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JBS Hair invites you to experience the finest quality human hair available in the industry.

The JBS Hair Collection JBS HAIR has a variety of selections from which to choose, including Remi Hair, Indian Remi Hair, 100% Human Hair, Human Hair Blend, and Synthetic Hair. JBS HAIR brands include Satai, Pink Diamond, Karizma, Prive, Beauti Collection, She, Tru Hair, Pure Exchange, Elegante, Elegante S, Whisper, Diva Doll, Wig Box and Lace Wigs just to name a few.

CHAPTER 1 Satai 100% Human Hair

CHAPTER 2 We are consistently improving and creating new brands to offer you your complete hair guide for any occasion. Many women experiment with hair extentions to add length and color, and to create a variety of different styles. When seeking the best types of hair extentions, you should consider three things; the occasion or hairstyle you want, how long you need it to last, and your budget. Then look to the JBS Hair Collection to provide you with the best quality hair to satisfy all three of those needs. Besides the fact that JBS Hair Extensions are far superior to other brands, why should you consider wearing extensions? Extensions are the ideal solution to many of your hair problems. Wearing extensions allows you to create different styles without damaging your own natural hair. It is generally much less maintenance than your own hair, and you are able to create or add fullness and volume to your style. Wearing extensions can also help to promote the re-growth of damaged hair, giving your hair a break from chemicals and heat.

Pink Diamond Indian Remi

CHAPTER 3 Urban Beauty Karizma Remi

CHAPTER 4 Urban Beauty 100% World ‘s Finest Human Hair

CHAPTER 5 PRIVE Setting a New Standard in Hair 100% Handmade Human Hair

CHAPTER 6 The JBS brands blend well with your natural hair and offers a variety of colors and lengths. This allows you to achieve color or highlights without putting chemicals on your hair; and you can rock shorter styles without having to cut your own tresses. The benefits of wearing extensions offers endless possibilities that should not be overlooked. As always, for the best results we recommend you consult a professional stylist.

Urban Beauty Beauti Collection Platinum 100% Hand Made 100% Human Hair

CHAPTER 7 SHE Hand Chosen Finest Human Hair

The JBS Hair Collection is available at your local beauty supply store. JBS HardCover Book Produced by Total Media Group

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The Evening’s NOT special without my Satai Only the best when you want to look your best. When the evening calls for glamour and long, luxurious curls are the look you crave, you don’t need to look any further than Satai. This gorgeous mane was created with Satai Remi extensions in 1B, 27 & 30. Satai is the top of the line Remi Hair from the JBS Hair Collection. Satai can be compared to what is known as Indian Remi, but has a thicker and fuller feel than most other Remi brands. Because Satai is made with the finest quality raw material to provide the best textured Remi hair, the stylist was able to achieve beautiful, flowing spiral curls with ease. And with quality texture, the curl pattern holds longer, even while dancing the night away. With a style like this where the tracks have been blended with the natural hair it is important that you are able to maintain the extension hair to keep a natural looking, blended appearance. That’s why it’s essential to know how the hair was prepared. With Satai Remi, the cuticles are intact and healthy, running in the same direction to prevent tangling. This assures you that the combination of the extensions and the natural hair will have a smooth, healthy looking flow throughout. Another exceptional feature is that the unidirectional cuticles protects the hair from being damaged, thus offering you extensions that will be long lasting and reusable when you want to change your look. Satai is a great investment for those of you who prefer the finer things in life.

Hair By Gocha, Atlanta, GA (877.944.6242) • Makeup by Danessa Myricks • Photo by Frantz • Model Kodie Ann

Regal, like a Queen, that’s how the JBS Satai Remi Hair makes you feel; like when you walk in the room all eyes will be on you. Hair this distinguished deserves to be worn like royalty. When you choose the right HAIR brand you and your Satai will both deserve a “STANDING OVATION!” When you don’t want to have to work so hard to be beautiful, let your Satai do the work for you. THE LOOK: • the hair was sectioned off into two halves (top half into two ponytails, and the bottom half into three.) • a 6 inch track of Satai 100% Human Remi Hair from the JBS Urban Beauty Collection was pinned around each sectioned ponytail for volume & a sleek shine • each section was teased with a tail comb, then pulled up into buns (you can experiment with this look & create whatever unique shapes you desire) • in between the gap at the top, an off color track was pinned in to create a ribbon or bow effect. Creating shapes or interesting angles with a style will always make you stand out from the rest. #613 by Satai was used as the accent color.

