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Welcome........................................................................ 3 History........................................................................4-5 Map of Smyth County................................................6-7 Map of Chilhowie, Saltville and Marion ������������������8-9 Chilhowie...............................................................10-13 Marion....................................................................14-22 Motorcycle Trails......................................................... 23 Saltville...................................................................24-25 Whitetop, Sugar Grove and Atkins ����������������������26-27 Outdoor Recreation.................................................... 28 Blue Ridge Highlands Fishing Trail �������������������������� 29 Fairs, Festivals and Day Trips �������������������������������30-31

W W E L C O M E elcome...

to Smyth County


Welcome to the Virginia Mountains!

In Smyth County, uncover the many sides of yourself from adventurous and exotic, to romantic and playful, to reflective and philosophical. Immerse yourself in nature, outdoor recreation, theatre, history and culture, shopping, and dining. Take a drive on a crooked road or just sit a spell and take in the local color. Make your getaway: Girlfriends, guys, grandparents and grand kids, families, couples, singles, the eco-minded, and pet lovers — Design your ideal getaway in the mountains of Smyth County, Virginia. Enjoy luxurious accommodations or rustic cabins… get your feet wet in a crystal clear creek . . . hike or bike one of our many trails . . . enjoy the seclusion of these mountains and country roads. Come see for yourself. Call us or visit the website for more information. Smyth County Tourism Regional Visitor Center 408 Whitetop Road Chilhowie, VA 24319 Exit 35, I-81 Phone: (276) 646-3306 Fax: (276) 646-3301 Toll Free (877) 255-9928 Hours of Operation: Open 7 days a week 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Holidays Closed: New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day Photography courtesy of Carrie Cannady, Douglas Ogle, Duane Cregger / Lincoln Theatre, Smyth County Tourism, Hungry Mother State Park, Downtown Marion, The Chamber of Commerce of Smyth County, Virginia, Lynn Pease, and the Museum of Middle Appalachia Publishing management by Stallard Studios Advertising & Publications, 610 West Main Street, Wytheville, VA. 276-228-7092. Printing by Chocklett Press, 2922 Nicholas Ave, NE, Roanoke, VA. 540-345-1820.

Smyth County…

Offering Mountains of Possibilities

And just in case you’re wondering, our county is pronounced “Smith” as in rhymes with Gift…

Museum of


ince this area was first settled, the lush landscapes, rolling rivers and creeks, and blue-tinted mountain ranges have attracted those who have passed through as well as those who made this their home. Live music, fishing, hiking, golfing, and genealogy, even swimming in a wave pool, creek, or the sandy beach at Hungry Mother State Park: We’ve got something for everyone. Welcome to Smyth County! Traveling north on Interstate 81, just before Exit 35 at Chilhowie, you’ll get a

spectacular view of the highest peaks in Virginia. Looking southward, Mount Rogers (on the left), soars 5,722 feet above sea level, and Whitetop Mountain (on the right), at 5,525 feet, are prominent along the skyline. Between the two mountains, the verdant valley of Elk Garden allows spectacular views and even a hike on the world-famous Appalachian Trail. But before you begin your trek, stop off in town and get your bearings at our Tourism Center, located in the historic H.L. Bonham House. You’ll be welcomed with true Southern hospitality, and we’ll make sure your visit to Smyth County is just what you’re looking for. In Chilhowie, you might want to stop and shop a little for antiques and unique, hand-crafted gifts or make plans to visit The Art Place for lessons in fine arts and Appalachian crafts. Noted for being the “Farthest West” settlement in 1750, Chilhowie certainly has its place in history. A drive out to Aspenvale Cemetery or St. Clair’s Bottom Primitive Baptist Church can

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give you a sense of the detailed preservation this community has done. For those seeking popular happenings and hangouts, the weekly Smyth County Jam is the place to be. Chilhowie’s Monday nights come alive with crowds in the hundreds at one of Southwest Virginia’s most popular venues for bluegrass and old time country music. The family-friendly atmosphere makes this Crooked Road affiliate a place where both young and old can share their love for Virginia’s musical heritage. History buffs, as well as amateur archaeologists and paleontologists, will certainly want to visit the town of Saltville. Known as the “Salt Capital of the Confederacy,” this historic town has made its mark from the Ice Age, through the Civil War, and into the space age. The rich minerals and salt brine bubbling up from the earth attracted now-extinct animals such as woolly mammoths and saber-toothed cats, Native Americans, Confederate salt makers, and modern day chemical companies.


designated “Back of the Dragon” trail – a unique treat for motorcycle and sports car enthusiasts.

