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I am constantly stimulated by people, environment and mutual interaction between people and objects. I strive to design which can have a positive effect on the value and behavior pattern of people and provide the meaningful and exciting story.


Tablet-o helps an older generation communicate with their family members. As the use of smartphones and devices are increasing, the older generation feels the need to get more on-line information and to participate in livelier communication with their friends and family. The focus of this table is on comfortable mobility and usability within the home environment and outdoor.

The Tablet's style and its main functions are very simple enabling users to effortlessly get used to it. The body is made of metal with transparent panel inserted into it. The top transparent handle is designed purposely so that it is easy to grasp. A hole in the handle is identical wit the shape of the docking station. Users can instantly know that they can insert the the device into the dock.

The handle is identical with the form of docking station. Put on the table and use it or insert it into the docking. You can carry out it easily and also use it at home in comfortable way.

Maximize the Usability

Intuitive Interaction The Tablet is designed so that user can hold and use it in various directions. The handle is transparent specifically for the purpose of eliminating the impression of looking heavy.

When you insert it into dock


Leisure Reading

Heath Care



Various concept sketch and scenario ideation.

A WHEELCHAIR THAT FADES AND PEOPLE TO SIMPLY BE THEMSELVES. ROADRUNNER . WHEELCHAIR A wheelchair should be less a tool or a vehicle and more like an extension of one’s body. Yet, mostwheelchairs cause discomforts and daily inconveniences that draw attention to it instead of away from it. Designed for the bustle of everyday life, the roadrunner uniquely engineered to be more comfortable and efficient that a rigid wheelchair while also surpassing the convenience of a folding wheelchair. The result is a wheelchair that fades away and frees people to simply be themselves.

A wheelchair isn’t just used, it’s lived in

3 crucial problem areas

1.6 million wheelchair feel their wheelchairs are turning their everyday activities into everyday obstacles. Our team conducted primary user research along with self ‘body’ storming to identify design problems and insights.

Self-propulsion . Body ergonomics . Portability

How can we integrate all three elements?

Contour pushrim system

Tension cable shock absorbing system

Retractable wheel system

Pressure responsive seating

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Waterlogged umbrella without proper case makes slippery floor where someone might slip.


Umbrella drip on others, poking their eyes out, or sparring with their umbrellas.

Umbrella case

On rainy days, many people use umbrellasto keep dry and avoid arriving at their destination getting wet. If umbrella users are inconsiderate of other pedestrian and passengers, they can frustrate and anger other people. Typical umbrellas drip on other people's floors and clothes. Also, people tend to forget to bring their umbrella case with them or carry a plastic bag for this purpose.

There are messy with used plastic bags and drips from umbrella.

A waterproof case is integrated into the

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handle of this umbrella to prevent your clothes from getting wet. By pushing the bottom part of the handle upward after folding the umbrella, this cover encloses the wet umbrella.

Umbrella+ helps people in a convenient way to be considerate of places and others. It is slim, easy to carry, and comes in various colors. With it's built in cover; users don't have to worry about their clothes or the floor getting wet.

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Fold the umbrella then slide the cover up; this will enclose the whole wet umbrella. This eliminates the possibility of clothes getting wet or raindrops dripping on the floor.

When the bottom part of the handle is pushed up, it covers the whole umbrella. The translucent material is used to show the inside of the umbrella; this connects it visually to the umbrella.

In the Developing world, many parents and infants are also lost to follow-up, and persuading them to attend a centre specifically for the purposes of hearign screening may be difficult. Also, many birthing facilities do not have the luxury of utilizing audiology personnel .


EG SCREEN is a hand-held hearing diagnostic tool for infant hearing and screening in the developing world. EG Screen provides users with a handheld tool which is easy to use, ecofriendly and made from recyclable materials. It is designed for use by volunteers, audiologists and doctors.

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Test starts with a mother brings her baby into the public school or immunization clinics. The lack of facilities and personnel. Mother need to take care of her baby. Volunteers need to learn and conduct test easily & fast with the device. The device should be easy to use and have minimal components.



probe port


Easy to use

power key


Design criteria Space for reeling the cable

LED screen USB port

Cleaness +safety

Re-useble Costeffective

solar panel at the back

tie-down for cable

Instruction manual is printed on the package.

Easy of use EG screen instruction manual is printed on the package, so that user can learn how to use the device in a shor amount time. Also, users don’t need to worry

Solar panel at the back of the device.

about the loss of the manual.

It's simple and friendly form was developed in concept sketches.



After inserting eartip nto the ear properly, you can see the “ready� sign on the screen. Press power key one more time to start test. The results will apear in less than 10 seconds.

The probe is simply connected on the side of the device.

