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Kayastha Marriage Ceremonies, Rituals, Traditions Presented By:

Lagun: In Kayastha, marriage ceremonies starts with Lagun where

brides's family sends a Lugun patrika to Groom's family with clothes, fruits and dry fruits.

Mehandi Ceremony

Other Pre Wedding Rituals: Bhaat Nyotena: The brother of Bride's and Groom's mother

(generally called Mama) with their families come to respective families and perform all the rituals of Bhaat.

Mandha (Mandhap) Ceremony Tail Charana

Marriage Ceremonies


Joota Chhupai

Seven Pheras


Other Post Wedding Rituals: Dwar Rookai Kangna Roohumai Dhol Poojan

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Kayastha Marriage Rituals  

Various marriage rituals, traditions and matrimonial ceremonies happened in Kayastha marriage.

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