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Brand Description

Brand Mission Clif company makes the kind of food we’d like to eat, and that strives for a healthier, more sustainable world.

Products and Services The company has expanded its product line from the single athlete-inspired energy bar, Clif Bar, to include a wide variety. Luna Bars are targeted towards “today’s timestrapped woman.”Clif Kid products target active youths and help curb childhood obesity by offering “organic ingredients, no trans fat, no artificial coloring, and no processed sugars,” and Clif Shots target endurance athletes who need to recover after extended activity.

CLIF BAR® CLIF BAR® is an American company that produces organic foods and drinks. The company is based in Emeryville, California. In addition to its signature original Clif Bar, the company provides a variety of energy bars tailored to women, children, and other markets, a sports drink, and fruit-based items such as fruit ropes. All products use organic ingredients. Seventy percent of the company's purchased components are certified organic.

Organic foods and drinks The Bread Lab CLIF BAR's community volunteering

Future possibilities Brand Soul

As a food company, they’re working to craft food with organic, sustainable ingredients, made with renewable energy, packed in eco-friendly packaging and delivered by transportation that doesn’t pollute.

At Clif, they’re passionate about food. Food that feeds and inspires the adventure in all of us. Whether the customer is going on a hike, hitting the slopes, or competing in a triathlon, Clif recipes are purposefully crafted to help provide the energy customer need.





Brand History and Timeline


During a one-day 175-mile bike ride, an exhausted and hungry Gary Erickson realizes he can’t choke down another unappetizing energy bar.


Gary makes a flour-filled mess of his mom's pristine kitchen for six months to perfect the first CLIF BAR® recipe.


Gary names the bar after his father, Clifford, who introduced him to wilderness adventures and encouraged him to follow his passions in life.


The company name was changed from Kali's SportNaturals to Clif Bar, Inc. .


Clif Bar introduced LUNA Bar, which was specifically marketed towards women.


Erickson and Thomas turned down a $120 million offer from Quaker Oats to buy the company.

Brand History It began with a 175-mile bicycle ride ... A baker and former mountain guide, Erickson got the idea for his product in 1990 on a day-long, 175 mile bike ride, for which he packed a variety of energy bars. They’d been gnawing on some “other” energy bars all day. He thought, “ I could make a better bar than this!” Two years later after experimenting in his mother's kitchen, he settled on a recipe for what would become the CLIF Bar. Clif Bar is named after Erickson father, Clifford.





Recognizing the importance of creating a nutrition bar that meets the needs of active kids, CLIF Kid Zbar® hits the shelves. It’s also USDA Organic.

Clif Bar spearheads the creation of the nation’s first endowed university chair in plant breeding for organic crops.




A competitive analysis is the analysis of competitors and how the business compares. By collecting 10 logos to create a competitive analysis for my project. The types of competitors evaluated include direct, ancillary, and future competitors. By evaluating the background, the brand mission of my competitors, I can consider how to give my project an advantage.


Direct Competitors

KIND Snacks is a healthy foods company based in New York City, New York. It was founded in 2004 by Daniel Lubetzky. The company manufactures seven product lines made from whole ingredients. KIND currently offers eight lines: KIND Fruit & Nut, KIND PLUS, KIND Nuts & Spices, KIND Healthy Grains Bars, KIND Healthy Grains Clusters, STRONG & KIND, KIND Breakfast and Pressed by KIND.

PowerBar is an American maker of energy bars and other related products including sports drinks, gels, and the Pria bars targeted at women. Thirty years ago, Powerbar started with a vision to revolutionize sports nutrition. Paying close attention to what athletes needed to perform at their best, Powerbar created highquality products that replenished muscles and revived the spirit at every turn.

Lärabar is a brand of energy bar produced by General Mills. With more than 19 delicious flavors each made from no more than 9 recognizable ingredients. Lärabar's gluten-free goodies make it easier to live simple. At LÄRABAR they use simple, quality ingredients. So whether you are gluten-free, paleo or just looking for a wholesome snack, they’ve got you covered.





