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How to grade a restaurant depending on the elements that you grade, and if it satisfies your necessities.

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Many people would ask, why rating a restaurant? We are not specialist, so what’s the point to do that? I would tell you why and how we grade a restaurant. It is


The first thing that we have to check in a restaurant is their parking lot, because while you are eating you can enjoy your food without the worry of security outside.


The next step is the hygiene; you can check it through the tableware.


Then, the waiter service, because it would influence your mood and your appetite before and during the dinner. Both restaurants can have the same delicious food, but the service is the key to distinguish.


You can also check the decoration in case of a dinner for two; girls care about the class of the restaurant.


The environment is very important because if you want to talk during your dinner you would like a silent space or if you bring your family, it should be a comfort place to the coexistence.


The most careful thing to check is the price, how much would you spend on the dishes, if it value what you pay for each person you bring.


The last thing to check is the quality of the food, if it seems to be clean, if it smells good, and tastes are depending on you.

Now you can understand what’s the importance of the restaurant’s grades. After these steps you will be able to select a restaurant to go with your lover, your family and your friends!

How to by Jing Wu How to choose the best restaurant to celebrate your birthday Are you getting problems with the place to celebrate your birthday? Are you worried about the your party? Have limited budget? There are some steps to guide you to the solution!


First of all, you have to know what you want to eat, because not all the restaurants are a good option for you. You may have a specific diet, maybe you are a vegetarian, and therefore you would need another type of food than regular ones.


When you had decided the food you want to eat the next step is to identify likes and dislikes in the guest you are inviting, this will help you to select a good place to satisfied all of their requests.


When the people had agreed about a type of food, the next step is to find possible restaurants that have that kind of dishes.


After you have found a possible restaurant, check your budget and discard the restaurants that you can’t pay.


When you have the options after discarding, select a restaurant that is closer to your address or the restaurants with better locations.


After selecting the restaurant with a better location, select the one that you will like more, the one with the best environment and decoration.

Now is easier to solve all your troubles. Your birthday should be a happy day, don’t destroy your mood with worries!!! Happy Birthday!!!!

How to by Jing Wu Interview by Jing Wu With stints at Le Bernardin a Restaurant Danny’s on his resume, honors that include the 2005 James Beard Award for Pastry Chef of the Year, and a collection of eponymous patisseries and bakeries in New York, Las Vegas, Japan, and Korea, François Anderson is one of the greatest living examples of the master pastry chef.

Ask: Do you think being a great pastry chef is a natural talent, or is it something anyone can learn?

Chef Anderson: I think that it can be learned, but it’s important that you have patience, passion, dedication, and work hard. You have to enjoy every what you do.

Ask: How did you decide to become a chef?

Chef Anderson: The childhood of the kids in common is playing some sports, drawing or reading; and mine was shaking all the sauce that were in the kitchen of my house, I loved to play with the recipients, read recipes and taste foods. I remember that my first dish was on my six birthday, I organized a party on my house and my mom decided to make a cake with me. When I saw the satisfied face on my family and my friends because they had tasted the cake, I felt so happy, and since then I just fall in love with cooking. So I think that I have become a chef because I love what they do, what they use and see the happy face on the people who had tasted my dishes.

Ask: In a restaurant, how important is the relationship between the chef and the pastry chef?

Chef Anderson: The relationship between everyone in the kitchen imports to the effect of the dessert, sometimes we gather to think matches to combine the dishes to the dessert, these two together have to make sense on flavors.

Ask: What new ingredient or ingredients are inspiring you right now?

Chef Anderson: I used to find ingredients while I traveled or exchange ideas with another chefs. I usually buy ingredients in France, because their fruits are cleaner, fresher and have a seductive smell than other countries. But actually I’m trying to make combinations with the tea flavors, mix them with cake or cookies.

Ask: Of all the French pastries, which are your favorite to make?

Chef Anderson: I love to make cakes with all the flavors that you can’t imagine, as I had mentioned before, my first dessert was a cake, so I just can’t stop, I have lost the control on myself.

It’s a pleasure having a conversation with Anderson; I’ve learned so much with him. Chef Anderson is a nice and funny person, he share with us all of his experiences and tastes.

Interview by Jing Wu

Makiyo Hagasaki: The female sushi chef taking California by storm When you decide to start up a sushi catering business and open a Japanese tapas restaurant, success isn’t something that comes overnight.