The excellent Museum of the Middle Appalachians in downtown Saltville is a must-see, as are the natural ponds known as the well fields and the historic displays showing how salt was made. The summer months in Saltville bring folks out to fairs and festivals, historical reenactments, and outdoor movie screenings complete with fresh popcorn. Just a few miles north on I-81 lies the intersection with Virginia Highway 16. A southbound journey will take you into the heart of the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area. Before making your way up the mountain, consider touring one of Virginia’s oldest and most picturesque trout hatcheries where hundreds of rainbow trout are raised for stocking in our sparkling lakes and streams. The Forest Service headquarters, located at the top of Brushy Mountain, is full of information including brochures, maps, displays, and a well-stocked bookstore with nature guides and a nice selection of locally made crafts. Northbound on Highway 16 you can enjoy a drive along the curves of the specially

Hungry Mother Restaurant at Hungry Mother State Park

The county seat of Smyth County is Marion, located at Exit 45 off Interstate 81. Marion’s Main Street Historic District offers a great variety of shops, eateries, and distinctive architecture. The 1929 Lincoln Theatre, one of only three Mayan Revival theatres in America, is home to the nationally-syndicated “Song of the Mountains” bluegrass television series, and regularly hosts live performances and events on its historic stage. It’s also an Affiliate Venue on The Crooked Road Heritage Music Trail. The 1927 General Francis Marion Hotel and Conference Center and Black Rooster Restaurant and Lounge is a lovinglyrestored boutique hotel in the heart of historic downtown. The Town of Marion offers several parks with walking trails, picnic shelters, tennis courts, and playgrounds, two municipal swimming pools, and even a eighteen-hole golf course. Marion is rich with history – noted author Sherwood Anderson spent his final years here, it’s where Nolan Ryan pitched his first professional baseball, and is the official home of Mountain Dew! From the Second Fridays ArtWalk, and July Chili Championship to the German Club Christmas Market and other special events and activities happening all year, Marion is truly “Your Home in the Heart of the Highlands.” Just a few miles north of Marion, along Highway 16, is Hungry Mother State Park, one of the most visited parks in Virginia. Built in 1933 as a WPA project by the Civilian Conservation Corps, our state park with the curious name boasts nearly twenty miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, great fishing, kayaking, canoeing and swimming in the 108-acre lake, a wonderful restaurant and conference center, camp sites and cabins, picnic areas and shelters, a gift shop, music amphitheater, camp store, and Discovery Center where you and your family can learn more about the activities and events at the park year ‘round.

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A must-see for historians is the Settlers Museum of Southwest Virginia (Exit 54) where displays and knowledgeable interpreters will show you how early pioneers lived and worked. The museum is a working farm with an 1890s farm house, seven original outbuildings, a one-room school, and 67 acres of trails, woods, and open pastures to explore. A visit to the Davis Valley Winery, also on the eastern end of Smyth County, is an opportunity to tempt your taste buds with wines vinted from grapes grown on site. In addition to several interesting varietals for more discerning palates, Davis Valley offers blends such as Virginia Breeze White and Autumn Red. The winery can arrange for tastings, picnic lunches and tours in all four seasons. Natural beauty, history, traditional and mountain music, good food and wine and some of the friendliest folks you’re ever likely to meet all combine to make a stop in Smyth County one you’ll remember for a long, long time.

