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What my Logo meaning?

Janice Chen

The combination of Rationality and Sensibility are produced my design Rationality and Sensibility are distinct emotions but compatible. I use " pulled the zip" to describe the process of fusion.


Our app

Helps child and parent faced empty nest stage

Make child and parent closer when child the nest

Who want to become close to each other

By concerned parents

And proactive and warm

Unlike facebook

What is the Problem

Between Child and Parent In an era when transportation is convenient and the Internet is developed, the proportion of children going out to study is increasing. The time of going abroad is farther and farther away. When parents miss their children, they often cannot contact children in time and the life circle is farther and farther.


JOB Connect proactively

PAIN Can't get the same topic

GAIN Have more time of your own

Carol Chen 54y Housewife

Target User JOB Want to share life

PAIN Become strange

GAIN Leaning independence

Annie Chen 19y Student

Want to share life

Entry Point Real interaction is better than message


Help children

Design Value Effectively cultivate children's habits of caring for parents and record life to make closer to each other life circle let them find the common interests. Recommend related activities to motivate the real interaction

Find same interests

Real Interaction


Color Plan Child

It is warm and bright, showing the rich and lively of children after leaving home. Gray appears in the bright color to represent parents


Each color has a gray tone, and the monotony of the parents’ life shop after leaving the children

Typography Title - up 20pt

Inner Text - 14pt

SF Text

SF UI Display

If there is no record or interaction with parents for too long Will gradually swallow the aperture Representing a diverse world of children

Recording the carousel allows children to have memories Think of parents

CHILD Effectively cultivate children's habits of caring for parents and record life to make closer to each other

Sliding can see the recent record

Prepare gift

Book restuarant

Remind children to prepare when their parents’ birthday falls The interface will advise the children on what to prepare and can directly link to the relevant website.

Buy the tickets

Record, if related to memories Will link to the memory interface

Re c a l l i n g t h e m e m o r i e s t h a t were originally covered in dust by opening the gray

Point Tag will appear the corresponding parent message

The children's record and the parent's message can be switched freely on the same page. I want to make each other's interaction more direct and have the atmosphere of dialogue in the same scene.

這次是你第一次自己出國 是不適恨是特別呢 少了爸爸媽媽的照顧 會部會不習慣呢 還記的上一次你去玩雲霄飛車 還嚇哭了呢

Interpret the memory bubbles with circular and curved sliding

Pull a meeting to recommend a recent suitable event suggestion to join with your parents

Show recent records with a sense of timeline

Vision and interaction want users to feel the image of the calendar

Recommend the parent and child to participate according to the relevant activities recommended by the record


The recommended content will give priority to the time when both are available and can invite the other to participate. Invitations will appear in the conversation

After finishing the chat, it will be organized into a post-it note. Want to interpret the feeling of the refrigerator at home

I will go home this weekend lets go in this summer vacation!! Air ticket price reduction



Pull down to enter chatting interfce to create a sense of life

Show recent interest things

When child send a message it will flickering

backgrand uses photos to increase the level of warmth

Show the record of children

Parent I want my parents to be more passive. Let parents feel the joy of their children growing up


Enhance the affordance of sliding up

Sliding up to express sending a letter

Paste the URL you want to share

Key Learning UX Basic skill UI Basic skill Research skill

DOIT Our Emergency device

Helps People in the MRT station

Use the emergency device intuitive

Who want to Use the device easier when in emergency

By Design device with affordence

And Let people don't feel nervous

Unlike Device nowaday


Found The Problem In The MRT Can not understand how to use the emergency device

Be Nervous

Many people don't understand how to use the emergency device in the MRT station. When people use the emergency device always feel nervous and confused. And the devices can't let people do the right reaction immediately. That would lead to miss the best opportunity to use the emergency devices.




