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The Ensemble Located at 1 Anthony Road near educational institutes, commercial buildings and many residential homes, The Ensemble is a mixed-used space with a music centre and café. The music centre consists of a retail store selling string instruments and pianos on the first level, together with the café, while the usage of rented facilities take place on a more private second level. The Ensemble serves as a platform to encourage involvement in musical activities and also allows the public and surrounding users to dine at the café.

Key Plan 1:500 Selected area: Multi-purpose hall

Design intent To introduce a music centre which sells string instruments and pianos and also provides rental of music facilities and lessons, and a café, into Cairnhill Community Centre, which caters to the diverse residents and users of the area. To utilise natural light and ventilation and create a sense of privacy between the first and second level (commercial and learning areas) Concept

Rhythm - movement


Perspective from retail store


Entrance of retail


Perspective from cafe

Classroom (above) and piano studio (below)

Perspective from retail store Perspective Perspectivefrom fromretail retailstore store


The Ensemble  

Project 3

The Ensemble  

Project 3