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Jiu-Jitsu World

Number 14 - 2018



Jiu-Jitsu World

Number 14 - 2018



Jiu-Jitsu World

Number 14 - 2018



Jiu-Jitsu World

Number 14 - 2018


Jiu-Jitsu World #14


Mat Stardom

Black belt athletes shine under the spotlight with thrilling matches to achieve glory in the city of dreams


Up to the challenge Erberth Santos has stellar performance to overcome tough opposition and claim his spot as challenger for the Abu Dhabi King of Mats heavyweight belt


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The Dream Theater

Lifestyle Tips

A competitor’s menu

The Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Los Angeles is the setting for athletes of all ages to pursue their goals of glory and pride


Hit the Road Five great ideas for day trips from Rio before of after testing your skills at the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam in Brazil



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His Excellency Abdulmunam Al Hashemi


Non stop thrills


The Name of the Game

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Get Social

LA LA Land Champions

Know your way to the top

Understanding the UAEJJF athletes ranking

Around the Globe Join the Global Movement

UAE News & Opinion

Self-Respect Begins with Respecting Others


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BE Y O N D T H E D U N E S A N D A L L I M A G I N AT I O N y o u d i s c o v e r a n A r a b i a n t r e a s u re with glistening pools, nestled in the golden sands. This hidden palace invites you t o c o u n t l e s s a d v e n t u re s , e n d l e s s re l a x a t i o n a n d u n f o rg e t t a b l e i n d u l g e n c e . But what to do first? I t d o e s n ’ t re a l l y m a t t e r when you have it all a t y o u r f i n g e rt i p s .

Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara #InAbuDhabi

visitabudhabi.ae Number01 14--2017 2018 Number

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Making Jiu-Jitsu grow with relentless devotion and work ethics


Jiu-Jitsu World

The Chairman of the United Arab Emirates Jiu-Jitsu Federation, His Excellency Abdulmunam Al Hashemi shares his views on the groundbreaking work that is being done by the Federation to incentive the sport in the country and around the world. Following the vision and intelligent leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAEJJF is working tirelessly for a greater future for Jiu-Jitsu.

With every new stop in the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiu-Jitsu World Tour, the 2018/2019 season grows stronger. After a historic season opener in Tokyo with full capacity, the Tour landed in Los Angeles, California for another outstanding day of Jiu-Jitsu. Competitors from all over North America and beyond converged at the Los Angeles Convention Center to test their skills. The 2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Los Angeles proved once again the sport is only growing stronger in the region. The weekend in LA also featured the second installment of the Abu Dhabi King of Mats, where the sport’s elite compete for the ultimate glory. The matches that took place on September 23 are forever in history as Jiu-Jitsu classics. The season now moves south for the always exciting Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Tour Rio de Janeiro. Even more thrills are in store for all of us. The season is also reaching farther around the globe with events in the Regional, National and International Pro series. From China to Brazil, from Russia to Panamá, the UAEJJF continues to support athletes through events that have already become part of the sport’s annual calendar. The UAEJJF will continue to work relentlessly to make it possible for our sport to keep growing and changing the lives of people all over the world. In this new season, we wish all Jiu-Jitsu competitors and fans the best of luck on the mats and trust once again that there will be some incredible moments — the likes of which only Jiu-Jitsu can deliver. We once again would like to express our gratitude to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of UAE Armed Forces, for his continuous support of Jiu-Jitsu. His Highness has always been a source of inspiration for us and we are fortunate to have him on our side. For every single Jiu-Jitsu player in the UAE, the ultimate honor has always been meeting His Highness after winning a local, intercontinental or international championship. After the 2018 ADWPJJC, once again, His Highness welcomed the champions at the presidential palace to commend them on their excellence.

Number 14 - 2018


Editorial #14

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Non stop thrills Jiu-Jitsu World


great to have you here once again. Following the thrills of the past two months, we are proud to present you the latest issue of Jiu-Jitsu World Magazine. Once again, the issue is filled with the greatest images and the most important facts from the past two months of Jiu-Jitsu all over the world. Our main feature takes our readers to the beautiful Los Angeles, California. The second leg of the 2018/2019 season of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiu-Jitsu World Tour was everything it promised to be and much more. Competitors of all ages and skill levels came together to test their skills. The mat set up at the Los Angeles Convention Center were the stage for epic matches in all divisions and skill levels. The weekend in Los Angeles also featured the second installment of the Abu Dhabi King of Mats. Ten Jiu-Jitsu stars in

Number 14 - 2018

the heavyweight division set the mat on fire to decide who would get the chance to challenge the champion Alexander Trans. On this issue, you’ll find out who made it to the top and how. The issue also brings you all your regular features to enrich your Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle. You’ll find in our pages health tips, travel tips and also recipes for a healthy diet specially designed for athletes. We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy al, the information we have put together fo you in our latest issue. Have a great read and we hope to see you here for our next issue. Stay on the mats!