Research Because I want to know if the problem is the right promblem as I think so I went to the MRT station and call some people to ask some question check the problem that I think. And there is some date that I get from different kind of poeple

frequency of takeing the MRT businessman




foreigner never been to Taiwan

people that accept access foreigner



housewife children

How to use 逃生把手

Evacuation Handle

what kind of func�on

pull down emergency lift up

pull up

open the door don’t know

pull open press down don’t know

do not dare to use

stop the MRT

emo�on push up

逃生 開門把手

Evacuation Door Release Handle

don’t know

stop the MRT

can’t use press down

pull down

pull open

press the red-round one pull up the white one

pull down the white one

don’t know emergency

don’t do anything don’t know

press the whith one do not dare to use

startled calm want to try


do not dare to use



open the door

pull up


don’t know

alarm hydrant


There is a bulge that fit fingers and can open up it easily and intuitively

Open the door : Like the doors of carriages Stop the MRT : Red light means "stop" And there are same shapes can match and people see the similar shapes will match them

The curve can fit hands when handsput on the handle. The way that hands put on the handle let people force downward. And the shape has derectionality.

Open the door : Has image that door is opening Stop the MRT : Red light mans "stop" People familiar with the way that like the switch of lamps so people don't need to learn how to use it

Four finers on the inside and thumds on the out side. they force different derection when holding cylinder the thumbs violate gravity and don't have supportforce. So if there is a space that can support thumbs it will be more easily to force

Open the door : Has image that door is opening Stop the MRT : Has image that like stop sign Adopt the way that people use the electric switch because people can use it intuitively and have the sense it wi;; be use when they really need

Entry Point I want to redesign the emergency device in the MRT carriage. In the carriage there are three devices but independent appear in the carriage. And it is difficult to understand hiw to use them. So I want to redesign the three device let people use them intuitive in the emergncy


can identify it's fuction with the exterior



there is intuitive on the handle let people can

WHAT I Found Too complicate should more integration It is short for integration and may let user feel complicated and difficult to understand. And lead to violate my target in the first-Don not use any words and let people understand how to use it. Therefore I make a decision that re-thinking the means of every type of emergency device to user.

HOW I Change The main process is more integration and sequentiality Speaker-when people feel nervous they always want to use it at the first. The obligatory stop device must use it before the obligatory open device. The position of the devices are according to that. And the shapes also have direction. Integrate three devices in one piece and design the shape with affordance. Make user understand the using order and also let the stuff won’t install in wrong order

Tw o i n v e r t e d t r i a n g l e s w i l l h e l p c o n v e y t h e i n f o m a t i o n o f correspondence and the foarmation of arrows with the rails. This will help people understand the fuction of the device.

DOIT A different color and shape is designed so people can identify the depression in the middle of the cylinder and make navigation easier when an emergency occurs

The wash surface has image they can ratate and have directionality

Use the sign that people know well and thetriangles always means alarming. There are some grooves let people put thier fingers on them and theyalso make people apply force easily.It is fixed by sping,when people use it feel some resitance can feel step the brakes.It is a powerful thing that make MRT stop,so too easy to stop the car may let people feel not settle down and confusing

The handle is tilted and let people feel it can pull down and the curve on the back of handle let peopel know how to use

Key Learning

Design with Affordence CREO Modeling skill

REBeauty Our App and Device

Helps People who are bussy in their life

Who want to Discover Beauty in their life

By Let people slow down

And Record thier life.

Unlike Diary



Discover the beauty of life Nowadays in the world people always feel buzzy and lead to depression. I think if people can stop and look around the beauty in their daily life , It may let people feel more positive , reduse tired and look forward to their life

Under Pressure

There are many ways to discover the beauty in life,EYES is a good way to discover but our brain can not be the best tool to remenber the beauties.