Perfectly Weaved Up with Satai

Hair By Janel Smith, Brooklyn, NY (877.876.6263) • Makeup by Danessa Myricks • Photo by Frantz • Model Jocelyn

couture Satai Remi from the JBS Indian Remi Collection is the perfect hair for creating a regal updo style. Weddings, Proms or any special occasion demand styles that are above the ordinary so you want to make sure you are using hair that is extraordinary. Satai Remi is the top of the line Remi Hair from the JBS Hair Collection made from 100% Human Indian Remi and the cuticles are unidirectional so once the hair is pinned up you will see the same smooth consistency throughout the style from all angles. Satai Remi will last for months and with a style like this can be reused once the special affair is over. Creating this gorgeous updo using the Satai Remi brand is as simple as this... Start by sectioning a two-inch perimeter around the entire head. (If your client doesn’t already have enough hair to create the look you may have to start by sewing in a few tracks of Satai Remi. You can easily do this with a rubber band weaving technique for more flexible styling. Next, take the middle section, hold it upward and secure it with bobby pins close to the crown area Backcomb and spray the hair to keep it firm, then take about a 6 inch track of Satai Remi in #30 and secure it down with bobby pins on both sides of the flat area. Make a huge pompadour in the center. Now take the #30 hair tracks and cross over the middle section, then place a bobby pin to hold in place. Repeat on the opposite side. Keep crossing over and placing the bobby pins at the end, making sure to hide the tracks, creating a large upsweep foundation for a beautiful finished style.

Hair By Janel Smith, Brooklyn, NY (877.876.6263) • Makeup by Danessa Myricks • Photo by Frantz • Model Jocelyn




A shining example of beauty is Pink Diamond Indian Remi Hair from the JBS Hair Collection. This superior Indian Remi with its soft, silky natural flow was used to create this sensual wig. Styled in the shape of an asymmetrical bob, this beautiful head of Pink Diamond Indian Remi Hair can be fashioned in many styles, but it takes a special kind of swag to pull off this out of the box cut.

• Using your shears begin cutting the wig from the back starting in the center of the head at a 45 degree angle, cutting forward towards the front of the head with a sliding cut technique.

Creating wigs is the perfect way to keep your looks fresh and new each day without damaging your own hair. Using a brand like Pink Diamond, a great quality Remi Hair at a reasonable cost, gives you the option to create many wigs that can be easily shampooed and used again and again for a long time to come. With Pink Diamond, you get quality and longevity at a great price!

As a stylist, choosing the right brand of hair to create the perfect coif requires having the proper knowledge of a hair brand. Understanding that hair like Pink Diamond Indian Remi with healthy cuticles running in the same direction to prevent tangling will help you create an enduring style that is sure to bring your clients back for more will extend the life of your business.

• Create the same cut angle on both sides going towards the front of the head. Once you reach the ear, leave the front sections longer, but continue the same cutting pattern as you did from the back, taking the cut forward to a single point. • For the bang, use your clippers to remove the hair from the area over one eye, then go back in with your shears and clean up the cut. Bump the area that was cut with a flatiron for a sexy finish.

THE STYLE: (tools: mannequin head or your client, wig cap and plastic cap, bonding glue, scissors, 2 packs Pink Diamond Indian Remi in #1) • Place the plastic cap and the weave cap on the mannequin head • Measure the tracks from side to side in a “U” shape pattern and use bonding glue to hold them in place starting at the nape of the neck going until you reach the top of the ear. • Once you reach the top of the ear start to measure and bond the tracks all the way around the head in a circular motion until the head is completely covered • For the closure, continue your circular motion of tracking until you have about a nickel sized hole at the top. Measure about 1 and 1/2 inch of track and cut. Roll the track in until you have a roll large enough to cover the hole. Use your bonding glue to secure the track into the hole. Comb the hair over the hole and flatten with your irons.

Wig Perfection with... Hair By Gocha, Atlanta, GA 877.944.6242 • Makeup by Danessa Myricks • Photo by Frantz • Model Kimberly

There is nothing ordinary about Karizma Remi Hair from the JBS Hair Collection. Don’t let the price tag fool you. When it comes to quality Remi Hair Karizma is affordable luxury. It’s like getting a brand new Lexus for the price of a Toyota. With Karizma Remi you are #winning (twitter voice)!

...and SEXY go Hand-in-Hand

Hair By Yancey Edwards, E. Orange, NJ (973-672-1070) • Makeup by Danessa Myricks • Photo by Frantz • Model Lulu

Karizma Remi is an affordable way to create sexy, carefree styles like this multi-colored, layered wig (made with #27, 30 & 33). Creating a wig is an amazing way to achieve highlights or color without the damage that chemicals can do to your natural hair. With a Karizma Remi wig you can spend your time swimming, working out or partying with no worries. Simply shampoo your wig over and over, and still have an amazing look all summer long.

