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eCPD Programme Enhancing Learning “This new eCPD Programme is an exciting opportunity for practitioners in the Further Education system to support and enhance learning through the effective use of technology. The programme will help to support your IfL 30 hour or pro rata CPD requirements, enable you to motivate learners to succeed, and reach potential new markets.� Markos Tiris Programme Director LSIS

QIA and the Centre for Excellence in Leadership (CEL) have joined together to form the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS), dedicated to the development of the FE and skills sector.

Help support and enhance learning through effective use of technology The Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) has commissioned a new workforce development programme. The eCPD Programme will support whole organisational approaches to harnessing technology for learning. The programme is designed to help practitioners make effective use of technology to support and enhance learning, any time, any place.

Do you know someone who fits the bill? How will it work? We’d like all providers to nominate a member of staff to be trained as a Professional Development Adviser (PDA). PDAs will champion e-learning teaching approaches across your organisation and will support you to: • meet eCPD needs, any time, any place and fulfil part of the IfL Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements • create action plans to make more effective use of technology across your organisation to support and enhance learning • develop a coherent and strategic approach to providing flexible access to learning any time, any place and to engage and improve learner outcomes and deliver new demand-led markets.

Why do we need the eCPD programme? Making best use of technology across the Further Education (FE) system is crucial. IT is an enabler. It helps to connect with learners’ real life experiences and will enable teachers to create more dynamic and inspirational learning opportunities. Technology is integral to teaching, learning, assessment and management. It’s cost effective and provides a personalised approach to improving everyone’s skills across the organisation. The eCPD Programme will bring new dimensions to learners’ experiences which will help improve motivation, engagement and achievements. Provider representatives are helping to shape the programme to ensure it responds to the diverse needs of the FE system and learners’ ways of learning. An online web-based community is being developed to support practitioners through virtual networks and peer to peer activities. These forums will provide opportunities for practitioners to discuss ideas and challenges, share resources and contribute to effective dissemination of good practice and case studies. BDP Learning are working with representative FE system partners and the Association for Learning Technology to deliver and support the eCPD Programme on behalf of LSIS.


What will PDAs do? PDAs will work alongside colleagues to: • review current practice in relation to their organisation’s e-strategy • create action plans to identify opportunities for further development • lead cascade training in-house and provide targeted CPD training, mentoring and support for identified colleagues • use e-learning teaching approaches to improve teaching and learning • support individuals to innovate and experiment in the delivery of teaching and learning, assessment and support • review progress and the impact of approaches on learners’ motivation, engagement, satisfaction levels and success rates.

Who are we looking for? PDAs will need: • a track record of supporting learning through effective use of technology • the ability to motivate and inspire colleagues to experiment with e-learning and adopt a flexible approach to CPD • strong interpersonal skills and infectious enthusiasm • flexibility, empathy, self-awareness • the ability to generate confidence in practitioners, both experienced and less experienced e-users alike.

What about training? We’ll train PDAs to make best use of the programme’s resources to engage and help staff involved in supporting learners across their organisations. After pre-training activities, the first cohort of PDAs will have a day’s face to face training with like minded colleagues in January with a second day in March. A second cohort will begin training in March and complete in June. Between training days, PDAs will work in online learning sets mentored by eCPD facilitators who will help them to implement organisational action plans and develop peer-to-peer activities and support. This will contribute to the 30 hour or pro rata IfL CPD requirements and support the new Ofsted inspection criteria. BDP Learning are working with representative FE system partners and the Association for Learning Technology to deliver and support the eCPD Programme on behalf of LSIS.


What are the benefits for providers? Providers get fully trained PDAs to lead on staff development for supporting and enhancing learning and whole organisational improvement through effective use of technology. PDAs will cascade training and provide coaching and mentoring support for identified staff as part of developing successful e-mature organisations.

What about quality and standards? Providers’ eCPD action plans will align with whole organisational self assessment processes and staff development plans. They will meet the new Ofsted inspection criteria, the 30 hours or pro rata IfL CPD requirements and will be mapped to the new teaching standards and e-learning application guides.

What about funding? The training, materials and online support are free. In return, providers are asked to release their nominated PDAs for two days’ face to face training and give them sufficient time to cascade in-house staff development and support. Funding will be available for showcase projects, and providers meeting these criteria will be given additional support from lead eCPD facilitators to publicise their practice on the LSIS Excellence Gateway.

How does the eCPD Programme complement the E-Guides programme? The E-Guides programme has been developed and delivered successfully by NIACE on behalf of LSIS. The programme focuses mainly on the ACL sector and gives a thorough introduction to e-learning and the skills required to use technology effectively in teaching and learning. The eCPD Programme complements the E-Guides programme by providing PDAs with training and support to cascade practical e-learning teaching approaches using technology across the whole organisation. It builds on the work of previous e-learning and e-leadership programmes.

What should I do now? Don’t miss the opportunity to get involved! If you think you have what it takes to be a PDA, complete a nomination form and ask for senior management support. You can download the PDA nomination form and find out more information from BDP Learning are working with representative FE system partners and the Association for Learning Technology to deliver and support the eCPD Programme on behalf of LSIS.

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eCPD Programme Enhancing Learning “This new eCPD