“ Social connections are everything for tweens,feeling part of things, being in the loop is key.�


Mobile Phone

Loop is mobile phone for tweens which allows them to be connected with their friends and share their feeling without texting and calling. Loop tells you who is around you in a fun way with lights. Also, you can show your identity by using your own loop to others.

Loop recognizes and responds to you and your friends. Friend can share their pictures or enjoy games together in new fun ways. Light illumination indicates when your friends are approaching.

“ Having a cellphone shows that “I’m not a kid anymore”. “

“I want for all of us to be connected.”

“ It is embarrassing to carry toy-like cellphone&device”

“ I’m always curious about new & things. ”

“I have my own ‘group’ .”

“ I think it is time to expand social groups. ”

The center light illumination indicates when “ I want my mom to know me better and to share many things with her.”

“ I want my friends to know what I like and dislike.”

“ I really care what I am wearing and what my friend wearing.”

your friends are approaching and recognizes and responds with different colors. Loop zone become brighter in the dark and when your friend move closer to you

Various ideas were developed in concept sketches.

Various ideas were developed in concept sketches.


For about 40% of the U.S. households that are not serviced by curb side recycling, options are limited to 1) recycling centers or drop-off locations usually located at parking lots, or 2) foregoing recycling completely. moduCycle provides families with a third option: a fun and rewarding experience at places where families gather to play, learn, and strengthen family bonds.

From Previous Research Summary, General pains:

Specific pains through the process of recycling:


Potential Environments:

Project process



Research questions & Generating research protocol What we need to know about?

1. For vending machine and recycling behavior: Who are our target users? What kinds of vending machines are out there? What technologies have been implemented in vending machines? What are the perceived “rewards” of recycling from the users’ pov? How much time do users spend on recycling? What is the schedule? What inuenced the users’ behaviors? How did they begin recycling? What is “inconvenient”? How are people interacting with vending machines? (What are people’s “relationship” with vending machines?) Are there currently recycling done in Supermarkets? What is the aluminum can’s journey ? (from store to home to recycling or elsewhere)?

2. For Children: What are kids’ mental model around recycling cans and bottles? What do they think happens to cans/ bottles after they throw them? What happens after recycling? Do kids recycle cans/ bottles? At what age do kids begin recycling? How do kids learn about recycling? Schools? Parents? What motivates/ discourages you from teaching your kids about recycling cans/ bottles? If recycling at home, how are kids involved in the process? How are kids interacting with vending machines? What kinds of vending machines do kids use? What are the kids’ general attitudes toward learning about recycling?

3.Concept generation

Secondary Research

User Interview

What are the problems?

How people recycling and what is their perception on recycle center?

1. Pains:

Recycling centers seem like parking lots, or dirty, skethy "dump" sites,

Deeply ingrained behavior Lack of incentive for user, for building manager Lack of knowledge Lack of trust

“ We took the kids out there [drop-off ] a few times... I was afraid because it was this parking lot. The kids are running around, so it was a little nerve-wracking to have them around there. That freaked me out.”

Pains throughout usr journey: check ---> clean ---> sort ---> store ---> dispose

Kids influence Parents,

2. Motivations: Children’s future Community pressure Guilt Better futile than apathetic Environmental converns

3. Possible Locations residential building after school places public places single familiy houses food courts streets supermarket gas station

" My son really influenced to my interest too."

User Survey What is the journey of cans?

What do we want to find out? what happens to the can before you consume the drink? where do you consume the drink? where does the empty can end up? how long do you hold on to the can before you drink it? how long and how do you hold on to the empty can after you consume, but before you dispose?

Project process

3.Concept generation




“ Our goal is to create a meaningful recycling experience for the entire family ” What if, targeting kids as well as their family? What if recycling centers are fun and safe destinations?





Play & Entertainment




Play & Entertainment



empowering Kids lead the way in this recycling experience, directly influencing their families’ behavior. Their actions not only provide them rewards, but rewards their parents, too, with discounts from moduCycle partners.


Games are fun. But fun is more than playing games. Fun is working at the edge of your skill level to sustain your interest. Fun is social. Fun provides meaningful reward. For all these reasons moduCycle provides rewards kids with more challenging games.


When kids crush cans playing games, the real cans get crushed. The game ends with a simple message telling them when the cans will be picked up by a recycling truck. Through this experience, they learn that their actions have direct, real impact.

A single

unit at a children’s museum.

Educational destinations—museums, libraries, schools—are great because of the important values learned venues for the from engaging in recycling. The units can be installed indoors or outdoors, depending on venue’s policies.


Recycling Fun for the Entire Family For about 40% of the U.S. households that are not serviced by curb side recycling, options are limited to 1) recycling centers or drop-off locations usually located at parking lots, or 2) foregoing recycling completely. ModuCycle provides families with a third option: a fun and rewarding experience at places where families gather to play, learn, and strengthen family bonds.

units at a neighborhood playground.