Ask: As well as your successful businesses you have three children. How have you found being a working professional mum?

However, Makiyo Hagasaki is fast becoming the next big thing in Japanese cuisine in California with her passion for making fresh top quality sushi.

Makiyo: They are my inspirations after all, because as a mother, I have to make sure what they eat should be healthy and delicious. That’s why I contribute a lot of my time to make new rolls and dishes to make them eat. For example the vegetables, they are bad to ingest them, so what I do is create rolls with vegetables making funny pattern. It is a useful idea for mothers. Ask: What do you think has been key to your success? Ask: Sushi has boomed in recent years in California. Why do you think it has become so popular? Makiyo: I think that people in the 21st century has become more careful with their diet, specially Americans, because they had become the first country that has the highest index of obesity. The sushi is low in fat and high in protein, so I think that they just try to change their food in something delicious and healthy. The most important fact that can also be a cause is that all the Asians are thin, so they thought that their diet is relate to the body they have.

Makiyo: I think that it relates so much to the ingredients that I use for sushi. As the phrase of the professional chef said: “The seventy percent of your dishes depend on

the ingredients and the rest on the chef� so that’s why I am so strict on chosen fishes and rice. I supervised every single ingredient that I use. I don’t use any prepackaged food, because the sell point of the sushi is the freshness of the meal, so any Japanese cuisine chef could not use frozen packaged fish.

lunch. I love sushi; it is the most delicious food I have ever tasted in my life so I just decided to become a chef to continue developing more about sushi culture around the world.

Ask: Would you like to have a school for teaching? Makiyo: Yes, of course. I would like to share all of my knowledge to people like me, who has fallen in love with sushi. I would be glad to do that. Ask: Why are you so passionate on sushi? Makiyo: Because my father was a great Japanese chef, he influence me so much on my career, he is my teacher. When I was a child, he used to make my lunch, when I got to school all of my classmates envy my

Now we can understand why this mother has become so popular and famous, all that I can say is that the love of a mother is the biggest motivation of the world.

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Interview by Jing Wu

Ask: You are a Thai, why are you known as a Chinese cooker?

Guest: Ken Hom

Ken: Well, people always confuse me as a Chinese, because both countries are located in Asia, so we are just similar like each other. China is a known country, but not many people know about Thailand. Both countries have similar dishes, so it’s not big deal if I am known like a Chinese cooker.

Ask: So these foods use the same ingredients to prepare?

When Five Forks met with Ken Hom he was sitting at his usual table at the Dorchester. He stays at the hotel every time he comes to London, and it's a good fit - calm, relaxed, quiet, yet welcoming. Now based in Thailand, Ken was in town to help celebrate the re-launch of his most celebrated work Chinese Cookery – the multi-million selling culinary tome first published 25 years ago.

Ken: I would say a yes. The ingredients are the same but the cooking techniques are different and the tastes have a big difference in the flavor.

Ask: Who was your inspiration to win the Best Chef Award?

Ken: Of course is my wife, she is an amazing woman. She is a Chinese and that’s why I decided to involve to the Chinese cuisine. She likes very much what I cook, and she enjoyed the dishes I made for her. Every time she has eaten a delicious dish she smiles like a flower. I have fallen in love with her smile.

Ask: Do you like more Chinese food or Thai food?

Ken: Honestly, I like more the Chinese one, because I don’t like that much the flavor of the Thai food. The Chinese food is characterized of the salty taste and the Thai one is more chili and sour flavor.

Ask: Will you continue participating on the next Best Chef Award?

Ken: No, because I should leave this opportunity to the Youngers to support them continue their passion on cook. And I am on the age to retire.

Humor by Luis Lugo

3 Jokes about food

His wife says she bought some damn ham from the butcher. The preacher scolds his wife for using such language in their home. She explains the “Dam-Ham” brand name and their logo. At the dinner table, the preacher ask his 16-year old son to pass him the “Dam ham” 1. Why did the ants dance on the jam jar? – The lid said, “twist to open” 2. How can you tell that a blonde’s been baking chocolate chip cookies? – There are M&M shells all over the floor. 3. A preacher’s wife goes to the butcher. The butcher asks if she’d like to try some damn ham. The preacher’s wife is shocked. The butcher explains that “Damn-Ham” is the brand name of the meal and shows her the packaging with the bear and that night, the preacher ask, “what’s for dinner?

