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Keynote Address on Improving Memory

• Increasing your memory can be actually very simple and very useful. This is especially true if you have a lot of clients. Most of the times, you might forget a couple names here and there and this might put you in an embarrassing situation. This again would be very significant if you are into sales and marketing. • Your clients might not get back to you immediately after your sales pitch to them. They might ask you a few months time. They are however your prospects. When they call you back a month later or even a few months later, they would expect you to remember their names, especially when they come to meet you.

If you can remember their names on the first go they will be more than impressed with you and you have much more chances of cracking the deal than you would have otherwise. Therefore you should be ready to adapt to such situations. However, here’s the problem. You would have met over 400 clients in the last one month and you are probably going to do the same the next month also. So how will you remember if one of your random 400 prospects calls up sometime in the next few months? You might think this is impossible; however, this is very possible. There are many ways that you can improve your memory and eventually you would be so good that you will be able to remember your client’s names on the go. Not only will your clients be impressed but they will also feel special and that is what you as a sales person is supposed to make them feel.

• So how do you go about increasing your memory? It is actually very simple. You don’t have to be born a genius. All you need is a little practice and the effort to increase the power of your brain. • In fact, your brain has the power to remember even the minutest details all the time. Most of the times, there power are unused. We need to unlock this potential to utilize our brain to its maximum potential.

• There are many seminars and programs that will help you enhance your memory. These workshops normally comprise of keynote speakers who would tell you how you can go on increasing your memory and how it can be applied to you practical life. • Also these workshops will have simple exercises for you to do that will stimulate your memory cells. This will get you started on improving your memory.

• You can enroll yourself to such programs that will help to make your memory better and help you discover the new potential in you. • There are many ways to go about applying this. You will find that you job will become much simpler when you can remember the names and the needs of your clients in your finger tips. • Also you will not forget some of the important things that you need to do for your clients with your wonderful memory and this will help you grow in your career.


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Keynote Address on Improving Memory