Ancillary Competitors


PROBAR® creates delicious, convenient, healthy, plant-based food products. They strive to become the leading provider of REAL FOOD choices, always maintaining the commitment to quality, sustainability, and fantastic taste.

PVM stands for Proteins, Vitamins & Minerals. The company was established in the late 1960’s. PVM became one of the first companies to manufacture clinical nutritional products to combat severe malnutrition and produced the World’s Original Energy Bar®, based on an earlier product devised to provide essential nutrition for military personnel in combat.

thinkThin® was founded in 1999 by Lizanne Falsetto, a female entrepreneur, single mom and self-described foodie. Her passion for good eating led Lizanne to discover a natural ability: creating nutritious food that supports wellness. They seek to consistently delight people with delicious, protein-rich, good-for-you foods because what you put in your body affects what you get out of your day.

Greens Plus provides the highest quality non-GMO, gluten-free and organic superfood products. Packed with real whole foods for optimum nutrition. Greens Plus was founded on helping people live healthier, happier lives. They offer nutritional formulas for every age and activity level.

Redd offers a vast range of powerful ingredients, including 11 superfoods, 10 grams of nourishing Pumpkin Seed Protein, 23 Vitamins + Minerals, and a touch of natural Caffeine from Yerba Mate. This healthy yet delicious combination provides a wide array of potent nutrients and bold flavor profiles.

The Bulletproof mission is to help people perform better and live better using a proven blend of ancient knowledge and brand new technologies, tempered by research, science, and measured results from their customers, top athletes, and medical professionals. The Bulletproof diet is a fad diet developed and marketed by Asprey that recommends eating foods high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates.




Future Competitors


Crunch started modestly as one small gym in a humble basement studio in New York City’s East Village in 1989 as a welcoming place for a diverse group of people to get fit. While they believe in the power of fitness to improve lives, they also know exercise is hard work and everyone can use a little more motivation. So they’ve fused fitness and entertainment so that they can make serious exercise fun.

Mission Cliffs is a blend of new and old. They are San Francisco's oldest climbing gym, but they've renovated continuously and updated to remain an industry leader. Mission Cliffs offers a variety of climbing options, fitness classes, and community events to keep everyone busy.

Headquartered in San Ramon, Calif., they are a leading fitness industry pioneer with nearly four million members in more than 400 clubs across the U.S. For more than 30 years, 24 Hour Fitness has held fast to our mission of helping people improve their lives through fitness.

Located in the heart of the Presidio by the Golden Gate Bridge, PG SF boasts not just amazing climbing and bouldering terrain, but fantastic views of Crissy Field. With 25,000 square feet of climbing, a full fitness and cardio area, two yoga studios and top out bouldering, PG San Francisco combines the best of climbing, yoga, and fitness.

Barry Jay partners with John and Rachel Mumford to open the first Barry’s Bootcamp in West Hollywood and together they launch the boutique fitness studio revolution. Studios open across the world in Norway, London, Boston, Miami, Nashville, and San Francisco. Expansion continues across New York City and the Hamptons. Over 40K members of Barry’s FitFam take a class every week.

Dogpatch Boulders is the premier indoor bouldering destination in Northern California. With state-of-the-art walls and flooring, world-class route setting, a growing fitness class curriculum. They offer a variety of climbing options and fitness classes.




New Brand Mission Statement

New Brand Soul

Brand Mission

Whether you are an experienced climber, a newbie, or just someone looking for a great place to adventure, you will find your place with CLIF Climbing Gym.

To encourage climbers to try everything they can and to help them go further.

Repositioning Statement CLIF provides rock climbing services and support for customers. We understand the demands of climbing and cater to many different styles of workouts with our versatile and comprehensive selection of fitness equipment and tools. CLIF endeavors to offer visitors and members variety in their training so you won’t see just one type of climbing in our facility. We offer bouldering, top-roping, auto-belays and lead climbing with the instruction and guidance to encourage climbers to try a little of everything and the staff and expertise to help them become proficient.

Services CLIMBING World class climbing with something for everyone: steep hard climbing terrain, beginner routes, the ropes, tons of cracks and climbing specific training tools. FITNESS A variety of fitness classes to complement any athlete’s training, from Total Body Fitness to Indoor Cycling and more. YOGA Yoga classes are offered daily, from early morning classes for the perfect wake-up to evening sessions to close out your day.