The son replies, “I’ll pass the damn ham if you pass me the muth*****ing “mashed potatoes”.

Essay Article by Luis Lugo How dangerous can bad eating could be? The food is a basic need of human body. It is of prime importance in attainment of normal growth and development. The role of nutrition food cannot be neglected in promotion of health and prevention of disease In recent years the influence of malnutrition in the area of mental retardation is being actively invented. In the more developed countries of the world, nutrition problems are somewhat different. Over nutrition is encountered much more frequently than under nutrition. The terms food and nutrition are sometimes synonymously but is not correct. Food is a composite mixture of various substances. If you eat badly you can have the risk of having bad health or you can get sick.

Another thing you can suffer of bad eating is fatness and you will feel bad with yourself. If you combine good eating with exercise you will be, as you want to be physically. In conclusion we need to be more selective with the food we chose to eat and take conscience of what we eat to have better health.

No more worries of burning food

The favorite restaurant

Everyone has a favorite restaurant where they eat. The best restaurant is the one that makes you feel like in a peaceful place with the most delicious food in the world you can have a lot of good feelings. That one restaurant is the most exquisite place to eat and is truly the finest restaurant in town for you, actually if the service has few mistakes, you will not notice the only thing you will want is to eat that delicious food

always feel that emotion before entering to the restaurant. And when you breathe and have that smell of food, it reminds you how hungry you are and how bad do you want to sit and eat. The most of the people will like that restaurant the makes you happy when you eat in that place also you can know that you love that restaurant if you want all the people to know that place and want them to go to that place and eat.

In conclusion those are the feelings you experience when you are going to your favorite restaurant and are one of the best feelings you can have.

When you walk into that restaurant you obtain the best feeling, no matter how many times you go there, you

Pink ribbon

Essay Article by Luis Lugo

Identification of a dietary pattern characterized by highfat food choices associated with increased risk of breast cancer:

There was no evidence of effect modification by menopausal status, overweight status and use of hormone replacement therapy, respectively. In conclusion, a food pattern characterized by high-fat food choices was significantly associated with increased risk of breast cancer. Given that the food pattern was high in all fatty acid fractions, we found evidence for total dietary fat rather than for specific fatty acids to be associated with breast cancer risk.

Among these, there were 137 incidents involved with breast cancer that had to be with high fat food, the studied this people and they identify that the people were characterized by low consumption of juice and bread and a lot of consumption of butter, fish and meat. As in conclusion as females or males we need to have conscience of the high fat meals and always take care about the food we consume. Also we need to inform all the people we love so they can start taking care of themselves.

Investigative by Luis Lugo

People who wanted to share with us were female people of the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer Nutrition (EPIC) help us to know more about the effects of high fat food in breast cancer the help us with complete dietary information for an average of 6 years.

Jeremy Culver

Jeremy culver is a famous chef, his role is an executive chef at Josephs’s by Citarella hi has been interested in food almost in his whole life and his passion and effort has made him the person that he is now. Jeremy Culver born in Wisconsin, he grew up seeing his father and grandfather in the farm; how they attend all the family with the resources they had in the farm, when he was a child he learned about fruit, vegetables and livestock materials.

He grow and enters to the University of Wisconsin were he have his studies, when he finished the he starts to develop a novice love to the grill and he started cooking for his friends and family, always when the family were having a special meal he always offered to do the food for the family, this helped him to rise up his confidence and was maybe the turning point of the life of Culver. Jeremy starts to have success with the food and he was hired as Grade Manager at Harvest-on-Huron, when his grilled talent was discovered; he was moved to that position and remained for the duration of his tenure. Know that he is famous he has access to a variety of types of food just because who he is, and that makes him be innovative with all food he does. This show us that we can be whatever we want if we do it with passion and responsibility and this can make all the people success in what they want to be.

Profile by Luis Lugo

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Food that will make your date dif ferent Food\

When we think on a date we want something really special, different and unique, but reality is another story. Over the years dates have become more common, they are always equal. Stop doing the typical things and become more creative. For this reason I’ll give you some tips to make a date different and it will be enjoyed by you and your couple.

