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As Singapore’s national research and development (R&D) organisation, it takes a special breed of people with passion to succeed in our core mission. With an unceasing quest for knowledge and innovation, they defy the seemingly impossible to develop technological surprises to sharpen the cutting edge of Singapore’s national security.


MORE THAN JUST A CAREER For DSO to succeed in its mission, we need to be ahead of our competitors and establish ourselves as the leader in our field. We must continuously push the boundaries of modern science and technology. This mission can only be achieved by our most valuable asset – our people. That’s why at DSO, we look beyond providing a career. We believe in nurturing your passion and developing our people into well-rounded individuals.

People, Passion and Innovation DSO is all about our People. They represent our Passion, Innovation and ultimately, our mission. We pride ourselves as a forward-thinking organisation with comprehensive learning programmes and career development opportunities so that you can continually innovate, achieve, grow and enjoy what you do.

Career Aspirations At DSO, we understand and want to play a part in fulfilling your career aspirations by offering you dual career opportunities. The two structured career paths will further develop your qualities and skills along either a specialist or management path.

Professional and Personal Growth Your dynamism and vitality will continue to give DSO the edge and fuel our strive for new innovations. DSO has a systematic approach towards helping you realise your fullest potential through continuous learning and development.

Working Environment What has made DSO a great place to work for our people is exemplified by the unique culture we have created – an environment that promotes worklife balance amongst our organisational needs and the health, family and personal pursuits.

The Start of an Adventure At DSO, we are proud of our wide and diverse spectrum of R&D work. If you have the passion for engineering, science and computing, we want to hear from you. With research activities ranging from underwater and space to land and cyberspace, no other career can offer a similar adventure.

DSO National Laboratories 20 Science Park Drive Singapore 118230 Tel: (65) 6776 2255 Fax: (65) 6775 9011 Email: Website:

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