Keywords Dynamic Powerful Combustion Passionate Concentration





Audience Profiles


Mountaineering enthusiast

Age: 21

Occupation: Software Developer

Occupation: College Student

Location: San Francisco, CA

Location: San Francisco, CA

Jeremy often goes hiking with family on weekends. He loved climbing since childhood. He formed a small team of friends. To his friend, Jeremy is a professional climber. Jeremy wants to try a new climb, and he's looking for an indoor climbing club.

Nicole is a fitness enthusiast who trains 6-8 hours per week at the gym. She believes that keeping healthy can bring benefits to life and learning. Nicole learned about indoor rock climbing from friends, and she is very interested in it. She hopes to find a professional climbing gym.

Jeremy likes to observe the surrounding hills when he was hiking.

Body coordination is excellent after the workout.

He is watching ads for some indoor climbing clubs.

Like to challenge new things, have a lot of interest.

He maintains good fitness habits, which is helpful for him while climbing.

Her friend joined the rock climbing class and recommended Bouldering to her.

He wants to challenge challenging climbing routes.

He sometimes takes his son to rock climbing and gives him a lot of skill.

She can allocate time well and she lists weekly schedules on her cell phone.

She is a friendly and enthusiastic person, so she has many friends.

She has no experience climbing and she has a little acrophobia.


Age: 42

Jeremy believes indoor rock climbing will give him new challenges.


Fitness enthusiast




Fitness rejector



Age: 40

Age: 12

Occupation: Accountant

Occupation: Student

Location: San Francisco, CA

Location: San Francisco, CA

Mark is not a fitness enthusiast. His irregular life leads to some problems with his health. His wife often goes to the gym and tells him a lot about the benefits of fitness.

Kelly is a child who likes to challenge. She joined the football team in school. Her father is a climbing enthusiast and often takes part in outdoor climbing activities. Kelly Kelly participated in a community gym climbing event and fell in love with this sport. She wants more training.

He is busy every day.

His irregular diet, like to eat high-calorie foods.

His body fat is on the rise every year.

There are some problems with his health, and his wife hopes he can keep 2-3 days a week to go to the gym.

He focused on his work and thought that exercise would take up the time of his work.

His friends persuaded him to keep exercise and suggested that he change his eating habits.



Kelly's home has many photos about her father climbing; she likes to listen to my father that rock climbing story.

She did not follow her father to participate in outdoor climbing, but she knows a lot of rock climbing tools.

She runs with her mother on weekends.

Kelly's concentration is not enough, and she is often distracted from doing other things.

Her mother encouraged her to participate in community rock climbing activity.




"Never stop" person



Age: 64

Age: 17

Occupation: Teacher, Retired

Occupation: Student

Location: San Francisco, CA

Location: San Francisco, CA

Ryan is a retired teacher, and he goes to the gym every day to exercise. He thinks exercise can make him look younger. His grandson joined the school's climbing club and learned a few things about rock climbing. He thought it was interesting.

Maurice is a high school student; he can balance learning and sports well. He has a great interest in extreme sports. He challenged many extreme sports. Maurice tries to find another challenge sport.

Like running in the park every morning.

He has been in a lot of competitions and has won some awards.

He met many young friends at the gym and they helped him exercise.

He suffered a lot of injuries because of training extreme sports.

He has had some outdoor climbing experience.

He did not adapt to the post-retirement life at the beginning, and he staying at home everyday.

He wants to be a great extreme athlete, but he has not found his favorite sport yet.

His son helped him join a fitness club a year ago.

He likes to browse the website and subscribe to online courses.

He often goes to the park to train skateboards and explore new moves.

He likes to learn new things. He learned the guitar, cooking and carving after he retired.

He goes to the gym 2-3 days a week.

He asked some rock climbing clubs, and now he hopes to train rock climbing indoors.


Extreme sports enthusiast




Brand Grids past







Keywords and Pin Boards



Dynamic Powerful Passionate










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