First, the food is one of most fundamental parts of the date and what is better than you cooking the food because as they say “it’s the thought that counts”. For these reason thinks in the food that you can cook, that is easy, and delicious. It all depends on the taste of your couple but some dishes that I recommend could be: spaghetti, fettuccine, chicken breast whit salad, steak among others. Another important part of the date is the place, It is not necessary to be on a restaurant, it can be in your house, in your couple’s house, in a park, etc. The important thing is to be in a place where both feel comfortable and preferably that you have good memories there. Something that can never miss on the date if it’s at night is candles. Give whit them a special touch to your table and it’s better if it’s outdoors. If the date is in the afternoon a perfect touch for her is to be outdoors and watch the sunset together. These tips will be able to make a difference in your date, make it more special and fun than usual.

Creative by Kathia Laurian

First restaurant in Mexicali All the cities always have historical places, one example of these are the restaurants because all around the world they exist and Mexicali is not the exception, it is well known as a city of Chinese food. Mexicali has always been the house for Chinese population, for these reason the first restaurant in this city was of Chinese food named “El dragón”. The dragon’s restaurant is part of Mexicali since 1918. This restaurant was practically founded with Mexicali city. This restaurant is located in the city center, next to the border with the USA. “El dragón” is a historical cachanilla” or some One of the main Chinese food. Therefore city restaurant because it Their food is the most Chinese food, this experience and it’s a place that you must go.

Historical by Kathia Laurian

part of Mexicali as “plaza monument like Justo Sierra. attractions of the region is tourist go to the historical is a great attraction for them. attached to the traditional restaurant has so much

Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are. This quiz will help you know what actress or actor you are, depending on what you eat. 1) When a friend invites you to a Japanese restaurant you choose: a) California’s roll b) Sky, earth and sea roll c) Teriyaki d) Yakimeshi e) Udon soup 2) When you are in a Chinese restaurant your prefer: a) Fried rice b) Chun cun c) Wonton d) Shop suei e) Chow mei 3) When a friend invites you to a Mexican restaurant you choose: a) Tamales b) Pozole c) Chimichanga d) Tacos e) Sopes 4) When you are in a Italian restaurant your prefer: a) Pizza b) Lasagna c) Fettuccini

d) Ravioli e) Spaghetti 5) When a friend invites you to a French restaurant you choose: a) Baguette b) Ratatouille c) Creeps d) Macaroons e) Croissant

6) When you are in a Korean restaurant your prefer: a) Malgeunkguk b) Gomguk c) Kimchi d) Banchan e) Noodles 7) When a friend invites you to a Germany restaurant you choose: a) Aacher b) Hendl c) Marzipan d) Rouladen e) Spenferkel 8) When you need decide appetizer you choose: a) Salad

b) Bread c) Soup d) Cookies e) Tea



You are like Kim You are like Taylor Kardashian, she loves Lautner because he the typical food. likes the typical dishes but in occasion he eats something different.




You are like BeyoncĂŠ because she like to eat strange dishes but never leave the typical food.

You are like JLO because she likes to eat extravagant or strange food.

You are like Lady Gaga because she always likes to eat different, is unique and strange.

If your answer were mainly:

Survey by Kathia Laurian

Le pettite We All have a place we love to go, yesterday I was in Mexicali in "le pettite " . This is a very interesting Italian/French bar and restaurant, it is different, a unique place. They serve many delicious cocktails as well as other drinks. My favorite was pineapple with strawberry juice. The food is excellent, especially the classic fettuccine and house baguette, Le pettite baguette. Both meals and drinks are, at a good price considering the amount of tasty and succulent food they serve, the quality and service that this restaurant bar provides. The place is decorated with a Paris style with and a bit of Italian, including a small Eiffel Tower with a contemporary touch yet old . The atmosphere is very nice and there is French classical music playing inside the restaurant, also the have a person singing superb. If you love good food, especially French or Italian I recommend this place as it has a very good service, prices according to what they offer and a wonderful atmosphere.

Personal experience by Kathia Laurian

The taste of memories We all have some things that brings us back to our past, some are a tees, vestige or other clothing , some other mansard , smell or even a person ; but unmistakable something that reminds us of past times is to eat a special dish. Everyone at some point in their lives have been exposed to a meal that reminds them of something , either to their childhood when they ate grandma’s food or that time when they got sick and they got very spoiled with delicious dishes . Some memories when you first try a saucer can be of much happiness either because it was the time you declared to a certain person in a restaurant or because something happened and you met the love of your life. Also to try a meal may cause nostalgia for example when eating something you used to only eat with that special person who has died, you can also remember something very funny as when you used to mash the potatoes from school to start a food war, you ended up all dirty but you turned around laughing together with your friends. When you grow up there will always be a special meal that reminds you of those nights you ate with your parents and maybe at that time you did not want to eat it or maybe it was your favorite food in your childhood, over the years your life changes but food always tastes the same and it will still make you remember things of the past, as each bite is part of your life.