Strands of Beauty Never Lie Urban Beauty 100% Human Hair is the Yaky brand that has been the mainstay of the JBS Hair Collection for more than 10 years. The extensions are soft and manageable with a natural texture that is easy to curl and straighten. We could talk about how this editorial vision came to be, but really at the end of the day we just want you to see the beauty of the hair. The way the straight, yaky extensions blend so smoothly with the naturally curly texture of the model’s hair. The way the light reflects the shine and luminous beauty of the Urban Beauty extensions. The way the colors mesh together to show you how striking highlights will look on you with strands of Urban Beauty tracked throughout your tresses.

Hair By Gocha, Atlanta, GA (877.944.6242) • Makeup by Danessa Myricks • Photo by Frantz • Model Treasure

Making extensions from Urban Beauty your choice for creating the ideal weave style is like notes coming together on the keyboard to form the perfect love song. They are both in harmonious tune!

From straight to curly and anything in between, you get maximum usage with this superior Yaky brand. Creating zesty styles with the ultimate sex appeal is ideal with quality 100% Human Hair by Urban Beauty. When you feel like walking on the wild side and letting the tiger out in you, or if you just want to be subtle and cute, your ultimate goals will be realized with this excellent brand of hair. A ponytail is not just a ponytail when Urban Beauty is involved. With hair this astonishing every movement tells its own story and every gorgeous strand brings the story to life. ” That’s what you get with Urban Beauty Yaky Hair, and at a reasonable cost. CREATING THE VISION: • Shampoo and condition the hair then blow it dry. Use your spritz, paddle brush and blow dryer to mold and shape the hair into a ponytail pulling it up towards the crown of the head. • Once you have pulled all of the hair up create a bun in the crown area of the head and secure with bobby pins. • After the ponytail bun is firmly in place you want to create the length by double tracking your sexy Urban Beauty extension hair in #1 and 1B (this will give the tail a nice blend), and wrapping it around the bun over and over again. The longer the hair the more adventurous the tail. Bobby pin the tracks into the bun to secure in place. • Complete the look by wrapping a #27 track of Urban Beauty around the bun on top of the #1 and 1B tracks. Be sure to cover the actual tracks with the extensions as you are wrapping so that the tracks are hidden. Pin in the blond piece and blend the hair strands together for the ultimate divalicious ponytail.

Hair by Janella Duncan, Woodbridge, VA (703-897-7300) • Makeup by Danessa Myricks • Photo by Frantz • Model Kodie Ann

Bringing out the Star in You Fresh, dope, Urban Beauty, 100% human hair from the JBS Hair Collection this style is unique and in a class all its own. It just goes to show that with a brand like Urban Beauty you can be as creative and inventive as you want to be, or you can dial it back, blunt cut the entire style and create a sleek bob. Urban Beauty gives you flexible, versatility with hair that moves according to your vibe. The soft texture of the Urban Beauty brand allows the mystery of the style to naturally unfold. The spray color also took very well to the hair giving you another option for color highlights without damaging your hair. THE WORK: First a full head wig was created on a mannequin head with tracks of Urban Beauty in #27. Next the cutting started and Janel decided to make jagged cuts into a bob style going in and out at will making some sections shorter than others where she felt like making the cuts. No method to the madness, just cutting at random points, feeling it out as she moved along. Sometimes you just have to let your creativity take control. Shaper spray was used to make the hair stay as still as possible, without making it too stiff, in order to have a good base for the center. Then for the finishing touch a stencil was created to hold on the head where the designs were to be created and pink color spray was lightly sprayed on the hair to create diamonds and star shapes. The stencils were alternated between a solid square and a cut out diamond shape to create shadows and different affects....and just like that a STAR was born! Hair By Janel Smith, Brooklyn, NY (877.876.6263) • Makeup by Danessa Myricks • Photo by Frantz • Model Yasmine

An impressive vision of beauty, and we’re not just talking about the model. Luxurious, magnificent, opulent ...just a few expressions that describe the look, the feel, the life of PRIVE a far more superior brand than your average 100% Human Hair Brands. This is quality human hair that can be used for any type of style, so PRIVE made creating this look challenge free.