Ivan Trindade

Editor in Chief


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Jiu-JitsuWorld World Jiu-Jitsu

Number 03 14 -- 2017 2018 Number

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The Name of the Game Erberth Santos shares his mindset secrets for a successful career at the highest level on the mats


Jiu-Jitsu World

Words: Ivan Trindade | Images: Ane Nunes

Imagine competing in two major events in two days, with almost 10 matches against some of the best black belts in the world and come out of it with two gold medals and a rather large money prize. That was the weekend of September 22-23 for Erberth Santos. He first won gold in the 110kg division of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Los Angeles and then secured the first place and a chance to fight for the belt in the Abu Dhabi King of Mats. In this candid interview, Erberth talks about what makes him tick on the mats and shares his athlete’s mindset. Learn all about what’s on the mind of a champion. Jiu-Jitsu World: You had an excellent campaign on the weekend of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi King of Mats. What is you secret for maintaining such a high level of performance in two tournaments in such a short period of time? Erberth Santos: I don’t know if you can can call it a secret, but I think the right word for it is focus. I try to be as focused as possible in my goals. That weekend I did what I am used to, which is to fight without holding anything back. I can honestly say that the high performance is the result of the drive to fulfill the goal of being the champion. That’s no secret! What was the most difficult moment in your Abu Dhabi King of Mats campaign? The most difficult moment was the final match against Jackson Sousa. I fought him many times before and it’s never easy. Think about a tough guy to beat who is very determined to beat you. It was not a coincidence that he made it to the final. I knew the final match would be the hardest but thank God I was able to win it.

Number 14 - 2018


You seem to go in to each match with a very high level of intensity. Is that a natural trait you have or something you developed with time to use against your opponents?

That’s funny! I have been told before that I look like a time bomb when I am fighting. It’s something natural for me. When I am there I give all I have because I know all the hardships I had to face to be there. There was no easy path for me and that gives me an extra push. That’s why I look so on. I cannot allow anyone to steal my dreams. You are a divisive figure within the Jiu-Jitsu community, with both lots of fans and haters. How do you deal with that? How do you absorb cheers and boos to become a better fighter?

That’s true! I often say that I am hated by many and loved by few, but respect by all. I am very happy to receive appraisal from the fans and from all the people that enjoy my work. For those who don’t like me, all I can say it that it’s part of life. I will never pretend to be what I am not. This is the Erberth I am. Of course that with time I have learned with life and tried to improve as a person and as an athlete. The important thing is to never loose your humbleness. What advices would you give to a white belt that has you as an example and also wants to become a Jiu-Jitsu star?

Never give up on your dreams! Show appreciation to your master and your friends and respect the people around you. On the mat, never skip on that final roll that you think you don’t have the gas for. That’s the difference between those who are just another one in the crowd and those who stand out from the pack.


Jiu-Jitsu World

Number 14 - 2018



LA LA Land champions They came, they fought, they posted their experiences online before, during and after the 2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Los Angeles Words: Ivan Trindade | Images: Instagram

The day was September 22. The place was the Los Angeles Convention Center, right in the middle of downtown LA. Hundreds of Jiu-Jitsu competitors came together to share their passion for the sport and to test their skills on the mats. As in every stage of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiu-Jitsu World Tour, our heroes shared their experiences online. No matter if they won or if they lost, they all came out victorious for stepping on the mats to challenge their fears. Here are some of the posts we selected to remember that day. The next stage of the 2018/2019 season will be in beautiful Rio de Janeiro. We hope to see you there. Share your experiences using the hashtags #adgsrio #abudhabigrandslam. See you in Brazil.

Follow us on the social media /jiujitsuworldmag @jiujitsuworldmag @jitsuworldmag www.jiujitsuworldmag.com


Jiu-Jitsu World

Number 14 - 2018



Jiu-Jitsu World

Number 14 - 2018


UAEJJF Athlete’s Ranking

Know your

way to the top Understanding the UAEJJF athletes ranking Words: Rodrigo Valério, Ivan Trindade | Image: Ane Nunes


Jiu-Jitsu World

The New UAEJJF World Ranking Format Based on rules of the Olympic Charter, the Qualification System aims to ensure that the principles of universality, performance, country, representation and gender equity, remain the focus for the UAEJJF participation. In addition, a number of other technical principles and rules have been established to provide a basis for the development of the UAEJJF Qualification System. The ranking is the most fair way of awarding the effort and the talent of each athlete that signs up to one of the UAEJJF tournaments throughout the year. It is also a great incentive for more and more athletes to take part in as many events as they can. The next pages will explain how the ranking works and the new changes. Have a good read, put on your gi and go out there to add points right away.

How does the ranking work and what are the main changes?

The raking period will be in general for 24 months. The Seven (7) best results during next season (12 months’ period) will count + one extra (8th) result from the Continental Pro + the result of Abu Dhabi World Professional Championship, starting from 1st May 2018. The points for each individual tournament will expire as follows: • From May 1st, 2018 to April 30th, 2019 the points will count 100%. • After May 1st, 2019 the points will be reduced to 50%. • After May 1st, 2020 the points will be reduced to 0 and not count anymore. The dividing line is the first week of May 2019. Example: If tournament is held in first week of May 2018, the points are reduced to half on the first week on May 2019 and expired in the first week of May 2020.

How to add points in the ranking?