Nostalgia by Kathia Laurian

Forum Gastronomic Galicia The third edition of the Forum Gastronomic Galicia is to present all the news of enogastronomico sector, which will take place in Santiago de Compostela , Galatia during the days 23, 24 and 25 February in ExpoCoru単a , the meals will be made based on products necessarily from the sea.

Through this event the best chefs meet and cook national and international food, doing some cooking demonstrations, for the purpose of donating the money to children that suffer leukemia. Some of the celebrities who are present are sommelier Josep and pastry chef Jordi Roca of brothers, from the best restaurant in the world, El Celler de Can Roca and also a lot of chefs throughout Galatia as Pepe Solla, Iago Castrillon and Eva Pizarro, Javier Olleros , Lucia Freitas, Alen Tarrio , Iago Pazos and Mark Cerqueiro. It is calculated that they cook for a total of 3000 people and a make more than 150 dishes during the event.

Some chefs attend to provide a certain amount of people, different workshops and some conferences, along with the exhibition cost of 50 dollars per person.

New By Brenda Duque

Grant Achatz’s Biography Grant Achatz is an American chef and restaurateur, born on April 25 1974, now he and his family are living in the city of New York, he has 40 years old and he was diagnosed with cancer, he has left his work while he is chemotherapies. The Grant Achatz’ culinary career began working in his parents’ Michigan restaurants as a teenager, he studied in The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. After his graduation, he obtained a position at Thomas Keller’s highly acclaimed restaurant, The French Laundry, in Yountville, California. In 2001, he moved to the Chicago area to become the Executive Chef in Evanston, all the restaurants were he has worked, are sophisticated and with prestige. He is now identified as one of the leaders in molecular gastronomy or progressive cuisine. He opened his restaurant in Lincoln Park neighborhood and in 2007 Restaurant magazine added him to the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world at number 6. In 2009 he opened a new restaurant in Salzburg, Austria, where he designed an exotic menu, achieving a great success. Since his achievement he opened 5 restaurants more in every part of the world. In 2010

In 2011 he printed his first autobiography and a book of gastronomy.

Profile By Brenda Duque

Latin American Food Cancun

LAFS 2014, Latin American Food Cancun is an international exhibition of food and beverage companies in Mexico and one of the most important in Latin America, here the best businesses and professionals will be presented for the purpose of publicizing the latest innovations and developments that have arisen during the year.

The event is aimed at all food and beverage buyers worldwide and also through this event is to promote all products in Latin America. It accomplishes this through conferences and workshops theme for buyers and entrepreneurs with a special cost.

This ninth edition 2014 in the Mexican city of Cancun is celebrated between the 3rd, 4th and 5th of September, expecting to receive more than 5,000 people of different nationalities. It will feature the largest number of countries participating in any exhibition of its kind, to become ranked as one of the largest and busiest. New By Brenda Duque


Ratatouille is an animated comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures and was co-written and directed by Brad Bird.

The movie of Ratatouille is about Remy, a young rat gifted with highly developed senses of taste and smell. His idol is the chef Auguste Gusteau, he dreams of becoming a cook. Remy is separated from his family because of an accident, as a result he ends up in the sewers of Paris, after of he explores, he went out to search food and he founds himself in the kitchen of Gusteau’s restaurant.

Remy watches a young man named Alfredo Linguini is a garbage boy but he is the person with who he lives a great adventure with and gives the possibility of make his dream reality. Movie By Brenda Duque

Strings by chef R amon Freix a "Strings" is the new book by chef Ramon Freixa, who currently resides in Madrid, where he runs his own restaurant, awarded two Michelin stars. He studied Hospitality Management and Administration in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Sant Pol de Mar in Barcelona. Who through his book of over 400 pages reveals the philosophy of your kitchen and some of their meals. Carlos Allende and Javier Pe単as took each of the photographs in this book. Joan Roca, head chef at the best restaurant in the world, makes the prologue sequence.

Ramon Freixa joins three pillars of cuisine: product, technical and sentiment, for each of their dishes and suggestions. Each saucer shaped the union of other dishes and different sequences, each predetermined aside randomly.

BOOK By Brenda Duque

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