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5 Step Online Business Checklist

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Preface About this book Lately it seems I've had a lot of people asking me questions about starting a business online, specifically, how do you get started?

This short report won't tell you everything you need to know about starting and building a business online. It's not meant to. What it is meant to do is help you get started by helping you make a few decisions. As you answer the questions, it will help you focus on what your business should be.

What I've learned is that many people never get started because they're afraid to try anything, afraid to learn anything, and afraid to break anything. If this is you, either you need to get over this, or you need to stop right here. You're wasting your time. There really are no guarantees in life except death and taxes, so taking chances really isn't as big a deal as you think.

The point is to get started. Period. You can't have a successful business online if you don't.

This report is divided into three sections: the checklist, resources from my site, and a couple of resources that will pretty much teach you the rest. If you need it step by step, then read my offer at the end and sign up.

Now get moving!


The Checklist So you want to start a business but you have no idea how to get started. Then here's what you do. Follow this checklist. As you make decisions, write your answers down. Then use your answers to help you formulate your plan for your business.

1. What type of products will you sell?

a. Your own products

b. Affiliate Programs

c. MLM

d. Services

(Remember, as your business grows, you can also add to this and use any combination. For now, just pick one.)

Will these be digital or physical products? Depending on what you are selling, they may be both. For example, if you sell computers, then you'll want to sell software too. Write down several things you are passionate about that you think you want to start a business about: i.e. health, fitness, sports, gardening, etc. (You can always clarify your topic later through keyword research.)


The Checklist

2. Will you build a website? If so, will it be a lead capture page, a content site or blog, or a combination of both?

(One page sites can be a sales letter to sell a product, a review page, a lead capture/list building page.) What's important is that you determine the purpose of your website first before creating your site. Then it's easy.)

Reasons to build a website:

a. Build a list

b. Add more value to the content you are selling

c. More ways to market

d. Recycle your traffic


The Checklist

3. How will you market your business (This is if you have a website)?

a. Search engine optimization

b. Article marketing*

c. Free and paid classifieds*

d. Joint ventures (only if you own your own products)

e. Affiliate programs

f. Press releases

g. Blogging*

h. Forums*

i. Social marketing: sites like Facebook and Myspace*

j. Video marketing*

k. Pay per click (paid)*

Although there are other ways of marketing, these are the most effective ways I have found to market, and they're all free.


The Checklist

*These can be used if you don't own a website. Just make sure you use a link cloaker to make your links look "pretty." This will protect your commissions and make it easier for you to get the click. You can get an awesome link cloaker here: Viral URL:

4. How much writing will you need to do?

Examples of writing tasks you will need to complete:

a. Articles

b. Sales letters

c. Ads

d. Product reviews

e. Website content

f. Blog posts

g. Emails

h. PPC ads

The amount of writing you do will be related to whether or not you own your own products, whether you provide your own customer service, and which marketing techniques you choose.


The Checklist

5. How do I get started?

a. Choose one of the product types from the top. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Your own products - You make more money, but you need to know something about a particular topic that you can sell.

Affiliate products - Don't require customer service, and you can even get away with not building a website, but it's harder to market because you aren't building a list because you're always looking for new traffic to your offers instead of recycling it. You're competing against others selling the exact same thing so you need to make your offers different.

MLM - Don't have to create your own product, but it can be the same problems you have with affiliate marketing. MLM can sometimes have a certain reputation that's hard to overcome with others.

Services - You have to have some type of trade that converts to a service.

b. Choose how you will market. If you are willing to write, you won't have much trouble. Personally, I recommend you get started by writing ads. Learning to write and post ads is definitely the easiest, and you can find plenty of information about this in my members' area.

c. Get started. Choose just one thing and work your way through it. It's easy to get distracted.

d. Find out what works for you. Then do more of it. This is what will make you more money.


Resources From My Site I have extensive resources available on my websites to help you get started. Depending on what you plan to do, visit the appropriate site. If you join one of my lists, you'll receive about 1 - 2 emails a week, and an occasional update.