You add points in the ranking by at least participating in one of the events of the UAEJJF calendar (the current calendar started on May 1, 2018 and ends on April 30, 2019). There are six kinds of events in terms of how many points you’ll get: 1 - ADWPJJC – 6 stars; 2 - Abu Dhabi Grand Slam – 5 stars; 3 - Continental Pro – 5 stars; 4 - National Pro – 4 stars; 5 - International Pro – 3 stars; 6 - Regional Tournament – 2 stars. Here are the number of points athletes will earn on each event depending on their performance.

Number 14 - 2018


Here are a few examples of how to count an athlete’s points.

How many rankings are there?

The UAEJJF has divided the ranking in several categories. You can say that the two most important are male adult black belt and female adult brown/black belt. Each belt has its own ranking starting with white belts. You also have a ranking in the male master division, an academy ranking, continental and country rankings. There are also No-Gi rankings. For what else is the ranking used for by the UAEJJF? The Federation will use the ranking to decide your position on the bracket of the ADWPJJC. It will also use the ranking to invite athletes to compete in the ADWPJJC. In addition the ranking will be used to select fighters for the new Abu Dhabi King of Mats through Continental Ranking and Grand Slam Placements. What are the prizes for ranking leaders? After all the effort, it is natural that ranking leaders at the end of the season receive proper rewards. The tables bellow show the main prizes for both the Gi and No-Gi rankings. The male adult Gi black belt division alone will award US$40,000, while the female Gi brown/black belt division will award US$18,000. That’s the same amount reserved for the male adult brown belt ranking leaders and the master 1 male black belt division.


What else do you need to know about the ranking? Yes. There are a few details you need to know about the ranking. If you are alone in a division, you won’t earn points in the ranking. If you change belts during the season, you lose the points from the previous belt. The same happens if you change age divisions during the calendar. Due to the academies ranking, the UAEJJF will not change an athlete’s team during the same season. Another features to be implemented are that athletes will get points for not only placements, but also for each matches won. For example, athletes can get a certain point for a gold medal, but will also earn extra points for each win. So if athletes win a really large bracket that could lead award more points than smaller brackets. On top on that athletes will be awarded even extra points for different type of wins, for example winning by advantage or by submissions. Are there any more novelties in the ranking for the 2018-2019 season? In case of equality of total RANK points, the higher ranking will be decided by: 1. The highest sum of the current points from World Pro. 2. The highest sum of the current points from all Grand Slams. 3. The highest sum of the current points from all Continental Pro, followed by National Pro, International Pro and Regional Championships. 4. The highest current points from one single event, then, if needed, the second highest, and so on. 5. If the competitors are still equal the decision will be taken by the number of matches done by the fighter through the season, followed by the fastest submission(s) or who made more points during the matches in case of World Pro Qualification. Scan here for more info

Jiu-Jitsu World

Number 14 - 2018



Jiu-Jitsu World

Number 14 - 2018


Abu Dhabi Grand Slam LOS ANGELES

Mat Stardom Black belt athletes shine under the spotlight with thrilling matches to achieve glory in the city of dreams Words: Ivan Trindade | Images: Ane Nunes, Ivan Trindade

The mats at the Los Angeles Convention Center were the setting for insane action on September 22. The Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiu-Jitsu World Tour landed in LA for another epic installment of the 2018/2019 season. Black belt stars walked the tunnel from the arm up area to display their talents and awe the crowds with amazing technique and relentless drive towards victory. Erberth Santos, Gabrieli Pessanha, Gianni Grippo, Mayssa Bastos and many more showed why there lead the pack in competitive Jiu-Jitsu today. Here’s how each weight class in the Adult Black Belt division played out.


Jiu-Jitsu World

Number 14 - 2018


Adult Male Black Belt

56 kg Two Steps to Gold Jorge Nakamura fought twice to conquer the gold medal. He first beat Carlos Alberto da Silva 4-2 in the semifinals to meet José Carlos Lima in the gold medal match. A choke from the back was the weapon of choice for Nakamura to finish Lima and take the title. Podium 1st – Jorge Nakamura 2nd – José Carlos Lima 3rd – Carlos Alberto da Silva


Jiu-Jitsu World

Number 14 - 2018



Jiu-Jitsu World

62 kg Surprise Factor João Gabriel de Sousa stepped on the mats three times on his way to the gold medal. He first beat Alexis Alduncin 4-2, then beat Pedro Clementino by referee decision to meet up with Hiago George in the final. The gold medal match was a close one. With one sweep, Gabriel was able to score the 2-0 lead that gave him the gold medal. Podium 1st – João Gabriel de Sousa 2nd – Hiago George 3rd – Pedro Clementino

Number 14 - 2018


69 kg Home Boy Gianni Grippo is back. The 2X ADWPJJC champion returned to compete at the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam and had no easy path to the title. He first beat Rafael Mansur by penalties and then outscored Thiago Macedo 2-0 on advantages. The final was a reedition of an well-known rivalry with Grippo facing Paulo Miyao. One sweep was enough for Gianni to build the 2-0 lead on points that secured him the title. Podium 1st – Gianni Grippo 2nd – Paulo Miyao 3rd – Thiago Macedo


