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INDIA ji Young Choi


Struggling through the heaving human tunnel, I emerged and glimpsed my first vision of India- fog, pollution, and cool air. I thought to myself, Is this it? We were greeted by the guides announcing the plan for the trip as we waited for the five hours bus ride that would get us to Agra. Tiredness and the extraordinary conditions engendered a feeling of infuriation and aggravation, but all of us were dead to the world as soon we took a seat on the bus. People s chatter, a honking car shook shape,; color, wide and me, from my dream to the nightmare of a crowded road with vehicles of every imaginable size awake. The first view

that I saw when I pushed the curtain ajar was lots of red lights -we were stuck in a horrific traffic jam. The traffic jam was about to get on my nerves so, I strived to jot down some notes for the travel article while listening to music; however my stomach felt greasy because of the food that I had eaten on the airplane; my head began to feel sore making me remember I had car sickness. I couldn t concentrate and felt nauseous, when my friend cried, Look at the monkey in the pink dress ! All of us took out the cameras and quickly rushed to the left of the bus to photograph the monkey performance. However, when the bus was trying to pull away, the monkey s man smacked and slapped the bus



EGESTA QUIS SET AHMET Malesuada eleifend, tortor molestie, a fusce a vel et. Aliquam amet est class. asking for money. Surprisingly, the face looking up at us was not Indian; it could have been Western because of his shocking blond hair and pale skin. He was so determined that he opened the window and his hand was inside the bus before the tour guides slammed the window shut! The rest of the drive to Agra was uneventful, except for the lovely brown cow that we had to avoid, lying in the middle of the road.

force us to buy; I made a stone face and tried to disregard him.

made me even more uncomfortable was the beggars on the floor. They stared and gazed at us with their We had to queue for long a time to see the Taj ‒Mahal early in the miserable and heartrending faces. Ripped clothes and awful odor morning. When I first perceived the Taj-Mahal honestly, I was disappointed engendered a feeling to run away from them. The beggars hastily munched because I have seen the image so the food on the floor that people had many times that the real thing didn t thrown. It was time to leave the market. seem that wonderful; I felt let down. However, it was gorgeous and the way Although happy to leave because it was extremely dirty, l realized that I the river reflected the Taj Mahal was wonderful; the rich gardens of the Taj- was lucky to have my life compared to the beggars in the market. Even mahal were unbelievably pleasing to though parts of the trip were not the tired eye. Entirely made by white The morning in India was enjoyable and uncomfortable, I am marble, its stunning architect was chilly and wintry; we had to put on created by the Muslims. Emperor Shah happy to have had an opportunity to jerseys for warmth. Even in the city Jahan built it in the memory of his dear see a culture and lives so different to that contained the Taj Mahal many my own. people were sleeping on benches with wife Mumtaz Mahal at Agra. We experienced the Taj as if it were newspaper on top of them. They had suspended when viewed from across no clothes; they wore only the top, the Jamuna River on a foggy morning. even though the weather was chilly in Walking around the Taj Mahal my the early morning. I was surprised to finger tips absorbed the coolness of see lots of people starting work in the early morning; many people, like taxi or the thousand year old marble. It was so magical and dreamlike. People small transportation drivers were selling souvenirs woke me form the sparkling their cars to start their work day. All of us were full of excitement to dream of Shah Jahan, who kept following us creepily. They kept placing see the Taj -Mahal because everyone who had been to India and had seen it the product straight in front of our eyes. I tried not to give a glance and ignored informed us that it s gorgeous and it, but felt sorry and pity for them; fabulous. Even though we were half however if I showed even a little asleep, we were full of anticipation. interest then all the seller would run The walk to the Taj-Mahal was over to sell the product. unbelievably dirty. Cow dung was all over the road and lots of rubbish lay on After sight seeing the magical the ground where many poor people and dreamlike Taj Mahl, we set off to were; some on the ground, some on the market near the Taj Mahal. benches. Walking through this Unpleasant smells like a rotten eggs otherworld was terrifying, especially forced me to glimpse floor of the when a seller kept following and market. Grimy, grubby, filthy, the floor showing the products attempting to was unbelievably dirty. The thing that


Jiyoung's travel article  
Jiyoung's travel article  

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