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London Olympic outreach – Forever! Calling all YWAMers!

Dear fellow YWAMer, YWAM … Olympics … outreach … … words that fit together. The next summer Olympic Games are in London and the UK in 2012. They provide a host of opportunities for YWAM schools, teams and ministries from across the world to come to London and the UK to do outreach in the next two years.

This is the call to YWAMers everywhere to come and be part of the London Olympic Games outreach. Don’t miss out on what promises to be an amazing chance to reach this nation the nations.

Seven reasons to come to the Olympic outreach! • • • • • • •

Come anytime from now on! The world is here during the Games! We speak your language … and so can you! Outreach to suit your ministry! It’s a cheap outreach! Make your bit of YWAM Olympic history! This is outreach to last Forever!

Outreach for a season, not just an event This isn’t just outreach during the Games themselves, however. We want to make this into two years of outreach — before, during and after the Olympics. In other words, to have a season of outreach built around the Olympics, starting from now! The team overseeing YWAM’s outreach to the 2012 Games is called Forever 2012. Based at Harpenden in England, we are working on behalf of hosts YWAM England & Wales to coordinate the outreach for the Games. Yan Nicholls, leader of Forever, comments: “Can you imagine the possibilities in London, a city with over 300 spoken languages? And then think about how the whole world will be coming here to the UK. This is an amazing opportunity. We want all of YWAM to be involved, to come and do outreach here in London and the UK in this Olympic season.”

Seven good reasons to join this outreach! So why come to London to do outreach in the next two years? Here are seven good reasons: • Come anytime from now on! This is YWAM’s official Olympic outreach to coincide with the London Games, but we are organising outreaches before, during and after the Games. So you are not limited to the period of the Games themselves. You can come on outreach in the UK anytime from now until the end of 2012 and still be a part of the Olympic outreach! • The world is here! London is an amazingly multicultural city. But on top of that, every four years, the summer Olympics brings together athletes and visitors from virtually every nation in the world. This means we have a fantastic opportunity to touch the nations through our outreach! • We speak your language … and so can you! Over 300 languages are spoken in London, so you can come to do an outreach with us and reach your own language group. You don’t need to speak English in your evangelism! We will pair you up with churches and communities that speak your language! • Outreach to suit your ministry! We can also tailor your outreach to the particular focus of your team or ministry. Sports, prayer, the Arts, social justice, children and youth, street evangelism, practical help … whatever your focus, we can find an outreach made for you! • It’s cheap! We have deliberately kept costs to a minimum, so if you join us it will be a cheap outreach! Costs start from £125 (including breakfast and lunch) for a ten-day outreach.

• Make your bit of YWAM Olympic history! YWAM has been doing outreach at the Olympic Games since 1972. Here is your opportunity to be a part of that history. • This is outreach to last Forever! There is one other, unique, aspect to the Forever outreach season. Team leader Yan continues, “This is not just breeze-in-and-breeze-out evangelism. The clue is in our name: wherever we work and do outreach, we want it to last Forever.” “So we are partnering with churches and other Christian organisations to reach out to love the people of the UK. And we also want to plant long-term teams in all seven cities hosting Olympic events. Our vision is to continue to impact all the communities where we do outreach long after the Games have finished.”

So come, come, come! So we would love all of YWAM to come to the UK and bring teams with you, to do outreach before, during and after the 2012 Games. Some nations have already responded — YWAM Norway is promising to bring 1,000 people for outreach, complete with a Viking ship. Can any nation top that? But actually it doesn’t matter. Whether you come with one team of five or 100 teams of ten, we want to welcome you to the UK. Bring your DTS, bring your base, bring your ministry. We look forward to working with you to change this nation, the continent, and the world — Forever! To find out more about how you can get involved in this period of outreach surrounding the 2012 Games, either email or visit www.forever2012. com +44 (0)1582 463322 Forever is a ministry of YWAM England & Wales. Registered Charity No 264078

London Olympic outreach - Calling all YWAMers!  

An invitation to come to the 2012 Olympic Games outreach

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