Jiu-Jitsu World

Number 14 - 2018



Jiu-Jitsu World

77 kg Hard Worker The most crowded division forced the champion to fight no less than four times to secure the gold medal. Caio Soares had no rest during his matches. He debuted with a 4-2 win over Michael Trasso, then beat Leonardo Lara 2-1 on advantages and met up with Alef Brito in the semifinal. A leg lock was responsible for taking Caio to the final. The gold medal match was against Victor Silvério and a tough one. After a 2-2 tie on advantages, the referees decided in favor of Caio in a split decision. Podium 1st – Caio Soares 2nd – Victor Silverio 3rd – Leonardo Lara

Number 14 - 2018


85 kg Golden Underdog Manuel Ribamar made his way to the top of the podium in a three-match campaign. He first caught Mateo Tenzera with and armbar, then beat Diego Ramalho 2-1 on advantages. The final was against Rudson Mateus and after a 2-2 tie the referees decided in favor of Ribamar. Podium 1st – Manuel Ribamar 2nd – Rudson Mateus 3rd – Diego Ramalho


Jiu-Jitsu World

Number 14 - 2018



Jiu-Jitsu World

94 kg The hard Hitter

Gustavo Batista fought three times on his way to the gold medal. He first beat Anton Minenko 7-0 to face Adam Wardzinski in the semifinal. A 2-1 lead on advantages put Batista in the gold medal match, where he faced his teammate Kaynan Duarte. A sweep and a 2-0 lead granted Gustavo the title Podium 1st – Gustavo Batista 2nd – Kaynan Duarte 3rd – Adam Wardzinski

Number 14 - 2018



Jiu-Jitsu World

110 kg The Ruler Erberth Santos had three matches to secure the gold medal. He first beat Matheus Felipe by one penalty and then beat Helton Jr 1-0 on advantages. The gold medal match was against Max Gimenes. Erberth found a toe hold lock to finish his opponent and take the title.

Podium 1st – Erberth Santos 2nd – Max Gimenes 3rd – Tanner Rice

Number 14 - 2018



49 kg Sweet Routine

Mayssa Bastos is still unbeatable in her division. In los Angeles, she finished Luna Barea twice with chokes from the back to win another gold medal. Podium 1st – Mayssa Caldas 2nd – Luna Barea


Jiu-Jitsu World

55 kg Straight to the Top

Nathalie Ribeiro fought once on her way to the gold medal. In the final, she managed a last-second near sweep to score a 1-0 lead on advantages over Amanda Monteiro to secure the title. Podium 1st – Nathalie Ribeiro 2nd – Amanda Nogueira 3rd – Trang Pham

Number 14 - 2018


62 kg Two Strikes to Gold Gabrielle McComb fought twice to claim her title in Los Angeles. She first beat Bianca Basílio 3-1 on advantages in a very tough match. The final was against Nicole Sullivan, also a very tough opponent. A 4-2 lead built with a sweep and a takedown put Gabi on the highest step on the podium. Podium 1st – Gabrielle McComb 2nd – Nicole Sullivan 3rd – Bianca Basílio


Jiu-Jitsu World

70 kg New Queen Thamara Silva powered through the most crowded bracket in the female division. She first beat Alejandra Gonzales 1-0 on advantages. Then Raquel Paahuli was disqualified in the semifinals. The gold medal match was a tough affair against reigning champion Samatha Cook. After a 0-0 tie, the referees decided in favor of Thamara, the new champion. Podium 1st – Thamara Silva 2nd – Samantha Cook 3rd – Elizabeth Exell

Number 14 - 2018


90 kg Back to Back Gabi Gabrieli Pessanha retained he title in the division with an outstanding performance. She debuted with a 13-0 win over Shantelle Thompson. The semifinal was against ADWPJJC champion Nathiely de Jesus. In a very close and thrilling match, Gabrieli managed two sweep to build a 4-2 lead. The final obstacle for Gabi was the very talented Kendal Reusing. In a battle, Pessanha swept in the end to beat Reusing 2-0. Podium 1st – Gabrieli Pessanha 2nd – Kendall Reusing 3rd – Izadora Silva 54

Jiu-Jitsu World

Teams Atos Irresistible Under the direction of Andre Galvão and the Mendes Bros, Atos JJ brought an army to LA to fight for the top position in the teams competition. It was not easy to reach the first spot, Checkmat and GF Team also had a lot of talent on the mats. Here are the final results. Podium 1st – Atos


2nd – Checkmat International 6240pts 3rd – GF Team


Scan here for the complete results.