The two units allow neighborhood kids to play together to help each other achieve goals, or even engage in friendly competitions. The units are regularly updated with new games developed either or its partners. by


units at a popular park.

As a destination becomes popular, more units accepting different materials can be installed. Large venues, such as theme parks, can have several units installed at different areas.


Storage and Transport Beverage packaging are used for collection and storage of empty cans. The cans can be transported easily to ModuCycle centers.

Entice Special beverage packaging attracts kids and parents’ attention, and provides information to direct to ModuCycle

Engage and Reward


At nearby ModuCycle destination, kids deposits empty cans and play game with ModuCycle machines.They can earn points to unlock different game or new difficulty.

Parents get reward too Once points are accumulated, they can be used to redeem coupons for grocery brands which partner with ModuCycle.



Ear-click is an earphone with a snap-on connector built on its earbud designed to reduce an inconvenience related to tangled wires and to double it as a cool necklace. When you listen to music, it works like regular earphone. When you are done, instead of worrying about dropped or tangled wires, you simply can connect both ends of the earbuds, and turn it into a necklace.

Its ring-shaped snap-on connector is easily exchangeable with multiple color options, so it fits perfect to your daily outfit.


Coffee maker Coffee maker

Pop*up coffee maker can help you share experiences with other people not only in the kitchen but also out Pop*up coffee maker can help you share experiences of the kitchen. Its essential functions are conveniently with other people not only in the kitchen but also out arranged which makes it easy and simple for its users. of the kitchen. Its essential functions are conveniently Making coffee and having coffee with others is one arranged which makes it easy and simple for its users. of social experience which people enjoy. Pop*up Making coffee and having coffee with others is one allows user to move this experience out of kitchen in of social experience which people enjoy. Pop*up more convenient and enjoyable way. allows user to move this experience out of kitchen in more convenient and enjoyable way.

Moving out of the kitchen Pop*up coffee maker’s portability fits into social setting and diverse enviromment, is easy to transport all the needed part and has ceremonial quality.

Kitchen appliances are geared for use only in the kitchen. A new range of products should be based on new eating habits, new ways of preparing meals and new social settings. Where many people can share in the cooking experiences.


1. Power ON/OFF to start



2. Put your cup on the circle

3. The light sensor tells you the

of panel

process. The Panel is automatically rotated for the next turn for user.

Ideas were developed in concept sketches.


This illumination object is about reinterpretation of our time reading. No “Tick Tack Tick Tack”. No hour hand. No minute hand. There is noting but a light that shows you everything about time. “Follow the light” allows you feel the time and enjoy your time with different way.

The projector lays along with the surface curve to fit in the minimum space available. The outter plate in which a small image projector is embeded is rotating along the minute hand cycle. Time has both an important and a symbolic meaning for us. A clock is a necessary item that can directly tell us the accurate time or indirectly express approximate time. In Follow the time, a new concept of time was adopted. Light moves with time. The hour and minute can be discerned through a symbolically intuitive method according to the movement of light. Follow the time is a tool indicating time while simultaneously erving as an interior object by which a particular time reveals a particular space.

There is noting but a light that shows you about time.

It is 12:00

It is about 4:30

It is 12:00 again


Iphone sound system

Turn-table is a bedside table with an iPod integration system. Everyday items such as cup can be left on its table top which has a built-in speaker system so that you can enjoy soothing music when you go to bed. Its alarm clock can wake you up in the morning with pre-set tunes from you iPod.

Basic control panel located next to iPod connector allows you intuitive control.

A journey of discovery using familiar elements.

OVER, AROUND&THROUGH The objective is to create a place that kids can call their own, a placeto inhibit, build, explore and imagine. The concept is to provide a whole environment where they can develop motor skills, creative expression, social connections, and cognition in playful way. This focuses on whole body interaction with the components in the exhibit room.

Kids are born with incredible play instincts and they mostly learn Through Action.

Observed and documented an experience using the 5 E framework to deconstruct the essential components of this experience.

The core is a play struecture that gives kids a learning environment by involving them in diverse physical activities, such as throwing, climbing, building, and assembling. It’s not just a structure where kids can play, but an environment that allows kids to participate in creating structure themselves. In addition, depending on their age, personality and mood, it can provide different ways of playing and learning objectives.

Bounding over, crawling around, and learning through a world of imaginative play by interacting with easily understood and intuitive elements.

Wave can be suspended from the ceiling with a variation of length or placed on the floor. Wave can be located and arranged in various position depending on the time and environment maximizing it's function and beauty.

Wave Wave is an indoor lighting solution which is in the shape of a compressed globe. Composed of irregular waves, it is made from soft thin plastic so that light can flow out between the gaps in the waves.

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