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JIŘÍ VAL A Selected works 2016-2018

To whom it may concern, I am a 24 year old student from Brno, Czech Republic, currently living in Ghent, Belgium. During my studies I have traveled a lot, my most recent destination was New York City, where the site of my Master Graduation project is located, in Brooklyn, Red Hook, to be more specific. One part of my journey is close to an end, meaning that the next one is about to start. With that in mind, I decided to extend my abroad experience by applying for an intership to gain and improve my skills and keep learning about the vast field of Architecture. This is the selection of my works I completed during the last two years of my studies. This is who I am. Please, take a moment and list through my view on Architecture.

bio Jiří Vala born 6th june 1993, Brno, Czech Republic +32 486 04 04 31 Dvořákova 877 Slavkov u Brna, 684 01 Czechia education KU Leuven since february 2017 Faculty of Architecture - Campus Sint-Lucas Gent | Internation master of Architecture Fachhochschule Salzburg 2015 erasmus exchange, spring semester 2015, Wooden constructions, Graphic design BUT Brno 2012 - 2017 Faculty of Architecture and Urban planning, bachelor degree 2016 EC Brighton 2014 English language summer school, finished with obtained CAE Cambridge certificate language proficiency English | advanced, CAE certificate, 2014 German | intermediate Czech | native awards reformation2017, Wittenerg, Germany, 1st prize, realization 2017, | concept development under FH Salzburg work experience Kuba&Pilař architekti MAARCH

| Brno, Czechia, winter 2016 | Antwerp, Belgium, Summer 2017

skills Adobe CC 2017, Autodesk AutoCAD, SketchUp, MS Office,

Path. BRAUHAUS Jaroslavice Winery


Path. Design Studio Anatomy cooperation: Marek Vilášek, Timothy Ghyssaert published on KoozArch, march 2018 We discovered a sequence of spaces in the the immediate surroundings of Church of Our Lady in Bruges. Outer spaces defined by walls filled with details and hidden potentials which intrigued us to their further investigation. All of those spaces appealed to us as separate rooms with strong connection through the enfilade of doors, gates and viewing axes. They are connected with it‘s common path we discovered and decided to follow and listen to all the whispering pointing towards us. Each room have it‘s unique atmosphere created by the specific key elements and details. After deeper examination the background narrative of the path of life came to surface. With our design we work with the emotion of each room in the straight connection to the path and enhacing the atmosphere through the language of architecture and architectural detail.

Pre-existence Initial idea of this intervention is based on the biblical story of Tree of Knowledge, Adam and Eve and their expulsion from the Paradise. Space we create here symbolizes the state of preexistence. Place so flawless and perfect, it feels even inhuman. Alienated. It‘s space out of this world, too perfect for us to actually be able to spend a longer period of time so we need to leave and continue forward.


Moment of Birth The promise of space behind that wall that makes you wonder and raises questions. You want to enter that space, but you‘re not allowed yet. Dismantling couple of bricks could reveal something not yet known. This intrigueing desire does not leave a passenger calm. Right after passing through the door you‘re drawn by that wall. The gable, the only trace left behind . Mass of bricks and mortar with a promise of pace behind it. Mysterious retreat defending you from the outter world. You need to dare that first step and climb through. You climb through the tunnel and reach the safe shelter. After a while you find a trapdoor beneath your feet leading to the cellar. After descending on a narrow ladder you discover resources allowing you to stay a bit longer. Wood, water and wine.

Life What seems to be the goal from the distance might turn out as a dead end after reaching it. While chasing you‘re dreams you might even forget, why you started running in the first place. When you come to an end without a closure, you should turn around and retihnik your next steps. Where are you heading? The walls are raised and two gates are built. One gate leads you nowhere, the other one gets you to the other side. At the first glance one of the gates lures you in and than offers you no option to pass through. It‘s just a window, revealing you the absence of the bridge. You follow a wall on your way. A wall with the gaps big just enough to see and scrape through but small enough to walk pass them unnoticed. You might not even find a way out if you don‘t allow yourself to see.

Death You‘re facing the river. Preparing for that long step into the unknown. Reach out with your your foot to land onto something you have a clue about, yet you‘re not sure. There is a bridge in the water. Just below the water level, to give you a hint of it‘s existence. You need to reach out with your feet and seek for the solid ground below. It is possible to pass that bridge, but you need to be aware of every single step you make. This bridge does not give you comfort, but it gets you to the other side. You just need to make an effort and start walking and see where it leads.



Afterlife The final destination. Tunnel leading into the darkness down below. You walked a long way up to this point and you‘re about reach the end of your path. You‘ve been through struggle, but you can‘t just stop walking now. There‘s a certain mystery waiting in the darkness, too tempting to just let go. The marble dome, burried beneath the ground, peeking out just with it‘s fragile fontanela facing the church. After crossing the bridge, you are facing a dark and narrow corridor. Just a dim light running down the dome and washing against the walls gives you the direction to follow. The large steps, descending in the ground guide you further on. It is necessary to sneak through the tight gap around the foundations to finally reach the space beneath the dome. It‘s too dark to actually see but the feel of foundations subtitute your eyesight. Do not let your touch mislead you, otherwise you‘ll never find closure. Revelation comes when you approach the space beneath the dome and behold the hint of the church projecting on the floor through the lense of the camera obscura and the Madonna exposed in this secret sanctuary.