Number 14 - 2018



Jiu-Jitsu World

Number 14 - 2018



Erberth Santos ran the show at the Los Angeles Convention Center

Erberth Santos has stellar performance to overcome tough opposition and claim his spot as challenger for the Abu Dhabi King of Mats heavyweight belt

Up to the challenge Words: Ivan Trindade | Images: Ane Nunes, Ivan Trindade


Jiu-Jitsu World

The Abu Dhabi King of Mats Heavyweight champion has now an official contender. Erberth Santos fought his way trough the toughest of competitions on September 23, in Los Angeles. The Brazilian competitor fought 5 times to earn the right to challenge the champion at the 2019 ADWPJJC. Here’s how the bracket ran in a day of insane action at the LA Convention Center. Erberth Santos debuted on group A against Poland’s Gerard Labinski, in a very tough match. One sweep early into the match was responsible for the narrow 2-0 lead that secured Erberth the victory. Santos’ second challenge was against young talent Rudson Mateus. Erberth saw the right opportunity to squeeze a toehold and get the finish. Erberth’s third match put him against Jackson Sousa, in a very close match that was only decided by one advantage. Erberth finished his campaign against veteran Alex Ceconi and once again Santos was able to reach the mount and finish the fight with a wrist lock. Jackson Sousa won three out his four matches and also qualified to the semifinals. He beat Alex Ceconi 4-0, Gerard Labinski 2-0 and finally Rudson Mateus 2-0. On Group B, GF Team’s Ricardo Evangelista started out in great style with a toe hold finish on Tanner Rice. His second match was much tougher, as Evangelista was not able to put the breaks on a very

The final match was played head to head

Jackson Sousa spared no effort to beat Erberth in the final

Number 14 - 2018

active Guttemberg Pereira, who managed two sweeps to beat Ricardo 4-0. Evangelista followed to face Gracie Barra’s Gabriel Arges. Again, one sweep early into the match was enough for a 2-0 lead and Ricardo’s second victory The final match in Evangelista’s campaign was against Poland’s Adam Wardzinski. A 2-0 lead on advantages put Evangelista in the semifinals. The other qualified to the semifinals was Guttemberg Pereira, who won three out of four matches. He beat Ricardo Evangelista 4-0, and finally Tanner Rice 2-0. The matchups in the semifinals would have been Erberth Santos vs. Guttemberg Pereira and Ricardo Evangelista vs. Jackson Sousa. Unfortunately a back injury prevented Guttemberg from continuing in the competition. With that, Erberth Santos advanced straight to the final. In the other semifinal, Jackson Sousa secured his spot in the final with a sweep and a 2-0 lead. The final was a very close match with both Erberth and Jackson fighting hard for the best grip and the takedown that would put them ahead in the scoreboard. As the time passed, Erberth eventually pulled guard and tried to sweep as Jackson worked his guard pass. At the five minute mark, the score was still 0-0 and the referees decided unanimously in favor of Erberth. He now goes on to challenge Trans in 2019.

The final against Jackson Sousa was a tough match decided by details

Jackson Sousa’s guard game granted him a 2-0 lead over Ricardo Evangelista in the semifinals 59

Evangelista demanded a lot from Sousa’s guard

Guttemberg Pereira battled a back injury to reach the semifinals with a 2-0 win over Tanner Rice

With the support of the home crowd, Tanner showed great technique in LA

Ceconi’s experience created tons of trouble for Santos


Erberth closed his campaign in the group stage with a wrist lock finish on Alex Ceconi Jiu-Jitsu World

A 2-0 defeat to Ricardo Evangelista ended Adam Wardzinski campaign in the group stage

Top pressure was Evangelisa’s weapon of choice.

Jackson Sousa used all his experience to beat young talent Rudson Mateus 2-0 with a sweep

Despite dealing with injured ankles, Mateus put on a show in LA

Number 14 - 2018

Gabriel Arges feared no big man and accepted the challenge to compete in the heavyweight division 61

Guttemberg managed a narrow 1-0 on advantages over Arges in his third match of the group stage

Poland’s Gerard Labisnki was another big talent in Los Angeles

Labinski was able to beat Ceconi 2-0 in the group stage

Tanner Rice and Adam Wardzinski put on a show for the crowd 62

Jiu-Jitsu World

Wardzinski beat Rice 2-0 with a sweep in the group stage

Jackson Sousa and Erberth Santos also battled in the group stage

Gabriel Arges gave all he had to face Ricardo Evangelista in the group stage

Santos beat Sousa 1-0 on advantages

One sweep built a 2-0 lead for Evangelista over Arges

Rudson Mateus caught Alex Ceconi with an armbar in the group stage

Number 14 - 2018


Mateus imposed his game on Ceconi

Adam swept Guttemberg early on to win by a 2-0 lead

Wardzinski vs. Pereira was another thrilling match in the group stage

Wardzinski vs. Pereira was another thrilling match in the group stage


Jiu-Jitsu World

Labisnki created a lot of trouble for his opponents on the mat

Tanner Rice and Gabriel Arges had the crowd’s eyes glued to their match

Santos found a toehold to finish Mateus

Santos found a toehold to finish Mateus

Number 14 - 2018

Arges swept Rice twice to win 4-0


Guttemberg Pereira vs. Ricardo Evangelista was a clash of giants Alex Ceconi pulled out all his tricks against Jackson Sousa

Pereira managed two sweeps to beat Evangelista 4-0 Two sweeps put Sousa ahead of Ceconi with a 4-0 lead

Gabriel Arges vs. Adam Wardzisnki was another hair-raising match


Jiu-Jitsu World

One sweep put Wardzinski ahead of Arges with a 2-0 lead

Erberth Santos debuted in the group stage with a 2-0 win over Gerard Labinski

Labisnki worked his guard game to try to stop Erberth’s passing drive

In the first match of the day, Ricardo Evangelista caught Tanner Rice with a toehold

Number 14 - 2018



Jiu-Jitsu World

Number 14 - 2018




Jiu-Jitsu World



Theater The Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Los Angeles is the setting for athletes of all ages to pursue their goals of glory and pride Words: Ivan Trindade | Images: Ane Nunes

In the city that makes dreams come true, Jiu-Jitsu athletes came together to compete for their share of glory on September 22. The 2018/2019 season of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiu-Jitsu World Tour landed in Los Angeles, California, to feature unbridled talent on the mats for the pleasure of the crowd on the stands and also for those watching at home on TV or online. From white belts to black belts, from juvenile to masters, all athletes gave their best to reach the top of their divisions. In the following pages, you will be able to relive the thrills of that unforgettable day.

