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Evaluation In the requirements document: One of the key focus in this project is the reliability of both clients and service providers. The evaluation system must be a smart and efficient multi criterias evaluation system. It shouldn’t game for maximum scoring. In casethe evaluation is perfect (maximum score in every criterias), the project should be eligible to be set as a “reference” project (advantage for the service provider). Setting the project as a reference project has to be done by the client. Don’t take this into account When displaying the service providers infos (in the bid list of a project or while showing a list of providers, …)the evaluation should be displayed in a web2.0 popup while going over the evaluation field with the mouse.

More information: When a project has been done, the client should be requested to fill an evaluation form. The evaluation system should be similar to the one used on eBay. Based on different criterias, the client should be able to evaluate the Service provider using a 5stars evaluation system.

Here are the evaluation criterias: ● ● ● ● ●

Reliability Quality of work Professionalism Communication Would recommend

The user should be able to leave extra feedback by help of an extra Text field (this will be an optional field for the user)

Additionally to that, I would like to have a comparable system to service providers to evaluate these 2 aspects: ● ●

On time Within budget Per project, I would like the client to be able to say if the project was on time and on budget. The recapitulative of the evaluation will then show the percentage of projects on time and on budget.

While browsing a list of Service Providers, the user should be able to see the recapitulative evaluation in a popup while putting the mouse over the service provider’s average rating.– actually, it should be the casewherever we see a service provider on the site. In the “search a service provider” functionality, I would like the users to be able to browse the service providers based on the evaluation criterias. (need to find a simple and attractive way of showing these selection criterias to the users) E.g. Selecting only the service providers that have 95%of projects on time, selecting service providers where quality of work is greater or equal to 4.5, etc..

Referencing Forget this functionality for the time being. On the service provider profile page, we should display the last evaluations as references

Additional information on design Can you change the policy used by the one used in the surrealcms website ? (http :// features) I don’t know if i twill be fine with the actual design but I would like to make a test. On the grey bar on top, could you pleasechange the actual “Connexion” button ?

By something between the previous design and the actual one. The previous design, the button was too big but now it is too small. Can you make it go a little bit outside of the grey bar ? What concerns the icons in the grey bar, I have the feeling the colors are too much and it kills the esthetism of the bar.. Don’t you think ? Could we make a try without the icons ?

What concerns the popup, could you please place it near the connexion button, add a shadow effect, put the submit button on the right side and only use grey and white in the window (+ line separator) ? Could you please also add a focus effect on the field when the field is selected ?

Similar to sindup:

Can you add a shadow between the logo & menu bar and the banner underneath ? (see screenshot below)

I didn’t mean this curly effect for the “Tradesperson for your job” and “Are you a trademan”

I meant something like:


nonoesafsedfsedfsfs sd fdsfsdfds

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