Mirca Art Exhibition Nov/Dec 2009

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You may want to know this about the Mirca Art Group: The Mirca Art Group is by some considered one of the most influential internet based group of artists today ● The group has more than 500 members from different parts of the world ● The group first attracted attention for its committment for Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi. ●

About the Mirca Tour for Human Rights (MTHR): A tour of artshows in support of the United Nation's Declaration for Human Rights ● 70 members of Mirca each donated an artwork for the tour ● The first show was organized by 'Kulturföreningen Lyktan' (Culture Association Lyktan), Sweden. (www.lyktan.net) in collaboration with 'Östra Gymnasiet' where the show took place The opening was on the 3rd of November, 2009 ●

A Mirca Thank You to: Grazyna Kulpa, chairman of Kulturföreningen Lyktan Stefan Vilkman, headmaster Östra Gymnasiet

The first show Ă–stra Gymnasiet is a Highschool, located in TrĂĽngsund, just south of Sweden's capital city Stockholm. The school has won awards for its grand architecture.

The catalog

An 80 page catalog was printed and available at the show ●

Each participating artist was introduced ●

The actual text from UN's Declaration for Human Rights was included, in swedish as well as in english ●

The artwork

The following pages show the donated artwork, photographed by Katarina Tunedal. Please consider that the result of the photography was influenced by glossy surfaces and uneven lighting. A big thank you to Katarina for this great result.

Additional artwork, made for this show and not part of the tour: Show Banner: Mankind searching Human Rights Picture showing Stefan Tunedal and students of the school

Best in Show This work by Mireille Dubois-Vanhove (picture) was awarded Best in Show Jury motivation: A great watercolor in brown and grey which makes a strong emotional impact, makes you want to start an uprising. The faces invades your soul and you can see mankind's weakness, strength and character in them. You see and feel suffering, cries for help, despair as hungry children watch you through the fence.

Jury Grazyna Kulpa, chairman of Lyktan (top picture left) Tuula Vesam채ki, chairman of Art Association Bellis (top picture right) Stefan Tunedal, artist (bottom picture left) Bottom picture right: Peter Buchar, member of Mirca Art Group (not jury)

The artists Krisztina Asztalos, Hungary - Leopold Baiwir, Belgium - Karin Meinel, Germany Susan Williams, UK - Luiz Cavalli, Brazil - Don Murphy, US - Katerina Xarchopoulou, Greece Victor Vidal, Denmark - Martin Bonnici, Australia - Stefan Helmers, Germany Miguel Tio, US - Lydia Hoffnungsthal, Spain - Marcel Bosch, Netherlands Mireille Dubois, Belgium - Massimo Murgia, UK - Bruce Rimell, UK - Pilar Roldan, Spain Mik Rasmussen, Denmark (DVD) - Marie-Helene Stokkink, France Dosanka Badovinac, Netherlands - Katarina Tunedal, Sweden Svetlana Konstantinova, Russia - Carmen Alonso, Spain - Catherine Petre, Belgium Carla Goldberg, US - Paulina Rogulska, Poland - Iwona Jankowski, US Alberto Cerritos, Canada - Ann Besier, Germany - Linda Domanoski, US Bianka Guna, Canada - Naomi Renouf, Jersey Islands - Mick Davidson, Netherlands Gunilla Lofgren, Sweden - Alessio Fangano, Germany - Trina Batchelor, New Zealand Hego Goevert, Germany - Shurooq Amin, Kuwait - Mark Eryk, US - Micheline Robinson, UK Karen Burt, UK - Lasana Arrow, Russia - Rita Kohel, Germany - Prem Singh, India Susana Forte, Chile - Mark Nutt, US - Valerie Catalana Pilato, Italy Inaya Hodeib, Netherlands - Peter Buchar, Sweden - Seyda Sida, Sweden Mirjam Kosewitsch, Germany - Raileanu Ruxandra, Romania - Angel Kitipov, Bulgaria Giancarlo Guarnieri, Italy - Iwona Zaborowska, Poland - Stacey Ward Kelly, US Marabu Bird, Russia - Mario Faustino, Germany - Leonor Alvim Brazao, US Jose Javier Gonzalez, Spain - Peter Ilcik, Slovakia - Amy Bassin, US - Sonya Gil, Brazil Ljiljana Lazicic-Putnik, Croatia - Stephane Lejeune, Belgium - Stefan Tunedal, Sweden Carol Flaitz, US - Luigi Francischello, Italy - Neco Beth, Mallorca