USE THE TECHONOLOGY IN RIGHT WAY People in nowadays are difficult to seperate from the techology,and i think tech is our good friends even though tech makes some nagtive effect to us and many people promote get away from them ,But i wanrt to use it in the rignt but not refuse it

GAME + HOLOGRAPHIC PROJECTOR Poepel nowadays can not live without thier smart phone, I ask the mobile phone addictor why they like to play on the phone and what did they do on the phone. I got the answer is play games and social media and I want to do a design that combine APP and device

Design Detail Light


Can control the light make people do not feel uncomfortable day amd night

Use phone to control the sounds and their are several hole can give sounds


Holographic Projector

USB hole let the device recharge and connect to the phone

Holographic projector can via the sphere glass creat a no boundaries sky

APP Scan in your phone and build your island I want to creat an APP can scan beauties in daily life maybe is the vein lines on a special rock or a branch, Through the scanning people can make their own icon to the rock and branch and transport to the holographic projector to build thier own world and can share on the social media

Scan the odject like use magnifying glass to explore their life

KeyLearning System Integration UI design Teamwork


Our App and Device

Bracelate can record your health especially daibetic patients

Helps daibetic patients

Who want to Eating easier

By Detect easier

And Record thier eating habit

PROBLEM Bringing electronic scale every day and converting calories every meal are inconvenient and difficult. . It is inconvenient to use electronic scale to measure specific kind of food.(ex : noodles) Ingredient in different kind of food make different influence to patient so they should clarify by themselves.

Inconvenient To Bring Scale Every Day

Difficult To Measure Food

Different Ingredient Different Influence

JOB Diet Control

Target User

Diabetic patients

PAIN Change Eating Habit

GAIN Be Healthy

INTERVIEW Mr. Lo Disease Age : 1 year and 8 months Diet Control : half year before I outbreak, I bring the book which publish by health bureau and electronic scale every day. Before I have meal, I always check the book and I can understand the glucose I absorb in each meal. It is inconvenient at the first but after a few months training, I already have experience to know how much calories I can absorb every meal.

MS. Jian Disease age:12years Diet Control : I have a electronic scale in my home, in the beginning I use scale to measure food and record the content of meal every day. After few tmonths training, I can absorb the food accurately by eyemeasure and hand measure.


Via applying the tech of their skin with a lancet be


Food Recognit With the food recogn

ng patch

glucose-monitoring patch on our product, users no need to pricking efore knowing the glucose of blood anymore.

Muscle sensor Using musle sensor, It can detect how many times user swallow

ion Technology ition tech it can calculate how much carbohydrates you take in.


Entry Point

From nervous to relax, from been taught to teaching others, always be there by your side.


uce fears





Detect Blood Glucose


Social media

Testing We try to let people understand how to use it and the relationship between the bracelate and APP So we take thephoto and ask people two question 1. Is the sensor weird when it put on the spoon? 2. Do you know how to use this product if only see these picture?


STEP 1 Detect Blood Glucose

STEP 2 Take A Photo Get The Imformation

STEP 3 Take The Detachable Part Off The Bracelate.

STEP 4 Put The Detachable Part On -Get the data of every bite. -Warning

STEP 5 Social Media -Recipe -life

Key Learning Diabetes Wearable device Integration Design UI Design


Mission. Stitch Feel free to build your path.

Sibling Gap

Problem Nowadays we find out that people in different ages play different games, which cause gap between family members. Therefore, we wanted to design a board game all age can play together.

Generation Gap

Target User

Classifying several games which is popular r e c e n t l y ( w i t h i n t e r n e t a n d u s e rs ) . I n different ages we found out the commonality. elderly (over 50 years old)adult (16~ 50 years old) teenager (12~16 years old) Kids (beyond 12 years old)

Entry Point Nowadays we find out that people in different ages play different games, which cause gap between family members. Therefore, we wanted to design a board game all age can play together. Not only a game but also a relation bridge. All-aged board game.

Relation Bridge

All-Aged Board Game




Because round is felt no boundaries and there is enough space to receive


The arrowhead is mean the path that the ball is passing theblock


There is axis X Y to tell player direction

HOW TO PLAY step 1 set the stage (different difficulty)

step 2 draw a card to decide what color of block you can use

step 3 Inserting the block on the board make a path let the ball roll to the end

step 4 let’s see if you can reach the best score.

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