Davis Valley Winery

276-646-3306 5

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Regional Visitor Center 408 Whitetop Road Chilhowie, VA 24319 Exit 35, I-81


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Phone: (276) 646-3306 Fax: (276) 646-3301 Toll Free (877) 755-9928


To Abingdon, Bristol Hungry Mother State Park Arts and Crafts Festival

Saltville in the Springtime

Hungry Mother State Park Visitor Center


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Hungry Mother Lake

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Seven Mile Ford

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To Wytheville, Roanoke § ¦£ ¨ 11 ¤

Exit 54

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Sugar Grove

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12 Accommodations 9 Attractions 2 Dining A Shopping



Map Key

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1 " )9 Konnarock



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Big Tumbling Creek 276-646-3306 7

Town of Chilhowie 11 ¤

"Gateway to Mount Rogers"

Middle Fork Holston River


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"The Valley of Many Deer"

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Map Key

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12 Accommodations 9 Attractions

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Exit 35

Smyth County Jam

Festivals and Events: Chilhowie Apple Festival Car Nuts Show


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2 Dining A Shopping

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Deer Valley Industrial Park

8 ( ST ! ( ! B MAIN ! ( 1 E " )


Mount Rogers Nat. Recreation Area



0.5 Miles

Clinch Mt. Wildlife Area

Town of Saltville



North Fork Holston River

Laurel Bed Lake

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12 Accommodations 9 Attractions 2 Dining A Shopping

Well Fields



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Saltville Heritage & Craft Festival Annual War Between the States Re-enactment Annual Labor Day Celebration Rich Valley Fair


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1 Miles


Map Key

3 Miles to Hungry Mother Park

Town of Marion


12 Accommodations 9 Attractions 2 Dining A Shopping


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Smyth County 1" )1 Courthouse

28 " ) Middle Fork Holston River

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17 ! (! 13 ! (J ! ( ( 19 ! ( F N IN ! ( ! ( ! MA S W T (



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Exit 45

Festivals and Events: Song of the Mountains Hungry Mother Arts & Craft Festival Sherwood Anderson Festival Downtown Days Festival Artwalk



(Chamber of Commerce 7! " )

Exit 44


( V! 24 ! 11 ( ( " ) I! M ! ( ! ( P 7 " ! U 23 ( 6 ) " ) ( ! ( ! L H

_ Inset 9^ " ) G ( " )0! ! (1 1 " )0

of Smyth County, Inc.

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Exit 47

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5 miles to Headquarters of Mount Rogers Nat. Rec. Area

1 Miles

276-646-3306 9


Welcome to Historic Chilhowie, Virginia The Town of Chilhowie (pop. 1,827) is small commercial center and residential community located along both modern and historic routes of travel in Southwest Virginia. From its earliest days as the site of a historically important stagecoach inn, to its current role as a progressive community for business and residents, Chilhowie has always been a community in which travelers are welcome and visitors are made to feel at home. Chilhowie (Chil• how•ee), a Cherokee word meaning "valley of many deer", was adopted as the town’s name when the town incorporated in 1913. During its stagecoach days the community was known simply as Town House. After the railroad was built in 1856 the town was referred to as Greever’s Switch, a reference to the name of the first Station Master and to the mechanical switch that allowed freight cars to be moved to a side track for unloading and loading of freight.

OLD TOWN HOUSE (circa 1750) The oldest colonial building site in Chilhowie is located west of Highway 107. On this site, a four-room log house was built, then added to, and used as a stagecoach inn, post office and home. It served as a gathering place for those who served in the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and War of 1812. All that remains today are the limestone chimneys; reminders of times past when travelers from all walks of life used the Town House to rest from their journeys. (Privately owned)

THE VIRGINIA VITRIFIED BRICK AND SEWER PIPE CO. The clay used in Chilhowie Brick, a brand of kiln-fired brick, was popular nearly one hundred years ago. The removal of the clay lowered and flattened the slope of the land immediately south of Old Stage Road. The brick company’s 41½ acre tract stretched from here to the river where its kilns were located. Part of the clay field was later used for school baseball and football games and other community activities. Currently, the field is being used as a Chilhowie Little League baseball field.

SITE OF UNION GENERAL GEORGE STONEMAN’S RAILROAD RAIDS The greatest turmoil, destruction and distress of the Civil War in Smyth County were caused by Stoneman’s Raid in December 1864. The purpose of this raid was to destroy lead mines, the salt works, and the railroad. The railroad was being used to supply Confederate troops in Georgia. The raid in Chilhowie was to destroy the bridge at the far end of what is now the Town Recreation Park.

