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What is Alzheimer? What are its symptoms and where to seek treatment? Alzheimer`s disease, named after the doctor who first described it ( Alois Alzheimer) is a physical disease that affects the brain. During the course of the disease, proteins build up in the brain to form structures called “plaques” and “tangles”. This leads to the loss of connections between nerve cells and eventually to the death of nerve cells and loss of brain tissues. People with Alzheimer `s also have a shortage of some important chemicals in their brain. Then these chemical messengers help to transmit the signals around the brain. When there is a shortage of them, the signals are not transmitted as effectively. Neurological diseases are among the most frightening diseases that humans face. Alzheimer`s is a progressive disease that means gradually over time, more parts of the brain are damaged. As this happens, more symptoms develop. They also become severe. Therefore it is important to seek medical attention as early as possible if early signs are seen. Some of the symptoms of Alzheimer are as follows1. Disrupted memory loss. 2. Challenges in planning and solving problems. 3. Difficulty completing familiar tasks at home, workplace. 4. Confusion with time or place. 5. Trouble understanding visual images. 6. Problem with new words in speaking or writing. 7. Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps. 8. Decreased or poor judgment. 9. Withdrawal from work or social activity 10. Changes in mood and personality. But it can be caused due to various reasons which are mostly unknown to the common people. Some of the common causes are● Head trauma​-​ Head injuries can lead to increased risk of Alzheimer `s disease. Because when the cells of the brain are busy dealing with the inflammation in the brain from the build-up of the protein that causes the disease. Therefore to protect yourself from injury, wear protective headgear to avoid head injury and even if any occurs consult a doctor immediately. ● Down`s syndrom​e​-People with down syndrome are at an increased risk of developing Alzheimer`s disease. It is a condition in which there is developmental and health issue, due to an extra chromosome no 21. Due to this extra chromosome, it can lead to dementia and the development of Alzheimer`s disease as the patient`s age increases. But the patients start showing symptoms of Alzheimer`s at a much early age than the average patient.

Mild cognitive impairment​-​ Alzheimer`s is most caused to the patients who experience mild cognitive impairment in an earlier time. It is diagnosed earlier and later on it develops into Alzheimer. Patients with MCI have difficulty in remembering the conversation and are not able to make complex decisions by themselves. Cardiovascular diseases-​ Patients who have cardiovascular disease and if the heart is not able to supply oxygen to the brain properly they can lead to degeneration of brain cells increasing the risk of Alzheimer`s.

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What is Alzheimer? What are its symptoms and where to seek treatment?