the 2012 Games.

Forever is a ministry of YWAM England & Wales and YWAM International. Registered Charity No 264078. Forever is a partner with More Than Gold

Forever Prayer Letter April 2012  

Daily prayer topics for the Forever team this month.

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