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The Polesworth School, Dordon Road, Dordon, Tamworth, Staffs B78 1QT Tel: 01827 702205 Fax: 01827 702206 Email: A444

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It is a privilege to be the Headteacher at The Polesworth School. Education changes lives and I am passionate about ensuring all young people are given as many chances in life as possible through a broad education focused on academic success, excellence in terms of care and welfare, and ensuring their talents and achievements are recognized whatever they may be. When they leave Polesworth I want them to be excited about the opportunities that exist for them and have a ‘crucial sense of possibility’ – vital for success in life. Polesworth is an outstanding school and delivers on instilling that sense of possibility year on year.

Polesworth School is an outstanding School OFSTED 2008


When you visit Polesworth you will be struck by a thoroughly uplifting and purposeful working environment that has an excellent mix of social and academic success. Great relationships exist across the school. Our ‘Outstanding’ OFSTED report recognised this, and also commented on the superb progress students make. Excellent relationships in schools are a prerequisite for success in examinations. Students at Polesworth make outstanding progress and I know that as we continue to develop as a newly converted high performing Academy, students will continue to reach new heights of success. I am delighted to be Head of this special place serving our local community to ensure that all students achieve more than they ever thought possible. I look forward very much to working with you.

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Mr P Hamilton

Headteacher, The Polesworth School

Our values THESE ARE OUR ‘NON-NEGOTIABLES’ – BELIEFS THAT UNDERPIN HOW WE WORK WITH THE YOUNG PEOPLE IN OUR CARE, AND THE COMMUNITY WE SERVE. We have a responsibility to equip young people with an understanding of other people’s traditions, cultures and languages. Through education and global cooperation the right questions will be asked and problems solved. Young people’s achievement is recognised and celebrated at Polesworth: 1. Achievement ACADEMIC: We believe all young people have the potential to achieve great things. Intelligence can be developed regardless of emotional and social background, given appropriate teaching and bespoke, individualised support. Young people should be equipped with a crucial sense of possibility based on a well developed self awareness and ambition – ambition not only for themselves but for the communities in which they live and work. 2. Achievement ‘LETTING LIGHT SHINE’: All young people achieve things of which they can be proud every day in addition to academic success and outside our school’s planned curriculum. We have a vital role in ensuring individuals develop their own talents and interests and have a responsibility to instil in them a sense of pride in who they are and what they achieve.


All pupils make impressive progress from their starting points to reach above average standards in Key Stage 4 and in the 6th Form OFSTED 2008


3. Achievement RELATIONSHIPS: Excellent relationships for learning are a prerequisite for all other achievements. Relationships that engender mutual respect between young people, and all other members of our school community will ensure learning can be fun in a disciplined and caring environment where the highest expectations are the norm.

Curriculum A PASSIONATE COMMITMENT TO LEARNING AND TO DEVELOPING TALENT IS AT THE HEART OF OUR CURRICULUM AND WE STRIVE TO ENSURE OUR YOUNG PEOPLE ARE CHALLENGED TO THINK ACADEMICALLY, CREATIVELY AND INDEPENDENTLY. Access to a broad and balanced curriculum enhances students’ life-chances. Ours provides diversity and choice. Interesting, stimulating and intellectually challenging courses lead to qualifications and enhanced individual achievement. A student’s curriculum is tailored to his or her needs to ensure that he/she has the best possible chance of success. The great majority of our students study for the English Baccalaureate. Structured homework programmes support our schoolwork. We aim to develop independence and responsibility for learning from the outset via


subject-related and cross-curricular independent studies – laying foundations for coursework and examination in later years.

The school gives us fabulous opportunities for later in life STUDENT

Our 6th Form at Tomlinson Hall provides a wide range of A Level and vocational courses for students of all levels and abilities. Students enjoy excellent teaching from dedicated staff with real enthusiasm for their subjects.

Students are valued as individuals

Extra-curricular activities encompass sports, the arts and technology. Students also actively participate in supporting local and national charities and in promoting internationalism and sustainable development.


Excellence in teaching and learning PASSIONATE TEACHING INSPIRES A PASSION FOR LEARNING. OUR TEACHING AND LEARNING PRACTICE MOTIVATES STUDENTS, ENABLING AND ENCOURAGING THEM TO ACHIEVE TO THE BEST OF THEIR ABILITIES. Effective learning takes place when students are motivated by, and participate in, lessons; when students interact well with both their teachers and other students; when students feel that they are learning and therefore achieving. The end result is confident, effective learners. Our students are given every opportunity to succeed. Learning is developed through high quality planning and preparation, through enjoyment and engagement and through regular assessment with target setting and effective intervention. Regular tracking of student progress provides students, parents and teachers with full information on which they can act together.

