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Livon Hair Gain Answers Frequently Asked Questions

When surrounded by numerous hair products, it is difficult to get the correct information about them and the process of selecting a reliable hair fall solution becomes problematic. In order to clear your doubts, the Livon Hair Gain team has put together a list of frequently asked questions to clear your doubts and worries.

1. “I am suffering from dandruff as well as severe hair fall, will Livon Hair Gain Help?’” Dandruff occurs due to various reasons and very often people suffering from dandruff also complain about hair loss. While some of you may be tempted to stop frequently washing your hair, this is not a good idea as it allows the dandruff to accumulate. Instead wash regularly using a mild shampoo and use Livon Hair Gain to treat the hair loss. It contains active root energizers and hair growth molecules which will arrest your hair fall and help in hair growth 2. “Can Livon Hair Gain tackle stress related hair fall?” There is increasing evidence which shows relationship between stress and hair fall. While Livon Hair Gain helps to curb and limit hair fall and balding, it works best when it is combined with other lifestyle changes. Hence it is important to restrict your stress levels to be able to control hair fall. It is important for you to allocate some time for de-stressing activities like yoga or meditation.

3. “Does Livon Hair Gain aid in preventing hair breakage?”

Yes Livon Hair Gain shows good result for hair breakage. It is important to have a balance diet for healthy hair growth. Hair is made of proteins and hence it is important to include proteins and vitamins in your diet as these are known to play an important role in healthy hair growth. According to your details it seems that you do not follow proper diet, hence it is recommended that you include proteinaceous and colored food in your diet and ensure you eat at regular time intervals.

4. “Will LHG give me side effects? Can it be used with other hair products?” There are no reported side-effects of this product. You can use any mild shampoo with Livon Hair Gain Tonic. However avoid using Livon Hair Gain alongside other hair products or alongside any ongoing hair treatment. If you are using a

5. “Can I apply Livon Hair Gain to my entire scalp?� Apply Livon Hair Gain Tonic directly on scalp with the bottle nozzle or your fingertips, beginning at the centre of the affected area and spread all over the scalp. Rub in the Tonic well with your fingertips gently. Do Not Massage. Apply twice daily, after your bath and before bedtime. Recommended quantity is per application 4-8 ml as required by individual. For best results after hair fall is under control, continue regular usage.

Frequently asked questions  

Frequently Asked Questions about Livon Hair Gain Tonic.

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