This PRIVE wig was created with these easy to follow steps: Step 1- Shampoo, condition, blow dry hair. Dry wrap the hair and place the wig cap on top Step 2 - Bond the tracks starting at the nape in a “U” shaped pattern and bond all the way to the crown. Make sure the tracks “KISS” to create fullness. (PRIVE 1B in 14” was used for this style.) Step 3 - Bond in some Neon Color (purple) from the JBS Neon Splash Collection for highlights, then close the wig using a circle bonding closure method. Step 4 - Blunt cut a bang, razor cutting across right below the eyebrows. Use a flatiron to create body waves all over the head.

Hair By Yancey Edwards, E. Orange, NJ (973-672-1070) • Makeup by Danessa Myricks • Photo by Frantz • Model Danielle

Are you always checkin’ for what the celebs are doing? What are they wearing, what kind of extensions are in their hair? Well search no more. From Beyonce to Rhiana, with an Urban Beauty Beauti Collection Platinum makeover you can look like the star that you want to be. From soft, silky, bouncy curls to precision cuts, highlighted with color, this 100% Human Hair brand with its natural texture produces amazing looks every single time. MAKE ME OVER: Step 1: The hair was shampooed and blown dry. Then starting at the nape, the hair was sectioned braided all the way around the head in a continuos circular pattern until the entire head was braided down. Step 2: Once the braids were completed the loose braid was sewn down. Toya then measured a hair net from the front area to the top of the crown and it was sewn on to the braids. Step 3: The weave tracking pattern was as follows: Beauti Collection Platinum 14” tracks in #4 were sewn from the nape area up to the top of the ear in a horseshoe shaped pattern. Then Beauti Collection Platinum in 18” #27 & 33 were double tracked and sewn in a circular patten around the head, followed by more tracks of 14” in #4 until a small circle was left for the closure. Step 4: The closure was completed by sewing the tracks down around the small circle until no more hair was showing. The entire closure was sewn in until you could no longer see tracks or hair. Step 5: After the tracks were completely sewn in, neon clips of color were added underneath to highlight the side that was to be cut. Toya added 613, orange, and red to make the style pop. Step 6: The shears were used to make 3 sleek angle cuts going towards the face on one side. On the opposite side a razor was used to create long side angle bangs with long layers and to create lots of volume. Step 7: The cuts were defined on the one side and slightly bumped with the flatiron. Then the flatiron was used on the opposite side to create luscious spiral curls. Toya pulled and teased the curls loose with her hands and used a wide tooth comb to finish the style to perfection. The look was complete and it was time for Brittney to step on set and shine with her 1/2 Beyonce/ 1/2 Rhiana inspired do!

Hair By LaToya Rainey, Woodbridge, VA (703-897-7300) • Makeup by Danessa Myricks • Photo by Frantz • Model Brittney

5 STEPS TO EXQUISITENESS: Step 1: Always start your weave experience with a clean pallet. Section the hair around the edge to leave hair out in case you want to pull the weave style into a ponytail. Then section out hair in the center of the head to cover the tracks where you will be parting the hair. Then begin your sectioning to cornrow the hair from the front to the nape area on both sides of the head. Step 2: Place a weaving net on top of the braided area, measure off what you need and cut away the excess. Then begin sewing the net onto the braided base. Cover the braids entirely with the net. Step 3: Now you are ready to add your unbelievable Beauti Collection hair extensions. Ronald sewed onto the braided base 2 packs of Beauti Collection #1 and mixed in 1 pack of Beauti Collection #30 all in 18” to give Eleanor a long, full body of hair. Begin sewing at the nape area in a “U” shape with the 18” #1 tracks, sewing on about 4 tracks in that color then 2 tracks of #30, then continue alternating that pattern until the top is reached and the head is completely covered. Release the hair that was sectioned off and use it to cover the tracks in the top of the head.

exotic beauty with “Beauti Collection” Blending these natural textured tracks with your relaxed hair to create the most natural appearance possible is one of the greatest benefits of the Urban Beauty Beauti Collection Platinum brand of hair. This 100% Human Hair is the best quality hair at a lower price point. They say it takes a good first impression to get a second look. A style this splendid, using Platinum Hair from the Beauti Collection will earn you more glances than you may desire. But that’s okay, go ahead and rock your remarkable tresses like it’s nobody’s business but your own. And don’t let anyone tell you you’re not “all that,” cause you most certainly are!

Step 4: After completing the weave put the finishing touches on the style by using a disposable razor and your shears to cut and shape the hair to fit the client’s face. Layer the hair to maintain the length and fullness. Step 5: Roller set the hair with setting lotion. Saturate to get a better curl. Dry under a dryer. Take out the rollers and use your fingers and a good teasing comb to pull out those big luminous curls.

