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Special Homecoming Edition 2011

Twin Day Right: Stephon Adair & Anthony Manjeres


Amelia B & Allysa Hornsby

Simone & Kristen Rix

Twin day is a day you and your friends get to show off your own sassy styles together, with matching clothes, hair, and shoes. It’s your only opportunity to actually feel like you have a twin of your own. Twin day really is a blast at Dixie.

Twin Day


Nicole Bowen Mr.Leoffler, MeriAlex Rivera and Jerrick Rivedeth Goodwin, and Sheila Martinez

Monique Vo and June P

Erica Williams and Laci M

Battle of the Classes


Freshman , Sophomore, Junior and Senior class on the field

Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors all tied in 1st place for Battle of the Classes !

Battle of the Classes

From Left to Right : Jacob Erb, Jen Ngo, Sabrina Whitney, Drew Boylosn, Nelson M , Sydney Lee, Adalina M , Adriana M, Karla, Amelia B, Al, Brenda B, Sheila Martinez, Karina Mendoza, Nicole Bowen, Jerrick Rivera, Amber Myrick, Meghan Esquinaldo, Nick Stanney Left : Darrian Webb, Jorge Q, Alex Rivera, Tanya Gabbard, Danielle Guard, Jana Mrkaja, Lindsey Sibley, Brandon Eckfeld, Tahai Diez, Courtney Wright, Stephanie, Amina Jusovic, Alex, Taylor Burke, Brandon Bell, and Ben Robinson

Wacky Tacky Day

Junior, Meghan Lile

Senior, Rachel Hager

It’s time to get tacky Dixie! Prepare your crazy outfits and get ready for a day of mismatched madness. This is the day it really is ok to look crazy and not care. Were you ready for it?


Senior, Tahai Diez

Junior, Lindsey Marino

It’s time to get tacky Dixie! Prepare your crazy outfits and get ready for a day of mismatched madness. This is the day it really is ok to look crazy and not care. Were you ready for it?

Wacky Tacky Day

Left to Right : Renee Simmons, Scott Jackson, Alyssa Mollet , Crystal Trahan, Dejon Cabo, Stephanie Sousick, Brett Detloff, Kevin Stevens.

Jeff Hamilton and his friend


Circus Day


Left to Right : Chris Arnett, Mikey, Ben Robinson, Matt Sestayo

Clowns, Lions, bearded lady, strong man, ect. Circus day was the day to show off your silly side. To dress like your favorite circus act, be your favorite circus act.

Circus Day

Senior, Jason Khonsavnh

Junior, Maegen Nemier

Junior, Darren Peterson

Senior, Brandon Eckfeld

Nerd Day

Junior, Darren Peterson

Andrew Ricottilli and Jeff Hamilton

Left :


Brandon Daffron and Haleema

Big glasses, suspenders, high socks, pig tails, and plaid. Today the students bring out their inner nerd. Everyone can wear anything they want, without any judgment.

Nerd Day

Patrice Webb, Brianna Addison, Moniquie Vo, and Briony Lynds

Senior, Jana Mrkaja

Kevin Jernegan

Coronation Winning Class Skit is the Juniors.

Talent Show winners,


Simone Davidoson and Jerrick Rivera

A night of memories, fun and talent. Tonight we will have the black light shown announce the homecoming court , we also have a talent show where many will perform, but only one will win.

Coronation Freshman, Kristina Vo And Richard Dyson

Sophomores, Abby Mattern and Christian

Juniors, Summer Stiles and Nick Stanney


Left to Right : Matt Sestayo, Holly Davidson, Brandon Eckfeld, Amina Jusovic, Brandon Bell, Courtney Wright, Darrian Webb, Kristen Rix, Alex Valentine, Taylor Burke, Will Tomkous, Missing Lindsey SIbley

King and Queen, Darrian Webb and Amina Jusovic

Mr and Ms. Congeniality Holly Davidson and Mat Sestayo


Seniors Tahai Diez and

Seniors Courtney Wright and Darrian Webb

Seniors Kristen Rix And Alex Valentine

Seniors Amina Jusovic and Brandon Bell

Seniors Taylor Burke and William Tomkus

Seniors Lindsey Sibley and Brandon Eckfeld

Spirit Day


Stephanie Sosick, Rachael Lurie, and Shelby Mccord

The student body of Dixie shows their Rebel Pride by wearing blue and white. With piant, cut shirts, blue and white hair spray and more.

Spirit Day

Joselyn Saucedo and Melissa Valles

Olivia Augustus, Teddy Vasquez, and Ashley Spiegel

Zachary Scott, Brandon Snider, and Nichole Braunston


King and Queen, Darrien Webb and Amina Jusovic

Mr and Ms. Congeniality Matt Sestayo and Holly Davidson


Alex Valentine and Kristen Rex

Richard Dyson And Kristina Vo

William Tomkus and Taylor Burke


Up : Brandon Eckfeld and Lindey Sibley

Up : Nick Stanney And Summer Stiles

Left : Christian and Abby Mattern

Brandon Bell And Courtney Wright

Anthony Deleo And Tahai Diez

Dixie Hollins Homecoming 2011  

Check out Dixie Hollins High School's 2011 homecoming week.

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