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Jane Chow 8D

A Bunch of Balloons There once was a boy who went by the name Troy. He was as playful as ever, Always full of joy. In the afternoon, Troy went to buy balloons Many and many of them Even the ones shaped as raccoons! Troy started to head home Carrying his balloons, alone. With a number of balloons at first, One fourth times the original amount broke free and dispersed. Wanting to buy more balloons that day Troy headed back the other way Back to the balloon stand Holding all his balloons in one hand. He decided to be a risk-taker And bought three fifths of his remainder. Then, he multiplied that By the balloons he started with earlier. Now, my friend, your task is to find The amount of balloons Troy had in the start. Don’t feel so blue, I’ll give you a clue! All of the above Equal the square of six. Go ahead and solve the problem. If you know the answer, That’s awesome!

Jane Chow 8D: Final Design  

Math Design Cycle

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