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4Fresh at EHS


The most recognized pirate has recently been retired after more than 10 years in use.

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Englewood shows pride through a new pirate. Voted in by advisement classes.

n o B i t a

Elizabet h High H ar School t Sc Hig ford ho h ol ch e T kins ge c i P olle C

“After 15 years I switched from engineering to education where I actually thought I could make a difference.”

Faces to EHS

“I’m really excited to be here. I have two dogs that I love, they’re like my children. I love to ski and snowboard. “


“It’s [EHS] a small district I like that. Larger districts can be hard to get things done.”



“It’s [Englewood] a cool community. It’s smaller, small enough to know everyone and have support for every kid.”



“My husband Is from here and we met in china so we decided to move here.”

“I was teaching in Washington DC [before I came to Englewood ]. I wanted a new adventure so we moved to Colorado.”

EHS makes time for advisement


This year, students were presented with a new block schedule, as well as changes to lunch and advisement classes. A newsletter was sent out this summer to all the students that are attending Englewood High School. The newsletter talks about the changes this year, including the schedule change. According to the newsletter, the reasons for the block schedule are to allow for more instruction time, give students more options for classes, teachers more planning time and align with Englewood Middle School’s schedule.

This schedule change also has students attend advisement every day, except Mondays. The material for advisement consists of college and career planning, teaching school-wide expectations, staff-student and student-student relationship development, academic intervention, Reading enrichment, information literacy and cyber safety. This curriculum was created by a group of teachers and administrators for teachers to use each day. Math and advisement teacher Elizabeth Sedalnick likes the change to advisement. “It took less time to prepare to teach it,” Sedalnick said. “We also get to see students four days a week, compared

to last year and allows us to have a better relationship with our advisory students.” With the change to advisory, lunch periods also changed and now split up the upper and lower classes. “When we move to the new school, we’ll be 7-12 grade,” English Teacher Grace Poll said. According to Poll, the change of the classes and lunch is to prepare students for the new school and different lunch periods. “It’s[Advisement] alright, I wish we had more activities to do,” said Savannah Chavez (10). Principal Jonathan Fore said ”We’re still getting feedback on it. Google Docs has a copy of this”

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English teacher Vincent Knight reviews school regulations with his advisment class.

EHS builds through the years

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This pirate still may be recognized on the anouncment board seen from Logan.

“I thought it [Englewood] was moving in the right direction. There’s a great staff and it’s an exciting environment.”

e r E o n f e

O k lah Cit oma y

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Autis Cent m er

ns Picki h Tec e g Colle

t to “I wen ” metro

“Buckey” still holds his ground with traditions on the redtop.

“It’s [Englewood] a cool community. It’s smaller, small enough to know everyone and have support for every kid. It’s neat too because the community supports the school and really values public education.”

“EHS had programs and other things that my old school had. I loved my old school so it was an easy transition.”

e w oo gl

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Pfannenstein eil cN h M ig ol H ho Sc

The never outdated pirate is still well utilized in the athletics.


Washington D D.C. Ch enve il r’ Ho dren s m ’s


“I chose EHS because it’s small and feels like a family. It’s nice to be a part of something like that.”

“Last year I taught half of the time at Charles Hay, I still do [teach there] but before that I taught English in Italy.”


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E d uc e

Englewood’s first pirate was not establihsed when the school was.

New Additions To Englewood



Pirate pride since 1913

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Fresh at EHS 5

PIRATEER September 27, 2013


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Front view of EHS before it received a makeover.

Aerial view of the EHS football field and fieldhouse.

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Englewood creates a new foundation by building from the bottom up.

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Englewood gets a make over. Here is a sneak peek into the new school.

Compiled by: Kayla Steffens, Sage Sherman

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