Number 09 - 2018


In the masters 1 black belt division, Javier Gomez beat Juan Lopes by referees decision following a 2-2 tie on points to win the 56kg weight class

Jordan Burton beat Jose Varella by referees decision in the master 1 black belt 62kg division final

Marcos Tinoco beat Marcelo Mafra by referees decision following a 0-0 tie on points to conquer the gold medal in the master 1 black belt 85kg division

Osvaldo Moizinho caught Jeysen dos Santos with an armlock to take home the gold medal in the master 1 black belt 69kg division 72

Vitor Oliveira managed one takedown to beat Caio Almeida 4-2 and win the master 1 black belt 77kg division title Jiu-Jitsu World

The color belts treated the crowd to nothing but thrilling matches during the event

The para-athletes’ efforts on the mats touched every person in the venue

The first challenge of every athlete is to beat the scale at the pre-date weigh-in

Marcus Antelante reached the top of the master 1 black belt 94kg division with a 2-0 win on advantages over Stephen Martinez

No neck was safe during the brown belt division matches

Number 14 - 2018

No excuse, just goals to be fulfilled 73



Eunápolis September 8-9, 2018

Scan here for the complete results.

Eunápolis International Pro The Brazilian State of Bahia hosted the Jiu-Jitsu community on September 8-9 for the Eunapolis International Pro. Elite competitors and everyday practitioners came together to celebrate the sport they love. The crowd was treated to two full day of thrilling matches. In the adult black belt division, champions were: Female – 70kg – Joana Santana; Open – Marina Monteiro. Male – 77kg – Gabriel Brasil; 85kg – Luan Souza; 94kg – Leandro Ribeiro; 110kg – Admilson Junior; Open 77kg – Ramon Batista; Open 110kg – Admilson Junior. In the teams competition, results were: 1st – Simetria Fight 995pts; 2nd – Academia Cemilton Reis 920pts; 3rd – GOTEAM – 850pts.


Jiu-Jitsu World

Number 14 - 2018



Brasília September 15-16, 2018

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Brasília International Pro Brazil’s capital city is a sight to see. It’s beautiful architectural landmarks make it one of the best destinations in the country. Hundreds of Jiu-Jitsu athletes gathered for the Brasília International Pro on September 15-16, for a full weekend of action. The matches were insanely paced and featured some of the biggest talents in the country. In the adult black belt division, champions were: Male – 62kg – Jorge Nakamura; 69kg – Moises Eulálio; 77kg – Yan Paiva; 85kg – Filipe Grilli; 94kg – Caue Rodrigues; 110kg – Francisco Santoro; Open 77kg – Yan Paiva; Open 110kg – Francisco Santoro. In the teams competition, results were: 1st – Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu 2959pts; 2nd – Gracie Barra 2235pts; 3rd – Nova União 1335pts.


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Ulaanbaatar October 6-7, 2018

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Ulaanbaatar International Pro Mongolia is a Jiu-Jitsu powerhouse in Asia. At the beginning of October, the gentle art community gathered in Ulaanbaatar for two full days of competitions. Kids, teens and adults gave their best on the mats to reach the top of their divisions. The event was yet another proof of how strong the sport is in the country and the region. In the black belt division, champions were: Female Brown/Black 70kg – Buyandelger Battsgogt; Male Master 1 69kg – Tatsuya Sakamoto; Master 1 110kg – Keunwoo Kim. On the teams’ competition, results were: 1st – Garuda 1395pts; 2nd – Shine Badrakh Jiu-Jitsu; 3rd – Monde BJJ 609pts.


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Panama City October 7, 2018

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Panama National Pro The Americas are a hotbed for Jiu-Jitsu in the world. Many talents come out of the continent every year. That’s why events in the region are always a series of thrilling matches between some of the best competitors in the planet. The first weekend of October was the time for the Jiu-Jitsu community to come together in Panama City for a full day of action. In the adult black belt division, champions were: Male - 69kg – João Gabriel Sousa; 77kg – David Beluche; 94kg - Diego Ramalho; Female – 70kg – Vanessa Vargas. In the teams’ competition, results were: 1st – Mauro Sergio BJJ 2565pts; 2nd - GF Team 2385pts; Leão BJJ Panama – 2385pts.


