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România, Timişoara Iancu Văcărescu 19, ap 13 300182

(+40) 75 11 33 614











CV Education Polytechnic University of Timisoara, Faculty of Architecture Graduated from “Spiru Haret” Lyceum, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

2009 – Present 2009

Work Polytechnic University of Timisoara, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism Urbanism cours – assistant lecturer

Febr. 2013- Oct. 2013

“WEAREX3” Design Studio, Graphic Design Intern Timisoara,Romania

Febr.2013- May 2013

“GEI-2A” Architecture Summer Intern Barcelona, Spain

July 2013- Sep. 2013

“DNA” Architecture Summer Intern Barcelona, Spain

July 2013- Sep. 2013

“Arhitekt” Architecture intern Timisoara, Romania

Oct. 2011- Nov. 2011

“Spirit Blossom” Fashion Design Emploee Chisinau, Moldova

Summer 2007 and 2008

Leadership Activities Designer “Casa care-mi place”

independently students organized contest, Timisoara

Prizes won Feb. 2013-present

Co-founder “Sapunarii” team

movie nights, Fac. of Architecture, Timisoara

Founder “Ce? Unde? Cand? Timisoara”

/What? Where? When?/ weekly intelectual game contest


Best Urban project of the 5th year

Jan. 2014

Won, Erasmus Schoolarship

June 2012

Nominee, “Tres Courts”

May 2012

Nominee, “Filmul de Piatra”

Jan. 2012

Romanian Register of Urban Planners Erasmus placement, Barcelona


Co-founder “TimiQuest” city quest contest, Timisoara

Editor-in-chief, Lyceum newspaper “Vlastarul” Editor-in-chief independent newspaper “Tractorul”


film festival, national selection, Romania film festival, experimental section, Piatra Neamt, Romania

2008-2009 2007

2nd place “MOB”

Nov. 2011

2nd place “A mirror for Cartier”

Nov. 2010

movie contest, Institute Francois Timisoara photo contest, library Cartier, Chisinau, Moldova


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ďŹ rst year project

The task was to create two related spaces. Spaces had to be connected and to communicate with each other. The material had to be a cardboard duplex sized 70x100 cm and we had to use all of it, with no leftovers.



Location: Timisoara, Romania Area: 1000 sqm Year: 2010/2012

The Bridge had to be made fully out of wood and to host also a restaurant, a closet and storages. The concept was to unify the two paths from the opositte sides of Bega. I also considered it important to make the bridge accesible by bkie and by The task was to come up with a bridge people with disabilities so my bridge was a continover the Bega Chanel in Timisoara, Ro- uous ramp. Structuraly everything was based on triangles as mania. the triangle si the most resistant form. The Chanel was build during the Aus- The rithm of the wooden slats makes the restaurant, witch is in the middle of the bridge, have trian occupation and is oneo f the more light but stil keep it privatea nd in shadow. most valuable sites in Timisoara.

MIXT use

Collaborated: Dohotaru Constanta Ana Cosma Location: Timisoara, Romania Area: 3080 sqm Year: 2013-2014

This is my TH year school project. The site is situated in a residential area, built in the 1900s, nearby the center of Timisoara. The building had to host commercial ground floor, public space, underground parking, offices and apartments. We decided to place the offices next to the street, so that it can serve as a noise barrier and can face the north. The residential area was placed in the back. The concept was to create a sequence of squares with increasingly intimacy - from the street to the back side of the site. The main square would be near the street and marked with a 35m multifunctional - tower.



The site is situated in Timisoara, in the peripheral area. It hosted industry supplies in the past and now is a left out, forgotten and dangerous area. Our team came up with a vision and a strategy in order to revitalize, populate and make it attractive.

After some changes in public transport we would make the nearby park, an attractive one. Then will be configurated the pedestrian that will come from the city Centre, pass near the park and go to the Green Forest, right next to out site, outside the city area, in the north. The next step would be the conversion of one of the old hall of the site, into a multi-functional cultural Centre (Ch.Alexander, Pattern Language). The other parts will be divided into parts: near the streets - penetrations - will be offices and millennium stores, the collective 5 store buildings will be situated next to the lower traffic roads and the private houses will be in the middle, protected from the notice and high traffic. The pedestrian street Realizing the importance of memory of the place, made over the years, we decided to keep and emphasize it. The site, a witness to the industrial era, will host a lively pedestrian that will serve as gate and invitation to the Green Forest. Physically, the gate will consist of reinforced concrete bridge stock, found on the site. The pedestrian will be bordered by commercial and leisure services.


Best project of the 5th year by Romanian Register of Urban Planners

Collaborated: Dohotaru Constanta, Egyed Szabolcs, Fulop Fruzsina Location: Timisoara, Romania Area: 55000 sqm Year: 2013-2014

LOGO s You can have an art experience in front of a Rembrandt‌ or in front of a piece of graphic design. STEFAN SAGMEISTER



c a s a c a r e - m i p l a c e timeline

my website sketch

P A O summer school show poster

C E ? U N D E ? C Ă‚ N D ? posters

The Playground

In Bucuvina, Romania, at a country inn, we were asked to build something for the kids. My team came up with a concept witch involved moldavian history. They asked us to buid one element and we chose the CUBE. I was the head architect and had to lead the project and site. It took us 7 days of fun and a lot of new things to learn.


The shelter

Near Petrosani, Romania, at a altitude of 2km above the sea level, we were asked to help buiding a shelter fot people visining to have a sleep-over. We used only local materials like stone, clay, wood. We stayed there for a week and again, gained a lot of experienc e. We had 30 degrees during the day and -1 at night, tzuika was our best friend! If it happens you to visit Romania, you shouldn’t miss that region, as it is full of history, it is told that Zamolxex lived there and could see the stars during the day though the roks!


WORK shops





Once, we thought how provocative architecture contests can be and yet, how little time we have for anything else other than school. Still, how awesome it would be to have a contest based on a workshop project, common for more colleges, maybe even all of those around the country. It seemed to be an impossible dream, but in July 2009 a group of students met, representing the 6 students’ organizations of the 6 architecture colleges in Romania and they decided to try to convince their teachers to accept this challenge. The idea was too good in order to fail, so here we are now, at the 3rd edition of a project that we come to enjoy more and more: The Annual Competition for Architecture Students (“Concursul Anual al Studenţilor Arhitecţi”) For you, the second-year architecture students. 2013

The 3rd edition of the C|A|S|A contest was coming, and the opening was scheduled in Targul Mures, Romania. Due to the low budget and few answers from sponsors, we had to be creative. Students were coming from all over Romania, Moldova, Hungry, some from Ukraine and Austria. We had to prepare a welcoming kit. I came with the c|a|s|a glasses idea. A logo for each eye. We had to cut 1200 glasses, by hand, out of cupboard, 24 hours before the grand opening.

I always thought good photos were like good jokes. If you have to explain it, it just isn’t that good

PHOTO graphy

“Long you live and high you'll fly and smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry and all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be.” Pink Floyd

Konstantza's PORTfolio  

This is my what i've done till now, january 2014 .

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