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RSC Scotland  Innovation  in  Technology  Awards  2013   Another  year  of  fabulous  iTech  Case  Studies  has   passed  with  an  astonishing  64  new  case  studies   added  to  our  Showcase  this  year!    Winners   collected  their  iTech  trophies  at  our  annual   conference  and  awards  ceremony  in  June…    But  you   are  all  winners  in  our  eyes!      Every  case  study   contributor  this  year  has  been  awarded  an  iTech   2013  Contributor  Open  Badge  -­‐  details  on  how  to   claim  your  digital  badge  will  be  with  you  shortly.       Have  a  look  at  our  Showcase  website  and  dip  into   some  of  the  new  case  studies.    There  is  bound  to  be   something  of  interest  for  everyone,  with  excellent   examples  where  innovative  uses  of  technology   offered  practical  solutions.    www.rsc-­‐    

New Case  Studies  Wanted  for  2014    



The RSC Scotland are on the look out for new case studies. Must show innovative use of technology in Scottish further or higher education.

AWARD Each new case study will be considered for one of our prestigious iTech Awards. Got an idea? Let us know - We’ll do the rest! Call our hotline: 0141 585 0022 !!



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If you’ve  been  working  on  a  project  and  using   technologies  or  apps  as  part  of  the  solution,  why  not   share  your  experience  with  the  sector  through  a  Jisc  RSC   Scotland  case  study?    Give  us  a  bit  of  background   information  and  we’ll  write  it  up.    Who  knows?    It  could   be  you  carrying  off  an  iTech  Award  next  year!   Starting  a  case  study  couldn’t  be  easier.    Just  email  us  at   support@rsc-­‐  with  iTech  Case  Study  in   the  subject  line  and  your  contact  name  and  details  in   the  email  and  one  of  the  team  will  follow  this  up  with   you.    Got  an  idea?    Drop  us  a  line!    

Finalists:  Learner  &  Support  Systems  Award   City  of  Glasgow  College:  Library  Estates  Microsite  Project   Dundee  College:  Making  the  Most  of  Moodle   Perth  College:  Using  QR  Codes  and  Android  tablets  for  Library  Induction  Sessions    

Winner:  City  of  Glasgow  College:  Online   Library  Induction  &  Library  Games  


“Excellent  innovation  that  obviously   connect  with  student  culture”  

Nicola Buddo  &  George  Howie  with  Prof  Derek  Law  


  Finalists:  Learning  Ambassador  Award   UWS:  Using  Robobraille  to  create  information  in  alternative  formats     City  of  Glasgow  College:  Using  Mind  Mapping  Software  to  plan  graded  units   City  of  Glasgow  College:  A  Dyslexic  Learners  Experience  using  iPad  Apps         Winner:  Forth  Valley  College:  Technology   Enhanced  Ambassadorship  for  Inspired  &   inclusive  e-­‐learning    

“A truly  positive  impact  on     the  learning  experience”  

Jasmin Hodge  &  Amanda  McEwan  with  Prof  Derek  Law  



Finalists: Technology  &  Business  Systems  Award   City  of  Glasgow  College:  Increasing  VLE  participation  with  the  use  of  Badges   Borders  College:  The  use  of  Augemented  Reality   FVC:  Entrepreneurship  (eSportfolio)  and  business  enhancement  using  Mahara       Winner:  Cumbernauld  College:  FEDonline:   Developing  a  single  database  for  FES  to  support   regionalization         “Excellent  use  of  technology  and     people  to  engage  with  learners”  

      Colleen  Hurren  with  Prof  Derek  Law         Finalists:  Accessibility  &  Inclusion  Award  

Edinburgh College:  Photography  is  the  key  to  visual  literacy   Cumbernauld  College:  Using  mobile  devices  and  apps  in  additional  support  for  learning   Cumbernauld  College:  Using  In-­‐Folio  e-­‐Portfolio      

Winner:  Perth  College:  Using  tablet   devices  &  accessible  e-­‐portfolios  to   support  successful  transition         “Great  mixture  of  technologies,     all  seamlessly  integrated”         Tamie  Vivers  &  Diane  Murdoch     with  Prof  Derek  Law  

Finalists: Assessment  Award  

Edinburgh College:  The  e-­‐Assessment  Centre  Journey     Cumbernauld  College:  Wraparound  e-­‐assessment  for  core  skills  communication   Edinburgh  College:  Collaborative  and  eventful  assessment       Winner:  City  of  Glasgow  College:  Creating   Interactive  &  Student  Centred  ePortfolios       “Excellent  example  of  how  systems     can  be  integrated  to  enhance  and     record  the  learning  experience”           Dougie  Morrison  with  Prof  Derek  Law    

Finalists:  Learning  &  Teaching  Award  -­‐  Further  Education   Carnegie  College:  How  Facebook  is  changing  the  face  of  teaching   Perth  College:  Blending  theoretical  and  practical  learning  &  teaching  using  tablets   Borders  College:  Using  Mahara  working  with  placements       Winner:  Dumfries  &  Galloway  College:     Stranraer  Cutting  Crew  Facebook       “Showed  the  commitment  of  staff     to  change  tack  and  learn  new  skills     in  order  to  engage  learners”             Margaret  Lock  with  Prof  Derek  Law      

Finalists: Learning  &  Teaching  Award  -­‐  Higher  Education   University  of  Dundee:  Connecting  with  TQFE  Distance  Learners  through  online  tutorials   University  of  Stirling:  MStir  mobile  app     University  of  Dundee:  TQFE  Online  Induction  Pathway  Steps  

  Winner:  Robert  Gordon  University:   Using  digital  video  recordings  of   simulation  for  self-­‐evaluation       “A  really  innovative  &  scalable   way  of  allowing  a  large  number   of  students  to  view  videos  of   their  own  performance”  

Gavin Innes,  Fiona  Culligan,  Caroline  Wood  and  Peter  Barker  

Jisc RSC Scotland iTech Award Winners 2013  

Congratulations to all 64 Case Study nominees, the four finalists in each category and of course the Winners of the iTech 2013 trophies!...