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Application# 060712 Filing Date: JULY 3, 2012

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The English translation of the words “Energía para la Unión” means “Energy for Union”.

Colour: In respect of the following international class (es) 16 and 35; Class Details:

In International Class 16 Adhesive labels; business cards; papers; printed materials; publications, namely, brochures, booklets, newsletters in the petroleum industry. In International Class 35 Advertising and business in the petroleum industry. Applicant Interven Venezuela, S.A Torre Este, Piso 10, Consultoría Jurídica, Avenida Libertador, La Campiña, Caracas, Venezuela Agent/Address for Service MYERS, FLETCHER & GORDON 21 East Street, Kingston

Application# 060715 Filing Date: JULY 3, 2012


Registration of this Trade Mark shall give no right to the exclusive use of the word "Jamaica"

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January 21, 2013

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