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Tips in choosing motivational speakers These days in the corporate world there is so much of pressure in and around it is important to understand that the employers need to understand the fact that they need to motivate their employees at each and every step. So here arises the need for the motivational speakers wherein the employers seek the help of the motivational speaker so as to identify the problems of the employees and grant them job satisfaction. Basically there are two kinds of motivational speakers namely the self motivator and leadership motivators. The self motivators are referred as the people that have motivated themselves so as to achieve the desired results. The self motivators are the motivators that have a background in sports, adventure. Further they are referred as the true winners as they have emerged as winners after overcoming an obstacle or difficulty in their lives. They are the people who have emerged victorious after facing many obstacles. The second category of the motivational speakers are referred as leadership motivator, they usually have a background in business, military or in a sports not just as mere players but they have also held posts of a coach or a manager rather than just a player. While you are selecting the motivational speakers for the event it is important to understand the needs and the wants of the audience. It is also essential to understand the goals and aspirations of the audience you are going to address. While choosing the motivational speakers it is important to understand the message you are intending to impart to the audience targeted. Unless you are not clear about the message you are intending to impart the motivational speaker will not understand the aim of the speech and there will not be any use for the speech and the message which you were intending to deliver. Hence it is important that you understand the nature of the speech so that you are satisfied with the basic nature of the speech and let it be a fruitful event. Incase you are aiming at the need of getting the individuals to re-assess and re-examine the personal circumstances both for their personal and the professional lives, then in such instances the self motivator speaker will be the apt choice. Incase you are intending to target on the values of group dynamics, team – work, trust, empathy, leadership, shared vision and values as the most important factors then it is important to remember the fact that you hire a leadership motivator. He is the person who can drive these feelings in the employees to a great extent. Further when you are intending to hire the keynote motivational speakers it is important to understand the fact that you need to beware of the speakers who haven’t achieved anything in particular but they have an in depth knowledge of text book matter. However they are very easy to identify as they tend to hide their

lack of depth and experience behind the fact of high performance areas. The effect of their speeches rarely lasts outside the venue in which they have delivered the speech.

Tips in choosing motivstional speakers