I don't send out a lot of email because I know what it's like to be bombarded with it, and I simply don't have time to read all of that stuff. I also have an in depth privacy policy for all of my sites. I don't sell or rent my list, ever.

You'll find plenty of free stuff on all of my websites. The reason I give away so much free stuff is because it allows my readers and customers to find what they are looking for without investing a ton of money. Getting a free sample of the marketers' products will tell you which marketer can solve your problem.

You'll find a complete list of everything here:

Jinger's Best Free Resources

Free Internet Marketing Membership - Free members get The 1 Hour Business, Internet Marketing Tips Guide, KMA Cash: Make Money Without a Website, List, or Pay Per Click, Online Business Checklist, and Cash From Classifieds. I've also included a ton of other bonuses to help you.

Paid members get to post unlimited classified ads for syndication, as well as a ton of other bonuses. (If you're looking to make short term cash, posting to both free and paid classified ad sites is the way to go.)


One Final Note I honestly believe that the reason most people fail in business is lack of initiative, lack of action, and lack of focus. If the first thing you do to start a business online head to the support desk of someone who is successful in business, and ask them how to get started, that's lack of initiative. Your first step should be to try searching in the search engines, or your library card catalog for that matter, for how to start a business.

I've actually had people come to me and ask me how to do stuff that they should have been asking their web host, or the person they were paying $47 a month to be a part of his/her membership site. If you need help with something, go to the person that's responsible for helping you. Be considerate of the time of others.

I personally wish I had time to help everyone, but I don't, so I help those I consider serious about starting a business, and that's those who actually spend the money to do it. You can only help so many freebie seekers before you wake up one day, and you realize they will never do anything.

I've been both jobless and homeless, so believe me I understand. Times are tough right now, but when times are tough, that's when the tough get going. We're not doing people any favors by constantly preventing them from suffering pain or suffering the consequences of their actions. A little suffering is actually good for you because it forces you to either accept the suffering or make a change to end it.

If that makes me sound a little cold hearted, it's not meant to. The bottom line is that no one can change your life but you. If you are waiting around for someone to do it for you, then you will be waiting a long time. When you depend on others for your happiness, safety,


One Final Note

security, or to provide for you, you're setting yourself up for a fall. No one owes you anything. As long as you believe that, you've simply created one more excuse not to do anything.

Which leads me to my next point: lack of action. You can read all of the ebooks, watch all of the videos, etc. that you want, but it won't make you any money until you take action that creates that product, builds that website, and creates what you need to create to make money. Enough said.

Lack of focus: simple. If you jump from one opportunity to the other to the other to the other, you will never succeed. You have to start something, finish it, and then market it and keep marketing it until it pays off for you. Choose one opportunity and work with it for awhile. Give it some time but take the action necessary and don't waste your time trying to reinvent the wheel.

There now, I'm off my soapbox. Ultimately, if you want to succeed in life, you have to overcome your obstacles, and you have to ignore the bad criticism or criticism that's meant to tear you down.

When someone pans my writing, unless he/she tells me something that's valuable to help me become a better writer, I remind myself that he/she is reading me and not the other way around. Sweet revenge. Usually it's someone petty who has never written a book, or who simply wants to bring me down to his/her level because I saied something that hit just a little too close to home. "Those who can, do. Those who can't, criticize."

The bottom line is this: if you want to succeed, you will, but you have to get in there and dig your heels in, do what has to be done, and don't give up.


One Final Note

One of my favorite books ever written is The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. (You can get it at just about any bookstore, as well as Amazon, or your local library.) For the cost of a book, you can change your life forever by eliminating any obstacles or mental blocks that are holding you back.

When you have more time, then take Mark Joyner's Simpleology. It's free, and it's a step by step course in ebook, audio, and video, and it will help you eliminate your roadblocks and develop habits.

Now, go out there and get started, and don't let anyone stand in your way.


Jinger Jarrett


Online Business Checklist  
Online Business Checklist  

The Online Business Checklist will show you a step by step system to help you build your business from scratch. All you have to do is follow...