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Honorary Hostel Housing Concept-2011-Pittsburgh, Pa Hostelling 2011 One Solution to Ending Homelessness: James (Jim) P. White, VAPittsburgh Medical Research Foundation (IRB) Dr. Wayne Nickens, MD; & Reverend Michael Wurschmidt, VA Chaplain and Director Veterans Transition Home Pride Street.

The Nations First and Not the Last: History of Hostel’s. The hostel movement was begun in 1909 by Richard Schirrmann, a German schoolteacher, and Wilhelm Münker, a conservationist, who saw the need for overnight accommodation for school groups so that they could experience the countryside. This started with schools being used during the holidays. The first Jugendherberge (youth hostel) was opened in Schirrmann's own school, in Altena, Westphalia. In 1912 it was replaced by a permanent hostel in Altena Castle, and there is still a hostel in the castle grounds today. Schirrmann founded the nationwide German Youth Hostel Association in 1919. Elder and youth hostels mostly of a 503 © non-profit exceed (xxxx) today here in the United States and internationally. Is primarily a tourism and travel structured paradigm for temporary students or fix income retirees. Single and shared rooms are available at the reservation part of the process. Adapting into a Solution: H.O.S.T.E.L 2011 Mission: End Chronic Homelessness with viable housing and supportive servicescentered in the environment-centered in the solutions. The H.O.S.T.E.L. On Morewood: (Currently in Development) (Honorary Occupied Secure Transition Engagement Living): HOSTEL Living Ethos Protocol- Men’s Sanctuary 103 Morewood Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213. H is( Honorary) 2n The concept in development with its board of trustees offers both permeate and temporary bedding, self-serving kitchen to accommodate transition forward for the population or if wished and agreeable as long as needed. Relative to the success of the resident is the support structure and the network which took many years to build. O is (Occupied) 3n Engagement philosophy: as both a theory and proven evidence-based trend. Ideal for this in the few make the many. It is a home where civic-mentors are trained, engaged to enhance the rapid needs witnessed in our city and across the nation. It is a place of Honor. It is occupied as in shared living ethos. Self-sufficient by honor keeps prime 3n maintained within community areas clean and secure thus housekeeping costs to a minimum. S is (Secure) 2n + 3n = 5n All hostels have a discharge period and are not established to house long-period stays. It is in this concept we saw the opportunity to re-blue the blue-print to serve our most vulnerable populations in our community of Pittsburgh. T is (Transition) 5n Adapted in concert with the Shepherds Heart Veterans Transitional platform the question came up in 27 percent of the population aged 45 to 70 of veterans who seem to not do well in a HUD/VASH single occupancy environment as the Grant per diem laws reflect a end

period of stay in facilities where case management is monitory. Transitional observations suggest the prime regress is isolation and hopelessness reignited. Effective interviews of cause and effect reflected non-civic engagements created regress faster in this population of veterans.

E is (Engage and Enhance) (Zero Sum, O(n)n) Morewood Hostel is currently listed as a three family residential property. With our community affairs we have motion the city council to advise us and to establish proper foundations in matter of zoning. The hostel is firstly a home with culture in and of transition expectations yet with a ethos never in transition wavier on proper ethics. Morewood Hostel is flexible to the needs of the sanctuary and comfort. The atmosphere must adapt to the potentials and equipotential of the ethos. The trustees or residents are managers of (x) with (x) to establish 2n and attract 1 to become 3n. This is the mentorship from the intervention which is from outreach, or OIM energy. (Pronounced Ohm) L is (Living) Zero 2n +3n = 05n. Two governing laws of science and faith surety are in this re-blue print adaptation: (1) Biology: “There is a crucial difference between the ecological networks of nature and the corporate networks in human society. In the ecosystem, no being is excluded from the network. Every species, even the smallest bacterium contributes to the sustainability of the whole. Dr. F. Capra “The Hidden Connection”

(2) Physics: “Each problem that I solve become the rule which -Served afterwards solving other problems.” Rene Descartes-Scientist. Mathematics & Phenomenology: Zero-Sum or Equipotential we think is found in the law of aeroculture “The building defines the system rules. The building of a hotel on land, the sea-going ship from shipyards, or aero jet from the hangers that flies defines the rules of the foundations to which they are built to serve. The ethos is the fuel to keep it safe, sure and true in the foundations. Let me add, if we equipotential - the potential’s will rule, them-selves.” James (Jim) P. White, on building a company from a dream, 2011corporate memo©

(3) “Not Guilty, Not Crazy” On Alcoholism and Treatments. Dr. Wayne Nickens, MD. Steve Burns, MD. ISBN 0-933131-00-3 © I-Med Publishing ( Note: Dr. Wayne Nickens, MD is the medical research design director of 103 Morewood Hostel, Pittsburgh, Pa and a board trustee.

A Hostel approach to ending veterans in transition.  

Continuum of care protocol in civic engagement of r, ee2n matrixs.