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June 2010

SHAHEENUPDATE This update is for you who, we have found, really care for us. Some of you we may have met once, others, we have known our entire lifetime. We understand that we could just as easily use facebook, twitter, or email to write you individually. However, we want to offer a more personal touch in updating you about how our lives together, by the will of God, are progressing.

Working in a mini-universe By Jiryis Shaheen

“Do you have any retail experience Mr. Shaheen?”. “Actually I have never worked at a retail store in my life...But I’m always willing to learn.” In my search for an income I applied to and was hired on with Costco. I now find myself pushing carts, cashiering, greeting customers, stocking products, and always smiling, so people will feel welcome. No matter what job I have had, I have always


pursued my required tasks with full excellence. I am pushing to learn as much as I can about my role as a front end assistant. I truly thank God for this opportunity. Here are a few reasons why I am so grateful. 1) I get paid above minimum wage for a job that requires memorization. 2) I am placed in a very secular setting. 3) Even though I am not allowed to “Preach”, as they call it, I can comfortably be me, while impacting customers and coworkers in a positive way. 4) I am able to accomplish what I have always marked as my top priority in life, helping people. 5) I am receiving 35-40 hours per week in an economy that is shot. These 5 reasons help me grasp the reality of my current

situation, as well as allow me to make the honest decision of working at Costco while still pursuing a more appropriate line of work. Working in a mini universe can be a bit frustrating. The stockers are required to move many items around the store on a daily basis, therefore I can never really know where an item is. There can also be multiple locations for an individual genre of product. For example, there are about 4 different locations where nuts are placed. So if a customer asks for a certain nut, you must go to all the locations to accurately find what they are asking for. Being new adds to these frustrations. For some reason my coworkers expect that I know where all these items are. At least I remember that 2,slash button, check button, prints all the information on a customers check in case they do not feel up to the challenge of filling it out themselves. I’m learning so much about casual formalities held in the retail world. Hopefully I can relay these points of knowledge to you in the future, But for now I’m off to work.

JUNE 2010

Sneak Peak: 13 Jamestown Drive

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JUNE 2010

“Keep your lives free from love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” Hebrews 13.5

Prayer Requests Prayer: - May Jiryis find a job. - My brother, as he prepares for college. - Our LifeGroups training at Harvester. - Figuring out Grad school. - Amanda’s class she will be teaching on culture at Rochester christian church next tuesday. - Finding Gods calling in our lives.


Upcoming Events July 6th Amanda teaches Class July 10th 5k Race for house of hope/ Amanda

July We find out if Jiryis is accepted to UMSL for masters degree.

Shaheen Update June  
Shaheen Update June  

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