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about tabjuice Monetize Social Media The incredible popularity and wide acceptance of Facebook as a daily part of people’s lives makes the social network extremely valuable to the business community. Never before has there been a captive audience of this size – 750 million users – that is virally connected and available to be tapped for such a low budget. This is an incredible opportunity that raises the question: How do I monetize my social networking efforts? The best answer is TabJuice.

Focus on Design It used to be difficult to brand a business on Facebook, but at TabJuice, our focus is design. The application offers an almost endless set of color schemes, background tiles and custom layout options that will distinguish your store and help make your brand even more unique.

Build Your Brand Social commerce isn’t all about sales – it’s about presence. It’s about community. It’s about making it easy for customers to find you, interact with you, grow their relationship with you and spread the word about you. Social commerce takes time to build momentum. Our free application makes it possible to run your social commerce campaign for as long as it takes to gain traction.

Commit to Social Commerce Get your account set up in three easy steps to start tapping into the 750 million active users on Facebook. Take advantage of our support and resources. And ask us for features you want to see in your storefront, because we are committed to being your ultimate social commerce and marketing tool on Facebook. Expect frequent feature and functionality updates – requested by our customers, created for our customers. And know that we’re with you for the long haul.

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tabjuice features Main Product Features

Storefront User Experience

No long-term contracts

Offer multiple shipping options to your customers

No setup fees

Automated order confirmations and shipping notifications

No software installations required

Custom Store Terms and Privacy Policy settings

No commission

No existing website or webstore needed

Extensive product sort and search features by name, category, etc.

TabJuice Beta is completely free!

Marketing and Social Integration Account Features and Functionality

Follow-up marketing for abandoned carts

Easy and fast design/setup process

Admin Panel access directly from your Facebook storefront

Support services including robust FAQs and an attentive customer support team

Review platform options based on store owner control preferences: Facebook Reviews, TabJuice Reviews, or allow no reviews at all

Custom promo code creation at the product, category or storefront level

Tweet, recommend and share products and storefront

• Frequent and seamless updates of new features and functionality •

API for easy third-party webstore integration

Choose from the most widely used merchant account providers: PayPal Pro and

Customer IP address captured for order security

• Unlimited number of products displayed

No existing website or webstore necessary

• Ability to add option level pricing (ex: larger sizes, additional fee)

Existing Facebook security features plus 256-bit SSL encryption for secure data transmissions

• Inventory tracking and reporting

Reporting and Analytics

Inventory Management Features • Unlimited number of product uploads and changes

• Automated inventory control: ability to purchase is automatically disabled when products are sold out

Product Features

Custom reporting with CSV export feature: Export Orders, Promos, Shipping, Tax, Sales, Refunds, etc

Add, Edit, Delete individual Products

Business and Social Analytics: Views, Orders, Visits, Likes

Add, Edit, Delete entire Categories

Follow lifecycle of an order without ever leaving Facebook

Unlimited Item Category assignment

Product Export feature

Storefront Design and Functionality

Inventory controlled at the option set level

Automatic image resizing for product display photos

Live preview feature streamlines design process

• Custom branding features: Extensive color schemes, background tile choices, and layout options including a Facebook-branded template •

Custom logo and banner upload feature

All-in-tab shopping and checkout experience - customers never leave your Facebook page!

Graphical shopping cart reference showing number of items and order total

Expanded shopping page featuring unlimited product views per page

Shipping and Tax Features •

Free Shipping override option

Integrated shipping partners: USPS, FedEx and UPS (individual accounts not required)

Real time sales and use tax calculations

Nexus sales tax features

Override capability for non-taxable goods

Real time shipping quotes

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executive bios TabJuice is owned by Flank Digital and JCBI. Flank is a leading digital marketing company based in San Diego. In addition to providing integrated web-based systems for clients, Flank is an incubator for new ideas in technology. JCBI is owned by Chris Burch, co-founder of the rapidly growing Tory Burch clothing line. Chris Burch has a strong marketing vision and is sensitive to new market directions. TabJuice is expected to make an immediate impact on the growing market of social commerce.

