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GUO JIZHENG: WORKS M. Arch, University of Southern California 2007 - 2011

Jizheng Guo

2144 Oak St Los Angles, CA 90007 PHONE: 1-213-610-3304 E-MAIL:

Contents 1. Architectural/Urban Design 1.1 Seashore Villa


05/2008 - 08/2008, Intern, Shanghai Institute of Architectual Design & Research Co. Ltd. Produced drawings, renderings, and digital models for 50,000-square meter plaza design.

1.2 Guangzhou Cultural Center Design


2. Parametric Practice

CAD & BIM: AutoCad, ArchiCad, Revit Modeling: Rhino, Grasshopper, Sketchup, Digital Project, Maya Rendering: Vray for Rhino, Maxwell Scripting: Rhino Scripting, Python Presentation: Microsoft Powerpoint, Indesign Graphics: Adobe Photoshop, IIlustrator


M. Arch, School of Architecture, University of Southern California B. Arch, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

1.3 Hitchcock Museum

2.1 Intri(cut)sy 2.2 Analysis on Tatlin's Tower

3. Installation 3.1 Hamster's Cage 3.2 Time Machine


2011 USC Guild Student Studio Fund 2009 Tsinghua - Guanghua Fellowship

4. Other Works

1. Architectural/Urban Design

1.1 Seashore Villa

Instead of a linear arrangement, rooms are layed in a circle to form an atrium. Different openings --- towards inner space and the sea are cut to cater to different demands. In the study, living room and dinning room, the client wants a tranquil atomsphere. So the windows are towards the atrium. A tree is plant at the intersection point of the views from these rooms. On the other hand, the major window towards the sea is layed in the bath room. As the client requested, when getting in the water, he wants to face the sea as freely as possible. And the other window is set near the entrance for visitors.

What should a seashore villa be like? Big french window? To maximize the faces towards the sea? In fact, people will soon get tired of the scenery and lose their enthusiasm. In a story of Zen, the monks build up a wall blocked the sea out of view of their temple. They can hear the sound of the sea all the time, but if they want to enjoy the spectacular scenery, they have to go out for a long distance. So they seldom feel bored of the sea. I take the same method here.

Site Plan The client spends most of his time at home. The house shoud meet his both physical and mental demands. Each rooms also has different kind of relationship with the atrium. Most rooms has an introversive character while he shares some space with visitors. In addition, all his activities should be arranged on the same circus.

1st floor plan

2nd floor plan

Roof plan

The shell-like shape helps to set up a continuous circus and creates a lot of opportunities of motion. In this process people can enjoy the scenery (both internal and external) from a variety of views. He will have better appreciation for the site. The shell was composed of two seperate curves. They have different functions and has different heights. One emerged and combined into another. On the forms of the roof, it is not considered alone a part of the whole circus--- an extension of the ramp along the wall and it covers the whole house. The existence of parapet was emphasized and becomes a part of the whole roof.

The highest point of the house is 5 meters high from the ground. As the house is located between two slopes, this height just maintain the continuity of the terrain.

Little decoration are put into interior design as there has been enough scenery from the sea and the atrium. Honest presentation of the space is enough to express character of each part.

1. Architectural/Urban Design

1.2 Guangzhou Cultural Center Design

INTRODUCTION TO THE SITE Our site is at the foot of Baiyun mountain, where used to be Baiyun International Airport. Now because of the development of the city, the airport is moved to outer place. The governmnet have planned a series of buildings with high quality, such as Baiyun International Conference Center by Buro II. Now the authorities are planning another group of cultural architecture just on the west of the conference center, which includes a painting academy, a food center, a performence center and a museum. In addition there is request for a IMAX cinema and a plaza for assembly and some live performence. I work on the plaza part of the whole design.

Because of subtropical climate in Guangzhou, our goal is to let the green belt of Baiyun Mountain extend into our site(just as what Buro II did at Baiyun international conference center). The penetrition occurs in both horizontal and vertical directions. The forest does not exist alone. It works with commercial, cinema and the painting academy together. We want to create landscape people could enjoy in their daily life.

Guangzhou is a rapid changing city. The municipal government is so eager to cramp a lot of monumental constructions into it. Now there is a new project --- a culture center which includes a big plaza. What gesture of the new buildings take in the city? Guangzhou is tired of monument. What we do here is to DIG OUT A CITY.

Cultural center





Figure 1. Current concepts of the architecture in the plaza Figure 2. The main direction of stream of people Figure 3. Dig out the plaza between the flows Figure 4. Connect each part with monorail and subway

There are two basic considerations in this project. One is to set up a sunken plaza to create a open view of the Baiyun mountain for those walking in the plaza and a forest which could provide the shadow in hot summer. On the other hand, differnet ways of connection are taken into account. Monorail and subway system are proposed to deal with transportation in the area at different scale.