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Matosinhos October 13, 2018

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PORTUGAL NATIONAL PRO The PortPortugal National Pro, on October 13, in Matosinhos, near the beautiful city of Porto, was a great occasion for the Jiu-Jitsu community in the country to come together. Hundreds of athletes from all over the country and some for abroad gathered to compete for their place under the spotlight. In the teams competition, results were: 1st – Focus Jiu-Jitsu 2810pts; 2nd – Brazilian Power Team International 810pts; 3rd – ZR team Association 710pts.


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Siberia October 14, 2018

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SIBERIA INTERNATIONAL PRO Russia loves Jiu-Jitsu and that was clear on October 14, when the Siberia International Pro took place in the city of Tomsk. Hundreds of competitors fought their hearts out both in Gi and No-Gi divisions. The crowd was awed with the high level of technique in each match. In the teams competition, results were: 1st – Ludus Team International 1045pts; 2nd – ZR Team Association 710pts; 3rd – Neves Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association 695pts.


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A competitor’s


Six foods every athlete needs to include in their diets


Jiu-Jitsu World

Words: Ivan Trindade | Images: Morguefile and visualhunt

No engine runs on the wrong fuel. That simple saying is also true for Jiu-Jitsu practitioners. There’s no way you’ll have a good performance on the mats if you’re not taking in the right ingredients. Nature offers all the tools you need to build a strong and well-functioning body. There’s something to give you the energy you need, something to help you recover, something to help you heal and many more things to make you achieve that healthy lifestyle every Jiu-Jitsu practitioner aims to reach. Here are sex fundamental foods you need to include in your weekly menu.


Although it’s really a sprouted seed, quinoa is usually considered a whole grain— and a super one, at that. It’s got nearly twice as much protein (8 grams per cup) as other grains, and it’s one of the only foods to contain all nine essential amino acids our bodies need to build lean muscle and recover from tough workouts. Quinoa’s also a great source of fiber and carbohydrates. You can eat it as a breakfast cereal or as a substitute to rice or pasta in you main meals of the day.


Antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E help protect against oxidative stress and free radicals that form in the body during strenuous physical activity—and berries are one of the best sources out there. The more intense the color of the berries, the more effective they are. Blackberries, raspberries and blueberries are some of the most beneficial out there. Include them in daily smoothies and also raw as snacks.

Oily Fish

Salmon, Mackerel, trout and others are good sources of lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce inflammation that can hamper athletic performance and contribute to chronic conditions like heart disease. Wild salmon generally contains fewer cancer-causing chemical contaminants than the farmed variety, but it can be expensive or hard to find at your grocery store; if that’s the case, consider using canned wild salmon in chowders, salmon burgers, salads, or pastas.


Protein is important to build muscle, but carbs are the true fuel of the body. Be like the Italians and boil some water for the pasta. Most of the time, whole-grain varieties are best. They have more fiber and, usually, less added sugar than their refined white counterparts. The night before a big competition, though, switch to the simple stuff—plain pasta with red sauce at a pre-match pasta party, for example.


At about 100 calories a piece, bananas are a great source of easy-to-digest sugar and natural electrolytes. “They may not be as convenient as bars or gels, but they’re a good option for people who are looking for a natural, less-processed alternative that basically does the same thing,” says Pluhar. They’re also a favorite post-event recovery food. Rich in potassium, bananas help your body regulate its fluids and prevents cramps and spasms.

Cruciferous Veggies All vegetables are good vegetables when it comes to providing the vitamins and minerals your body needs for optimal performance. But some—including dark, leafy greens and members of the cruciferous family (like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and kale)—have higher concentrations of antioxidants, fiber, and other important nutrients. Add them to your main meals of the day. The darker the better with the exception of Cauliflower, which is great despite being white.

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Mohammed Al Hosani Jiu-Jitsu Analyst/Commentator

Self-Respect Begins with Respecting Others The role of Jiu-Jitsu in building character in a generation of practitioners On the heels of one of the most polarizing incidents in Modern Martial Arts history, we all need to remind ourselves of the principles that made traditional martial arts appealing to families all over the world. When people of my generation think about martial arts, movies featuring Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, or Chuck Norris might come to mind. Since the days of fun-loving “KungFu Fighting,” global companies like the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Bellator have transformed mixed martial arts (MMA) into one of the world’s most famous sports. Martial Arts were built around the notion that opponents must possess unwavering respect for one another. A competitor that lacks fundamental respect for his opponent might get caught by a punch and fall face first or get submitted with a choke. In the worst case, a competitor that disrespects his or her opponent could end up sparking a riot, brawl, or post-fight melee. If you watched UFC 229, you know exactly what I am referring to. The world has been buzzing since the epic fight between Russian wrestler Khabib Nurmagomedov and Irish striker Conor McGregor resulted in a post-fight melee that shocked the world. Some have downplayed the post-fight brawl as an extension of a violent sport, simply because they refuse to acknowledge the dynamics of the feud that involved a criminal act and countless religious, cultural and political slurs. Given the high stakes, the post-fight melee – resulting in no mild or serious injuries, is a warning of what could happen next time a competitor decides to insult his opponent’s family, religion, or country. This isn’t a defense for any of the participants involved in that fight, nor is it justification for any of the pre or postfight antics, but it has caused me to reflect and assess why countries such as the UAE embraced Jiu-Jitsu as opposed to MMA in its school curriculums, military and police