Dylan Whitman Pa rtner F lank D igital

With Dylan’s technical leadership, Flank added 30 accounts in one year. They range from well-known companies such as Eastern Mountain Sports to niche players looking to maximize their web presence. While at Flank, Dylan has identified and led the development of two proprietary products: digital coupon business Cheap Sally, and TabJuice. Prior to co-founding Flank in 2010, Dylan spent three years as a director in Urth Brands, an SEO consulting and e-commerce business. Between 2005 and 2007 Dylan worked in the mortgage industry as a banker. Before that, Dylan spent four years in the United States Navy, where he worked at the Pentagon and on nuclear programs in the Middle East. He was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, National Defense Service Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and numerous others. Prior to the Navy, Dylan attended Flagler College. Dylan began building web sites when he was just 14 years old.

Chris Burch Cha irma n J Christopher Capital

J. Christopher Burch is chairman of J. Christopher Capital, a private investment and venture capital firm based in New York City. Mr. Burch has provided initial and early-stage capital to many now successful brands and firms, including Aliph (creator of Jawbone wireless accessories) Voss Water, and PowerMat. Mr. Burch’s entrepreneurial successes include co-founding and selling Eagle’s Eye apparel, and co-founding Tory Burch, one of the fastest-growing women’s fashion labels in the US. In 2011, Mr. Burch began launching multiple lifestyle and consumer brands selling products ranging from women’s apparel, to furnishings, to office supplies. Mr. Burch’s real estate investments include a variety of building and real estate projects from Buenos Aires to Nantucket. He has partnered with developers such as Related Companies and architects including Philippe Stark and Robert A.M. Stern.

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executive bios Jeff Church Pa rtner F lank D igital

Jeff has been a CEO, owner, and investor of a variety of different sizes and types of businesses. He has been involved in businesses ranging from Internet, consumer, industrial, construction, beverage and more. Jeff has successfully committed his own capital into transactions as well as has worked with institutional debt and equity. For example, Jeff led the acquisition and turnaround of Lynx Grills Inc., a leading manufacturer of premium-branded outdoor gas grills and outdoor kitchens. In less than two years Mr. Church sold Lynx grills and generated a sevenfold return on investor capital. Jeff also acquired, built and ultimately sold Aztec Concrete Accessories and generated an eightfold return on investor capital. Prior to these successful investments, Jeff was the president and general manager of various divisions of ERICO, an engineered product manufacturing company, and has presided over eight businesses with annual revenues exceeding $200 million. Jeff earned an M.B.A at Harvard Business School and a B.A. in Accounting at Michigan State University. In 1983 he became a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Ohio.

James Brennan Pa rtner F lank D igital

James is a successful business entrepreneur who has excelled in three distinct industries: Internet marketing and media, mortgage loan services, and restaurants and entertainment. Prior to launching Flank, James used his more than 10 years of mortgage experience to form Endev Enterprises which brings together entertainment and development business ventures. James started his professional career in mortgage loan services and was on the Mortgage Originator Magazine “Top 200 Originators in the Nation” list for four years straight. He has personally invested over $500 million in his career. In 2002, James opened one of the most successful lounge and restaurants in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, Side Bar and Ciro’s Pizzeria. In 2005, James developed and opened Stingaree, which set a new standard for nightlife in San Diego. It offers 22,000 square feet of high style and excellent service in its state-of-the-art restaurant, nightclub, and event center. James graduated from the University of San Diego with a B. A. in Business Administration.

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resources How-To Video Please visit to learn how TabJuice works.

Case Studies Coming Soon

Press Room Please visit to see all the latest press.

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announcing tabjuice TabJuice announces the most design configurable Facebook e-commerce solution. TabJuice becomes the first Facebook e-commerce solution allowing retailers to create customized and branded storefronts. SAN DIEGO – (June 7, 2011) – TabJuice, LLC announced the launch of their new social commerce application today. TabJuice provides a comprehensive, brand-able e-commerce solution for Facebook. TabJuice is an excellent solution for both those who cannot afford a costly webstore, as well as those who want to build upon their successful e-commerce business.

