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Veterans Resource Guide Jinger Jarrett

Introduction This guide is a resource I put together to help fellow veterans. It is a living document and therefore it will never be complete. I put it together because it sometimes seems hard to find the resources you are looking for, and there are so many. Some of these resources you may recognize, and some you won't, but they are intended to help you get what you need as a veteran, whether it's a job, help with benefits, or anything else you may have questions about. If you are not a member, then please join our group on Facebook. We are here to serve: US Military Veterans - Create Your Dream Job I look forward to hearing from you,

Jinger Jarrett


Resources The list of resources is organized by category. As I find new resources, I will add them. If you need assistance, or you are looking for specific resources and can't find them, then let me know. I'll be happy to do the research and add them to the guide.

Jobs VetJobs – This site bills itself as the number one job site on the Internet for veterans. You may search for jobs or add your resume. Nice starting point. Military Hire – This is another site similar to Vet Jobs that performs basically the same function. Post your resume here too. Craigslist – This isn't just a free classified ads site. It is also the largest jobs board on the Internet. They receive about 20 million jobs a month, so you definitely want to look here. You can look in the city you want, browse by category or search by category. I use this site all the time to look for freelance writing assignments. It's also a great place to pick up some fast cash if you need it. The site is owned by Craig Newmark, and Craig is a friend to veterans. His foundations has programs where they seek to help veterans. Indeed – This is a job search engine and will search multiple jobs sites at one time. Search by what you are looking for or by location. Post your resume. Career Builder – This site allows you to search for jobs, post your resume, and get career advice. Simply Hired – Offers a special section just for veterans. You may search for jobs here by keywords and location. Also includes a special section on transferring your military skills to the civilian work force so you may want to read it. GI Jobs – Lots of good information on job hunting for those just leaving the service, as well as veterans. This is where you want to go to get prepared for your interviews. Sign up for the digital edition and receive it in your in box. Defense Contractor Jobs – If you're interested in the defense industry, then start here. There's a section for both employers and potential employees. Register and post your resume for free and look for jobs. Cleared Connections – If you had a job that came with a security clearance, you may want to consider this site. You can create an account and browse for jobs. I couldn't tell if there was a fee or not, so consider whether you want to pay one before you sign up. – If you don't have an account on this site, make sure you get one. It's a great way to connect with fellow veterans, and they have tons of advice on everything related to the military and veterans. It's also free to sign up. List of veteran friendly employers where you may consider applying for a job. There's also a list of Defense Contractor jobs available by city.


Defense Placements – If you're looking for defense contracting jobs, then check here. It looks like this could be temporary placements, but it could also get you in the door for the job you want. National Resource Directory – Tons of resources for veterans, wounded warriors, and their families. You can also find job hunting resources here, and places to look for jobs. Top 25 Defense Companies in America – These companies may or may not be hiring, but this article will give you some good information on who the big players are.

Job Hunting Resources Vet Success – The Veterans Affairs portal for everything related to veterans and jobs. This is where you go to look for programs through the VA as these programs change. New Employment Initiatives for Veterans – If you're a post 9/11 veteran, you may want to start here. This site gives you the latest information on what's available to you from the federal government. Programs change, so check back. My Next Move – This is a great place to find out how your military job fits into the civilian workplace. You can also find out what industries are hot and maybe start a new career. Army Technology – This is a good resource to help you with your resumes and cover letters. You can see all the defense contractors and the products they make. This can make it easier in locating the companies you are looking for.

Miscellaneous – This is the search engine for the federal government. You can use it to find just about anything related to the government. Huge time saver. Ementoring – I joined this site to get my life back on track, and it's one of the best things I've ever done. The program is six months long, and you can use it to deal with the job hunt or personal issues. My mentor is a combat vet with two tours in Afghanistan. He really rocks it, and he knows exactly what to tell me to get me on track or motivated. Veteran Owned Business – This is a directory of veteran owned businesses of which I am a member. Good place to look for veteran friendly companies or list yours. People Search – List of resources to help you find your buddies or connect. Also includes the DOD locator search. Military and Veterans Discounts – Thinking of taking a trip or eating out? You can find all the discounts here. Military Wallet – This is a great site for get help with personal finances, veterans benefits and discounts, and they offer a free newsletter you can sign up for. Lots of great articles and resources related to veterans. 4

Veterans Affairs Benefits – If you have questions about your military benefits, then go here. This is the official site of the US government. National Coalition of Homeless Veterans – Get information, resources, and help if you're a homeless veteran. Suicide Prevention – About 6,000 veterans commit suicide each year. More die from suicide than combat injuries now. It's a serious problem, and it's something that is only given lip service to. You can start here. Patriot Outreach – If you are a veteran contemplating suicide, or you are suffering from PTSD, then go here. This is the best resource on the Internet to help you get better, and it will help you get better if you use it. Get off the drugs and get your life back. This resource is completely free, and no one will ever know you are using it. I suffered from PTSD and depression for years. It is something anyone can get. Don't suffer in silence. Get the help you need and get your life back on track.

Contact Me As a veteran myself, I know how frustrating it can be to get the help you need. Most don't want to ask for help because they think it makes them look weak. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is those who refuse to ask for help that become a burden on the rest of us, and they need to understand that. I've set up an email address where you can contact me privately. This is completely confidential. Consider my top secret clearance I had when I was in the Army still in place. What you tell me will never be discussed with anyone else. I'm here to help. Just send me an email. Send Me an Email


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