academies. MMA is an entertaining money-making machine that a few countries in the region capitalized on, including the UAE. It can be contested without losing the principles and values of the traditional martial arts that comprise the mixed elements we see in the cage. With that said, and given the culture of this region and the path MMA is taking all over the world when it comes to hyping fights, is it more presentable to the masses than Jiu-Jitsu? I don’t think so. From day one, the leadership of the UAE sponsored and promoted various martial arts within the country, most notably Jiu-Jitsu. The biggest reason why the UAE leadership stood behind Jiu-Jitsu is not even related to competition. It is related to the principles and values the sport was based on like respect, dignity, and honor. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, was famously quoted in an interview saying that his decision to invest in this martial art was based on personal experiences related to his sons and family, where he saw significant improvements in their way of life due to embracing Jiu-Jitsu into their lives. It was through that process that he decided to spread the sport to his people in the UAE through the schooling system in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra. That plan stretched all over the UAE and is now also embraced by the UAE Armed Forces and Abu Dhabi and Dubai Police Academies. The UAE, due to its leading role in the sport, should be on the front lines of increasing awareness, spreading outreach, and reminding competitors and fans that Jiu-Jitsu is inextricably linked to respect, valor, integrity, and honesty. I hope that Jiu-Jitsu competitors do not stoop to the lows we have seen in other sports and continue to represent it in a way that would be appealing to the mainstream and the families who trust that their kids are entering an environment that’s positive, healthy and adds value to their lives.

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Mother of the Nation Jiu-Jitsu Championship - 1st Round Abu Dhabi, UAE September 28, 2018

The flow of Jiu-Jitsu events is continuous in the UAE. The country has truly adopted the sport as a national favorite. Kids, Teens, Juveniles and Adults came together in Abu Dhabi at the end of September to celebrate their devotion to the gentle art. The mats featured high level skills and incredible drive to win.

President’s Jiu-Jitsu Cup - 1st Round Abu Dhabi, UAE September 29, 2018

Jiu-Jitsu gets stronger every day in the UAE. With the sport present in the schools of the country, talent surfaces nonstop. The first round of the President’s Cup was another proof of how vigorous Jiu-Jitsu is in the country. The community got together in Abu Dhabi on September 29 for a full day of celebration

Al Ain Under 18 Jiu-Jitsu Championship Abu Dhabi, UAE September 29, 2018

The future of Jiu-Jitsu in the UAE gathered in Al Ain for three days of great action. Competitors from four years of age and older gave their best on the mats and treated the crowd to truly thrilling matches. The event was yet another powerful proof that the future of the sport is secure in the UAE and the next generations of champions is being built with excellence.


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Travel and Roll

Rio de Janeiro

Hit the Road Words: Ivan Trindade | Images: Morguefile

After so many editions of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Tour in Rio, we guessed you know the city pretty well by now. What you may not know is that the State of Rio de Janeiro also has

Five great ideas for day trips from Rio before of after testing your skills at the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam in Brazil

awesome attractions just a few hours away from the capital. We decided to highlight five places you can go to either before of after the competition. There’s options for people who like the beach, nature, history, nightlife and many more. Here’s the list. Enjoy your stay in Brazil.

Arraial do Cabo With all due respect to Bali, it has nothing on Arraial do Cabo. The beach city only two hours away from the capital has all the attractions paradise-seekers look for. White sand beaches, warm clear blue waters, vibrant wildlife both on land and sea and great dive and surf spots. Praia do Forno and Praia do Farol are particularly beautiful. The easiest way to reach Arraial do Cabo is by bus from Rio’s central station.

Petrópolis The Imperial City, as Brazilians call it, Petrópolis was founded by Brazil’s second and last Emperor, Dom Pedro II, in 1843. To this day, the city up on the mountains enjoys the fame of being the city that hosted Brazil’s short-lived royalty. Points of interest are the Imperial Palace, now the Imperial Museum, the Crystal Palace, Brazil’s oldest brewery and much more. The weather is another attraction, much milder than the capital. Petrópolis is only an hour away from Rio.


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Serra dos Orgãos If being in touch with nature is your thing, this is the place for you. The National Park of the Serra dos Orgãos has it all. Stunning wildlife, great scenery and entertainment options for all. If you like waterfalls and river rapids, you’ll find it. If you like climbing or hiking, that’s is the place for you. To reach the National Park, take a bus to Teresópolis, roughly one hour away from Rio.

Paraty We probably saved the best for last. Paraty is a true jewel in Rio’s Green coast. The scenario is breathtaking and the city itself is one of those places you just don’t want to leave. The downtown area is car-free with the same pavement hundreds of years old. The buildings are all considered cultural and architectonic landmarks and its facades cannot be changed. Paraty offers you fine dining, beautiful scenery, peace and tranquility and a trip back in time a quick 4-hour drive from Rio.


Buzios French actress Bridget Bardot made the beach city famous in the 1960s. To this day, it has an artsy feel to it. The nightlife is vibrant and also the natural scenery is astonishing. Buzios is definitely best enjoyed as a couple or in group. Invite your significant other or your best buds and have a blast following the steps on Miss Bardot. Buzios is only two and a half hours away from Rio.

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