“Every company with a Facebook presence is constantly trying to find ways to transform fans into customers,” states Dylan Whitman, Founder of TabJuice, “And, in the e-commerce world, there is immense focus on reducing the number of steps – or clicks – a consumer must take in order to make a purchase. TabJuice’s groundbreaking technology allows sellers to offer a branded shopping experience directly on their Facebook Page, where they are already connecting with their fans.”

Facebook Pages have become a crucial marketing tool for all companies from large corporations to small independent sellers. However, the network itself currently has few options that take advantage of the all-in-tab shopping potential that Facebook’s new iFrame platform allows. TabJuice enables companies to bring their products to fans in their preferred environment, reducing the steps to create a sale and maximizing viral marketing and brand exposure potential. To service those that already have existing sites and e-commerce solutions, TabJuice makes integration easy with their API. Two stores, two opportunities for purchase, yet all managed from the admin panel of their choice.

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announcing tabjuice / continued /

Facebook is an essential channel for companies to communicate with existing and potential customers, capitalize on influencers in their target markets and reward loyalty. TabJuice’s unique social commerce toolset provides sellers with the following features to increase the effectiveness of their Facebook marketing programs:

Unlimited number of products.

Impressive option sets functionality.

Comprehensive e-commerce solution - no need for a web store.

Developed in iFrame - all shopping and purchase transactions occur in the store owner’s Facebook business page.

Free, seamless and frequent updates.

Back end admin panel access directly from your Facebook store.

API for off-Facebook webstore integration

Follow-up marketing for abandoned carts.

Extensive branding customization features with live preview functionality.

Magento Plugin - Coming Soon!

TabJuice is a complete e-commerce solution that offers an alternative to expensive stores hosted on a company’s website and third-party sites such as and Some of TabJuice’s competitors charge a commission, while others charge flat fees of $500 to $15,000 per month. TabJuice is a free application, with no activation fee, commissions, or long-term contracts. TabJuice is available at or at

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announcing tabjuice / continued /

About TabJuice The incredible popularity and wide acceptance of Facebook as a daily part of people’s lives makes it extremely valuable to the business community. TabJuice’s comprehensive social commerce application allows you to customize your Facebook page as a storefront to share and sell your products. Packed with great features, TabJuice subscriptions include unlimited products, seamless frequent updates and an all-in-tab shopping and checkout experience for the over 750 million Facebook users. With no activation fees, commissions or long-term contracts, you can focus your resources on building a brand presence and growing a fan base. The quick and easy signup process allows users to create an account, design a store, and get started on tapping into Facebook’s 750 million active users in minutes.

About Flank Digital Flank Digital is a fast-growing Internet development company focused through its subsidiary, Flank Marketing, on client-based integrated systems as well as the development of disruptive web-based products. Flank’s philosophy is simple: To provide a better than best in class integrated Internet Marketing platform that is easy to put in place, intuitive in its operation, robust in its reporting, and backed by capable and enthusiastic support that provides solutions before problems occur. As Flank has evolved we now focus not only on integrated systems, search optimization and social media for our valued clients but we are also developing disruptive web products that include our digital coupon business, Cheap Sally, and our social e-commerce business, Tab Juice, that is now available on Facebook. We’re starting a revolution, you’re invited!

About J Christopher Capital J. Christopher Burch, chairman of J. Christopher Capital, has been an entrepreneur and active investor across a wide range of industries for nearly thirty years. A founder and strategic investor in technology and luxury brands such as Aliph (Jawbone), Color kinetics, Eastern Alliance Insurance Company, Voss Water, NextJump and PowerMat, Mr. Burch consistently finds the nexus between innovation and implementation. His entrepreneurial successes, including Eagle’s Eye apparel and Tory Burch, of which he is co-founder and co-chairman, are frequently attributed to his ability to pair superior sourcing infrastructure with an intuitive understanding of consumer behavior. Mr. Burch is currently launching several lifestyle and consumer products brands selling products ranging from women’s apparel to home furnishings to office supplies.

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