Baiyun park

Business center

The site

The section across the IMAX cinema

Elevator Shaft Monorail System Subway Retail Grand Plaza Hotel IMAX Cinema Parking Lot Sunken Plaza

Isometric Section

1. Architectural/Urban Design

1.3 Hitchcock Museum

Direct reappearence of scenes: In the works of Alfred Hitchcock, there are a lot scenes of distinctive personal style, which not only reflect superb skills of shooting and a mastery of camera language, but also is an external expression of internal dark,chaotic mental process. Consequently, I set up some display areas of direct reappearence of scenes to recall the astonishing spaces in the movies and find an access to the spiritual world of Alfred Hitchcock.

The exhibition area is made up of four exibition "core"s. They are split by the paths and lamps. A lot of turns and height difference is set to reproduce the classic atomsphere in the movie. The original tower is used as poster exibition, which is also a pivotal part of the whole circus. People could reach the roof through the tower. Two additional stairwells are set to correspond to the tower and make the traffic smoother. The louvre is based on paths below and let skylight in to shape the outline of the "core".

To make full use of the riverside area, an open-air cinema is proposed. On the west bank, a cantilevered-out step offers a good view of the movie. On the opposite bank, people could gather on the grass and watch a fascinating movie. The salon and parties can also be held here, too.

2. Parametric Practice

2.1 Intri(cut)sy

Structure Research

Every single building in USC campus is of a static, simple, cardinal roman style which no longer serves a dynamic global leading university. USC students become prisoners of the campus environment being deprived from access of imagination and creation. The aim of this project is about to free “prisoners” out of “Plato’s Cave” to embrace the dynamic and evolutionary future. The data lab is an intricate aggregation that follows the logic of “feather” attaching each other by various combinations of their cut. Through intricate combinations, arch structures with various spans and heights can be formed. Environmental and functional factors have been considered as basic constraints for initial setup which in turn controls the overall morphology. An installing robot swings on a continuous track generating sections of “feather arches” layers by layers. It touches the territory of unpredictibility escaping from traditional arbitrary construction, which appears to be in “chaos” while in fact generated from simple laws. Tools: Rhino Scripting, Grasshopper

Parts of the scripts

2. Parametric Practice

2.2 Analysis on Tatlin’s Tower

The Tatlin’s Tower was not the most efficient structure to reach the intended height. The engineer put more interest on the part of constructivism. Horizontal and vertical supporting elements were emphasized. Basic helix structure are twisted and rotated in the 3-D space. The original parameters by Tatlin S ite Lo c a t io n

Tatlin’s Constructivist tower was built as a symbol of industrial achievement. It was built from iron, glass and steel and seen as a milestone of modern architectural design. Some parametric methods are taken to explore possible variations of the 100-year-ago design classic. Tools: Digital Project


Do u b l e h e lix stru ct u r e

Ele va t i o n

Variation I

Variation II

Variation III

Variation IV

A xo no m e t r i c

A set of parameters is extracted from the design. And we could take it as the control variables of its extrapolation. Div ide d Po i nt s

C o nne c t i ng w i t h p r o j e c t i ng p o i nt s t o p r ov i d e c o nt e x t l i ne s series of variations

3. Installation

3.1 Hamster’s Cage

Different kinds of joints

The bayonet of the joints are designed in the same module. So the openings on the board are in the same size (6mmX6mm). Based on considerations in selection of materials, wood is chosen for its feasibility of processing. On the other hand, joints are made from plexiglass because of the use of laser cutter, and combined with chloroform. The use of plexiglass also brings a light and transparent effect.

My hamsters live in a limited space which we called as cage. They do not have too much choices of motion. The cage could not cater to the needs of moving around. What I do is to record their motion and provide them with a more interesting space to move in.

After the essential data is collected in both vertical and horizontal directions, I am able to set up the basic framework of the house. The way of combination depends on the volume of the hamster and the maximum use of the space. At the same time, different ways of motion are considered. The figure above shows the result based on the traces of motion of one of the hamsters. After this process I get basic faces as ground for later design.

3. Installlation

3.2 Time Machine The project is inspired by Collapse of Time by John Hejduk Why couldn’t we put the numbers onto the hand and let the motion of hands reveal the elapse of time? Just let the trace tell us the existence of time. Revolution on different axis symbolize different pace of time. Normal dial plate degenerated into a non-uniform, planar curve. The forms comes from the motion. (Think about Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2 by Marcel Duchamp) The installation has a cycle of 1 day.











0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Clock design by Dieter Rams

New interface expressing time

The Cycle of the Time Machine

Left View: Trajectory of Hand

Front VIew: Trajectory of Dial

The Position of the Clock at 6:00


Other Works

Structural Research on Ancient Chinese Temple

Survey drawing on ancient roof structure

Internal Structure

External Structure

A research model on Guanyin Pavillion, Dule Temple, 2006

Other Works

Study on the Transparency of Wood

Hotel Design

Fabrication Practice

Ecological Housing Design

CNC Milling

Plaster/Vacuum Forming


2006 - 2011

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