Model pre-existence

Model afterlife

BRAUHAUS school project 2018 Today there is a long barbed wire wall standing between the beautiful garden and the old factory. These two immediate elements of wasted potential of today’s form of Jules de Saint-Genoisstraat are the initial triggers for the hereby proposed intervention. The building is clutching two courtyards different in size which are breaking the monotonous stereotype of the long, dull street and they’re offering a diverse program opportunities. The bigger courtyard is a reflection of the garden facing on the other side of the street and is becoming it’s prolongation. These spaces are also creating the two windows into the historical industrial site and offers and insight of the days of the past.

Jules de Saint-Genoisstraat

Preparation of malt



Wort boiling









ground floor plan

cross section

Detail of the facade

Three residential wings are going out of the volume and resting on the permeable stems accommodating a bar and the office spaces. Each apartment dispose of a spatial terrace which is visually connected with the street. The vertical communications of the residential units are connected with the industrial space through the series of windows hereby offering the contact between the working and living environment and are enhancing the gradient of the two.

Section through the facade

Tectonical drawing of the ground floor segment

The volumetric arrangement of the proposal is accented by the two towers with large windows, symbolically opening the engine bonnet of the brewery. You can peek through and observe the secrets of the production happening in the tanks behind the glass. The industrial hall is formed in a linear arrangement which is meeting the requirements of the sequential process.

JAROSLAVICE WINERY Bachelor project 2016 One of the key parts of the strategy for this project was to enhance the hidden potential of the landscape notch - the heritage after the old clay quarry. The production part of the winery is made in the way of traditional wine cellars in terms of excavating the soil and then covering the building in the ground. The production part serves also as a supporting wall of the slope and provides stabilization. Spatial and volume configuration comes from the concept of historical rural yard and concentration of individual functions around the central yard space. This idea also empowers the initial feeling of the landscape of the future vineyard. The site is shaped by the years of clay excavating almost as a natural amphitheater.


concept production+degustation



d yar ne wi

win e lane

central point


wine alley

house of the owners

Hexagonal shape of a winery is interpreting the traditional archetype and opens with one side to the vineyard and with the other side to the historical wine alley and connects with the heritage of Jaroslavice. The whole production part is covered in the ground which provides the optimal inside temperature throughout the whole year. The degustation space is perpendicular to the slope with the vineyards and is framed as one big window into the landscape.


2.03 2.02 2.01

floor plans & isometric scheme


MEMENTO Competition MOONTOPIA 2017 eleven magazine cooperation: Vojtěch Marek Moon connects us very closely to the Earth, because it was made from it. In Earth’s early period of existence, it was hit by a huge asteroid and new Earth’s satelite was accumulated. Much later, around 53 billion years, there was a human. On of the earliest dreams of humanity was to reach for the sky they looked upon and set foot on this foreign, yet neighbour orb. Human life could be symbolized as just a small dot on timeline of Luna’s life, yet this ancient dream was already fulfilled. Someone once said:“Earth is humanity’s cradle, but you can’t live in the cradle forever. That’s human nature, posessivity, desire to colonize, urge to own. But isn’t there much greater potential, beyond the horizon of this initial impulse? Some great wonders of nature and universe can only be recognized within certain distance relative to it’s size. Only this perspective gives human the possibility to perceive and embrace this beauty. That is why we decided to never set our foots onto the Luna’s surface again. Hovering in the lunar orbit offers us the opportunity to gain this distance and experience the connection, without phisically reaching it with our bodies. Our bodies are just shells driven by our souls. Lunar cycle goes from dusk till dawn every 29 days. Same as a human life it has it’s beginning and an end.


From the outside the volume of the cenotaph evaporates. It‘s reflective surface mirrors the surrounding landscape and it merges with the outside world. The only accentuation of this invisible mass is monumental entrace located on the viewpoint of the site and and thus determines its orientation.

∞ After entering the cenotaph you find yourself in an immaginary infinite space . The World as we know it is hidden behind the giant wall. The sight is struck by the night sky, the infinity space without any limits.

Death is natural element of a life cycle. Still it’s troubling for us to accept it, we fear the death, we try to fight it but at some point we simly have to face it. Because almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassement or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is trully important. You are already naked, there is no reason not to follow your heart. When it comes we gather with our loved ones and we grieve, we honor the memory of deceased. But there is no such thing as an oblivion. Because death is not the end, being forgotten is. Moon is a very inhospitable place to try and start a cycle of life, but reverent and decent place to end one. Very quiet and calm environment where mourners say their last goodbye during this unforgettable expirience of a lifetime. As the sun rays reaches the urn with relics it acummulates the power. After one lunar cycle, when shadow envelops the urn it creates the beam of light and merges with the starry sky. It shines for us, every time we look up into the sky. As a silent memorial. The memento.

cross section

monumental entrance

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a monumental space


Portfolio 2018  

selected works 2016-2018

Portfolio 2018  

selected works 2016-2018