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ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN: Is an advertising message that shares a same idea. ANALYSIS: Is study the situation in a natural environment. AUTONOMY: Condition of no depending of other in certain aspects. BARTER: is the exchange of goods and services by others goods and services. BUYING CAPACITY: Is the purchasing power that the people have to obtain something. 6. COMPETITION: Is the quantity that there are of offerings in the market, they can give you the products that you need. 7. CREATION: Production of something from artistic ability or imagination. 8. CURRENCY: is the money issue by a state or a central bank and this is the legal coin of the country. 9. CUSTOMER: Is the person that receives a product. 10. DEMAND: Is who needs something or have a necessity. 11. DISTRIBUTION: Activity that allows to the product to arrive to the customer. 12. ESTABLISHMENT: Is a physical space where offer goods and services for the sale to customers. 13. EXCHANGE: Is a process in where you give to someone a thing and that person gives you something. 14. FALSIFICATION: Is the modification of one produce for that can be similar to the original. 15. FINANCING: Is the action to give to company money for acquisition of goods and services. 16. FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: These are private companies that provide money and administer it. 17. HOMES AND FAMILY: Is the society that has needs and work. 18. INVIGORATE: To give energy in an activity that this can have most importance. 19. MARKETING: Is the process that you perform from an idea to that arrives to the hands of the customer. 20. MARKETPLACE: Is the distribution channel necessary for the product. In this, there is a process from the beginning to the end. 21. MONOPOLY: There is a producer that has a great power in the market and is the only in an industry that has a product differentiated. 22. MONOPSONY: There is an only buyer. 23. NECESSITY: Wish or impulse that one person feels to do one thing. GLOSSARY


24. OFFER: Is the product that the people have for sell. 25. OLIGOPOLY: Is a market dominated by a few sellers. 26. OLIGOPSONY: There are some buyers in the market. 27. PERFECT COMPETITION: Is when the offer and demand are equals. 28. POSITIONING: Is the place that the customer has about of the product in a mental perception. 29. POTENTIAL USER: Is the people that can be possible customers to the future. 30. PRESTIGE: Positive promotion of one person or institution that has many things good about them, they create the reputation. 31. PRIVATE COMPANIES: These are the companies dedicated to business. 32. PRICE: This is the value monetary of a product, with this we can do exchange appropriate. 33. PRODUCT: Is something that is tangible or intangible and is an option that you can choose. 34. PROFITABILITY: Is the capacity to produce or to generate a benefit of an investment or effort. 35. PROMOTION: Is the communication, the information and the persuasion of the customer for they can know about this company and their product. 36. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: Is the set of public organizations that put in direct contact to the society with the political power. 37. RATE VALUE: Is the control that there is with respect to the price. 38. REAL USER: Is the people that is faithful to the produce. 39. REST OF THE WORLD: Is the exchange that there is between a country and other with respect to the money, for example currency. 40. SALE: Is the process in where the people offer a product. 41. SALE PRICE: Is the value that you give to something. 42. SELF-SUFFICIENCY: Capacity of one person of control and handle oneself. 43. SERVICES: Is the set of activities that search to compensate the necessities of customer. 44. SMUGGLING: Is the illegal sell of produce that evaded the tax. 45. STORAGE: Is the process to save things in special place. 46. TENDENCIES: Is the change of style in the trade in where all is new in some parts of the year. 47. THOUGHT: Is the activity of the mind and there is an existence by means of the intellect. 48. TRANSPORT: Is the way for carry the product to the customers. 49. TRIED: Is the activity in where you can exchange goods and services. 50. WISHES: Strong feeling that has a person by to have a thing.



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