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Water h a s Memori e s

SPRING The anonymous water knows all my secrets. And the same memory issues from every spring.

THIRST The only possible proof of the existence of water, the most convincing and the most intimately true proof, is thirst.

INFINITY To disappear into deep water or to disappear toward a far horizon, to become part of depth of infinity, such is the destiny of man that finds its image in the destiny of water.

COLOPHON This book was designed by Jin Xia for The Book as Lens: Photo Books, taken at Washington University in St. Louis in the spring of 2018. Typeface included: Minion Pro. Images taken and processed by Jin Xia, text excerpted from Gaston Bachelard’s Water and Dreams: An Essay on the Imagination of Matter, 1999.

Water Has Memories  
Water Has Memories