Hair By Ronald Caldor, Hempstead, NY (516.984.8796) • Makeup by Danessa Myricks • Photo by Frantz • Model Eleanor

Beauti Collection 100% Human Hair has the most natural texture of weave extension hair avaliable to you. That simply means that when you blend it in with your own relaxed hair no one will be able to distinguish where your hair ends and the weave extensions begin. It’s a match made in heaven to give you a glorious appeal and have everyone asking, “what made your hair grow so beautiful and healthy looking?” Just smile and say, “Beauti Collection .” With an assortment of types spanning from straight to wavy, clips to bulk hair, with the Beauti Collection series you can blend the extensions with your own hair to create almost any type of natural looking style you choose. For this look Gocha simply glued all of the tracks going forward hanging over the face, then used her hair pins to pin the style into two different, amazing buns. She used a track to wrap around the bun to hide the other tracks and to help secure the buns in place. She curled the hair before creating the bun to add height and fullness to the buns. Tracking in 3 different colors of Beauti Collection extensions (#2, 27, 30) two masterful updos were created, taking Kodie Ann from a dry, curly coif to stylish diva in an instant.

Hair By Gocha, Atlanta, GA (877.944.6242) • Makeup by Danessa Myricks • Photo by Frantz • Model Kodie Ann

100% Human Hair, 100% Natural Texture, 100% Beauti Collection! Hair that gets you a doubletake. The JBS Beauti Collection series is what beauty looks like in weave extensions. It doesn’t get any better than this when you desire a variety of style choices with multiple weaving options at a low price. Hair By Gocha, Atlanta, GA (877.944.6242) • Makeup by Danessa Myricks • Photo by Frantz • Model Kodie Ann

Intertwined with 1B, 27 & 30 this vision is a true reflection of all things special when it comes to weave styling.

Who is SHE? SHE is sultry, SHE is sensuous, SHE sets the mood, SHE has got it going on! SHE is 100% Human Hair and premium fibers blended together to make magic happen. SHE is available in a variety of styles including, Yaki Weaving, Body Wave, Body Twist, Spanish Weaving, French Twist, French Ripple, Deep Weaving, Super Bulk, Deep Bulk, and a variety of colors and lengths that allow for versatile styling options. When you want to be Chic be on the look out for SHE!

She’s ready to put that sweet, girlish innocence behind her and step into the nightlife. Her long, straight mane has become a bore. But wait, no cutting, she might want to return to the time when she seemed incorruptible, “she smiles.” Time to break out the SHE from the JBS Hair Collection. The mood setter, with sexy curls already in place, the short style that simply needs to be weaved on to immediately see that on this night, the club scene will be jumping and from across the room they will know She is wearing that SHE! Something this funky needs to be in the form of a wig cause you want to break it out for those “oooh I want to look different tonight “occasions. Get your stylists to measure your head and create a HOT, sexy wig with SHE. The texture feels like a natural perm and you can curl it with temperature up to 350F degrees. Let the party girl out tonight and let her rule the dance floor, cause SHE looks so good!

Hair By Gocha, Atlanta, GA (877.944.6242) • Makeup by Danessa Myricks • Photo by Frantz • Model Kodie Ann

Experience the Difference SHE Makes! An amazing transformation requires awesome tools, and Urban Beauty has just the thing you need to transform. SHE hair extensions from the JBS Hair Collection is affordable hair that sets your style apart from the others and is sure to set you on your way to a masterful weave style. There is beauty in every package of the She 100% Human Hair & Premium Fibers blend. Beauty that is unleashed with every track that is added, natural looking curls that are already packaged and ready to be that to the unknowing appears to be your own. That’s what you get with SHE! Taking Sincerely from short, natural curls to luscious, long locks, was a breeze. As you can see, this makeover resulted in absolute perfection after Janel created a braided base to apply the stunning tacks of SHE in #27 & #30. A section of hair was clipped off in the top to create a part and to leave hair for coverage of the tracks. The hair was braided on each side going from the top of the head down to the nape in medium sized braids and meeting in the center at the nape, then sewn down to lay flat in the back. The SHE extensions were double tracked onto the base starting with the #30, then a combination of double tracks of #27 & 30 were alternated throughout the head. Tracks were sewn on in a “U” shaped pattern from side to side. Once the top was reached with the tracks, the parted section was released and combed down to cover the tracks. Hair By Janel Smith, Brooklyn, NY (877.876.6263) • Makeup by Danessa Myricks • Photo by Frantz • Model Sincerely

The hair in the top was layered with a razor comb and large barrel curls were made throughout the entire head to complete this sultry style.

The JBS Hair Collection Step by Step Style Book  
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