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Birthing Pralayas and Manvantaras, Sons of Necessity- a Phenomenology Generation - Jim P. White

Hidden deep, in vaults, in dust covered time capsules are some matters of science that deals with phenomenon, both of personal and planetary structures. Complete truths that today are called in many terms of science and philosophy, passed from Greek and summations of the Latin vulgate as translations from even older books where most were just symbols in stead of words, Para strings or links. Progressive growth in theory and hypothesis is a natural process and is relative just the same on its own. (Photo by Antony Spencer)

Pralayas and Manvantaras, which defined today would be rest and be activity as time lines, and are ancient Sanskrit words. I find all research amazing when I travail back in time and attempt to understand the original wording and how such came to be expressed into Greek, Latin et al, thus Oxford and Webster’s accords. Predecessor talk is a value unto itself, opens up partial absolutes and in many areas a partial absolute is all one can ever be lucky to acknowledge to move forward towards finding a absolute truth, natural law, unravel a mystery and set the stone for even greater discovery. Science is inheritably self-correcting I had been taught back in middle-school. Evolving languages like science and defining from my middle school cycle period to today. My Webster’s’ had around 40,000 words then. Today some 200,000 words to reflect and it seems a war of words insure as Oxford is close to 600,000 as we learn and spell, pronounce and correctly define for far future outer generational uses to accept. Periodicity deals with the idea of progressive growth. With Japan, New Zealand, Solomon Islands, Australia, Texas heat waves, Oklahoma the highest recorded year of earthquakes and droughts here and across the global surface dialogs troubling all when talking or thinking of the most recent planet environmentalism as to the causes and effects. Diplomatic advocacy raising issues of planet phenomena and damages of, as witnessed and response is ordered for medical diplomacy and humanitarian balances thus the co-efficient of a society continuum moving forward in grace and serenity One example cited in the Law of Periodicity (1) would be the changing of the seasons, a predictable sequence based on the tilt of the earths axis as spring follows winter and summer always precedes fall, a number of variable factors such as the degree of humidity, the amount of heat, and the directions of wind currents insure that no two summers or winters are “exactly” the same or alike. Periodicity deals with the idea of progressive growth for worlds as well as atoms, what ancient laureates as scribes called referred to it as, the “Sons of Necessity.” And on a essence thought, what is it that is ever coming or going? The ancients called it the ‘Great Breath.” Then it was understood as we know today the continually expanding and contracting universe the inhale and exhale of breath as we need to move around in our daily affairs.

Many of the global surface damages are indeed effects of human direction in a cause and effect principle .It is how we are handling the cross-talk that brings this note to the front-burner. And it is of the personal phenomena reactions, the rapidly fluxing chaos from conspiracy’s hypothesis. (Photo: sub-rosa) Of evil doings curses and plagues by secret societies and persons bent on killing us that took me back in time to re-discover the ancient wisdom dictionaries of Sanskrit in the vaults, articles and foundations of causes and effect studies in planet and human discourses as partners. The news papers, Fox News as one example and media specific targeting groups are not milking the cows, yet are more like killing them with boredom is how I concluded. In fact or fiction, conflict has its addiction energy matrix with a reward and detour pattern. Has a seismic hourglass and may be doing so out of necessity, in pattern and cycle surety. A material side is apparent as one motive to consider as another outcome measurement? I like to be careful and not confuse cycles with mere repetition, at least within the context of research and truths in geo- to human pulse dynamics. Pure repetition is essentially doing the same thing over and over again with no variance, or deviation. At first, cycles may seem like patterns of repetition, but closer examination reflects both subtle and apparent differences, the fluctuations from one cycle to the next. As the moon waxes and weans so do the poles, yet in all, the human heart adjusts, the spirit still beats, the music is composed and science corrects itself as we adjust to new eras of diplomacy and resilience from predecessor to successor, from rest streaming into activity as we travel upward with NASA or under the seas by NOAA. The inner and outer worlds are not truly defined in sixty-second sound-bites missing the rests and recuperation; ebb and tides as both are as primal as we are, and as subtle as we are. Our planet its natural and nurtured laws are not a new discovery or invention when we seek the periodicity laws as a reflective passage. The Sanskrit dialogs have been here from long ago, teach us about unimaginable periods of time and space as a softer blueprint to study and say in minutes of chaos, more will be revealed. That the fabric of space; of time, are monitored by serenity’s watch standers. One ancient thought to us is to think we all have our intergenerational DNA and as such, the Grandparents to the sons of necessity are Pralayas and Manvantaras who trust, every universe has a beginning, and a breath of dawn insures forward.-.(Picture NASA-magnosphere- 4/23/11) Jim P. White is the Archivist of the sci r veterans & arts café-2011, a member of the Society of Archivists. Discharged duel service veteran and a physics & resilience phenomenology perceptual internist. Co-authored: Aero-Fluency Dynamics; The Resilience Engagement Matrix of – OIM; And the centric specific Fort Bragg protocol r, (ee2)n. © 2011 sci r veterans & arts café. Contact Note: 1, Shirley Nicholson. Ancient Wisdom - -Modern Insight, Wheaton TSO publishing-1985

Equipotentials Rest and Activity, sci r veterans and arts cafe  

Rest and Activity as two seperate energy streams. of r, ee2n in a v, -v, placement.

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