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Social Media Marketing October 25, 2012

Social Media Tracking Google Analytics And Webmaster Tools Social media should be a part of any successful Internet marketing campaign, but measuring the impact of your efforts previously required additional tools or creating advanced segments in Google Analytics. Social media marketing can help to increase brand awareness, allow you to reach out and engage with people who are interested in your products or services and act as a customer care channel and much more, much like the other forms of traffic data, social media traffic data in Google Analytics contains important information about sources, such as Twitter and Facebook, engagement, goal influence and user behavior. Monitoring Social Media Analytics 1. Traffic & Conversions from social media sites The source and amount of traffic generated by social media is one of the easiest metrics to measure. Analytics packages allow you to filter by traffic sources, so you can see how many users come from which social media sites. You can also see whether or not that traffic goes on to convert – e.g. Purchasing something, signing up for a newsletter etc. 2. Pages People increasingly engage with, share, and discuss content on social networks. It’s important to know which pages and content are being shared, where they’re being shared, and how. 3. Conversation participation Shared content URLs become the entry points into your site, driving traffic from social sources. Measuring the conversion and monetary value of this traffic will help you understand the impact of Social on your business. Webmaster Tools only tracks the Google +1 button. Unfortunately there is no tracking for tweets, likes and sends from webmaster tools, so there is no way of comparing what platform users prefer when interacting with your site. It is more about CTR and how +1 numbers can affect a user’s choice to visit your site from the SERPs. Google and other search engines are beginning to add more search engine optimization (SEO) emphasis on social links so if you are not already tracking your social statistics, here is a good way to start.

Social Media Tracking Google Analytics And Webmaster Tools