Our students learn in a variety of ways. Teachers vary their teaching and learning styles and approaches to personalise learning in order to meet the needs of all students. Excellent relationships between students and staff result in mutual respect and an exceptional working and learning environment. We prepare all our students for life beyond school. They gain a range of skills and talents, a broad knowledge base and sense of ambition and excitement about what the future holds. COMMITTED TO CONTINUOUS PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT We are relentless in refining our approach to teaching and learning by keeping up to date with new approaches and current thinking, sharing good practice among teachers through our excellent coaching programme. Our teachers see themselves as lifelong learners who constantly strive to evaluate and improve their practice. Our teaching and learning process builds upon our students’ and teachers’ skills, knowledge and understanding so that all in our school community can reach their full potential.

Pastoral care POLESWORTH IS PASSIONATE ABOUT PROVIDING QUALITY CARE AND GUIDANCE FOR ALL OF OUR STUDENTS. Each year group is led by a Head of Year who is supported by a team of dedicated and enthusiastic tutors. With the exception of the Head of Year 7 who remains permanently with that year group to ensure a smooth transition from year 6 into Year 7, our Heads of Year and tutors remain with their year groups throughout the students’ school careers. Tutors often also follow on with their groups into our sixth form. At the end of Year 10, all students go out on two weeks of school-organised work experience. ENHANCED LEARNING DAYS We have six Enhanced Learning Days throughout the year which enable us to deliver a high quality PSHE, Work Related Learning and Citizenship Programme. These days helps equip students with essential life skills and cover issues from relationships and sex and drug eduction to healthy living and citizenship. PASTORAL STRUCTURE Our pastoral care system provides guidance and support for all students which fosters excellent working relationships and creates a happy and well-disciplined atmosphere. SCHOOL COUNSELLING & ADVISORY SERVICE This outstanding service involves all members of our pastoral team and many external support


agencies who work alongside our school counsellerors to provide both one-to-one and group sessions for students who may require additional support. This confidential service is an invaluable aspect of our pastoral care.

The international dimension of the school… has ensured that students develop very broad understanding of other countries and cultures OFSTED 2008

THE VOICE Our student council, known as The Voice, actively focus on improving aspects of student welfare. Following elections, successful candidates meet regularly and are influential in helping our school develop. Their role includes: • Working with school staff to improve the school environment. • Researching and feeding back to full staff meetings on educational issues in order to help develop classroom practice. • Participating in staff interviews. • Identifying and highlighting student needs and finding ways to wherever possible meet those needs. RELATIONSHIPS FOR LEARNING Students are “incredibly loyal to the school” (OFSTED 2004). Positive working relationships are fostered in a safe and disciplined environment.

The school gives us fabulous opportunities for later in life STUDENT

Broad Education GLOBAL AND LOCAL ENRICHMENT Polesworth is a specialist language college and boasts the prestigious International School award. Our students gain insight and understanding of other nations and cultures through our extensive associations with other schools and educational visits across four continents. • Exchange visits with schools in India, Ghana, China, Poland • Curriculum-related visits to Iceland, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, the Caribbean • Students speaking at international conferences • Work experience in France, Germany, Poland Closer to home, the curriculum is enriched with a varied programme of visits including historical, geographical, manufacturing and cultural sites.

CREATIVITY ABOUNDS With regular concerts, and annual school musical, a student-run talent competition, musical groups and individual instrumental tuition, the arts flourish at Polesworth. Our Expressive Arts department puts on striking displays throughout the year. After-school clubs include a thriving business enterprise group, science club, computer clubs and many, many more. SPORTING PROWESS We have numerous sports teams and clubs which all pupils are encouraged to attend, irrespective of ability. Some recent successes: • Athletics - district champions at all ages • Girls tag rugby - county champions • U16 girls hockey - district champions • Yr 8 rugby – district champions


Facilities POLESWORTH SCHOOL IS PLEASANTLY SITUATED AMONGST TREES AND GARDENS IN AROUND TEN ACRES OF GROUNDS. OUR EXTENSIVE PLAYING FIELDS OFFER PANORAMIC VIEWS OF THE SURROUNDING WARWICKSHIRE AND STAFFORDSHIRE COUNTRYSIDE. The school is equipped with some excellent facilities including: Sports hall: featuring squash courts and a fitness suite. Also open to the local community. Gym: furnished for both gymnastics and dance. Used by the local community weekends/evenings. Playing fields: football, rugby, hockey pitches, grass athletics track and space for extensive training grids - also used extensively in the holidays for student multi sports activities. Drama studio: featuring excellent audio and visual equipment and space for drama, used by students in all years. The school organises regular theatre and musical productions. International Centre: a recently completed state of the art building dedicated to language teaching and student support services. Also used for night school classes in foreign languages such as Chinese, Polish and Spanish. ICT: a large multi media study resource centre for research and independent learning. Four fully equipped ICT suites include one in the Sixth Form building, all used extensively. Most classrooms also house the latest ICT teacher toolkits, PCs and laptops.

A significant number of students have achieved county and national accolades for their sporting prowess OFSTED 2008

Art: a superb purpose-built studio, where students produce and display work and projects in contemporary surroundings.

The school strives hard for students to say, ‘I can’ Students are valued as individuals Teaching staff regularly deliver inspirational lessons PARENTS & STUDENTS

The provision for 6th Form students is outstanding OFSTED 2008


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