325 East Lee Highway, P.O. Box 5012, Chilhowie, VA 24319 Town Hall • 276-646-3232 • Fax 276-646-3012 •

Shopping A Chilhowie Farmer’s Market Warrior Park (Below Old High School) 325 East Lee Highway • Chilhowie

(276) 646-3232

Locally grown vegetables, Fresh Eggs, Baked goods.

B Hodgepodge on Main 133 East Main Street • Chilhowie

(276) 521-0296

Locally made arts and crafts, as well as antiques and unique gifts.

C The Hunter’s Paradise 136 West Lee Highway • Chilhowie

(276) 646-8861

Offers top of the line products for outdoor sports including camping, fishing, archery, reloading, handguns, long guns, clothing and shoes.

D InTowner Gift Gallery 316 East Lee Highway • Chilhowie

(276) 646-5673

Antique displays, coffee, tea, cookies, gifts, collectibles, home decor and a variety of Vera Bradley products.

E Lewis and Clark Outdoors 1227 East Lee Highway • Chilhowie

(276) 646-3637

A wide variety of supplies for outdoor sporting activities: archery, hunting, fishing. Archery range on premises. Offering seminars and contests.

Map Key: See maps pages 6-9 to locate: 12 Accommodations 9 Attractions 2 Dining A Shopping

4 Smyth County Jam 116 Industrial Park Rd, Chilhowie, VA 24319 (276) 496-5467 Bluegrass, Old Time and Acoustic music jam held every Monday at the Lion’s Club Building.


1 Art Place 131 East Main Street, Chilhowie (276) 646-4424 Art gallery and education center featuring local art displays and classes in media including stained glass, pottery, drawing, and painting. 2 Aspenvale Cemetary Seven Mile Ford Road, Chilhowie (276) 646-3306 Aspenvale was the first cemetery to be declared a Virginia Historic Landmark. Not only is the Revolutionary hero, Gen. William Campbell, famous for the Battle of King’s Mountain, buried here, but also his wife, Elizabeth Henry Campbell Russell, known as “Madam Russell” and sister to Patrick Henry. A historic site along Virginia’s Wilderness Road.

3 HL Bonham Regional Tourism Center 408 Whitetop Road, Chilhowie (276) 646-3306 The gateway to Smyth County, the HL Bonham house also serves as a museum to help you start your exploration. Discover local history from woolly mammoths to men on the moon and NASCAR to Mt. Dew. Pick up maps and information on attractions, lodging, and restaurants for the Towns of Chilhowie, Saltville, and Marion.

5 St. Clair’s Bottom Primitive Baptist Church 408 Whitetop Road • Chilhowie (276) 646-3306 One of the Pre-Revolutionary churches in Southwest Virginia, organized in 1775, the 154 Lee Highway - Chilhowie present building was erected in 1851 on the site of a log meeting house deeded to the congregation by Colonel Joseph Cole. 276-646-3306 11

276-646-2233 EXIT 35


1 CJ’s Pizza 830 East Lee Highway, Chilhowie

(276) 646-5052

2 Chilhowie Pizza Restaurant 106 River Road • Chilhowie

(276) 646-3365 Dine in, pick up and delivery including a kids menu, dessert menu and a lunch menu.

3 Driftwood Cafe 1449 East Lee Hwy • Chilhowie

(276) 521.0085

Pizza, stromoboli, subs. Call-in orders are welcome.

American cuisine, burgers, karaoke, family style restaurant.

4 El Campestre Mexican Grill & Cantina (276) 646-5811 1341 East Lee Highway • Chilhowie

Authentic Mexican cuisine…burritos, quesadilla, enchiladas, tacos, nachos, chalupas and much more. Children’s menu, Vegetarian delights.

5 Green Hill Market 1252 Whitetop Rd • Chilhowie

(276) 646-5115

Steaks and burgers, BBQ, seafood, grocery

6 HodgePodge on Main 133 East Main Street • Chilhowie

(276) 521-0296

Hershey’s ice cream, hotdogs, soups, and gifts galore!

7 Pizza Factory 1164 East Lee Highway • Chilhowie

(276) 646-8090

Pizzas, stromboli and sub sandwiches. Local delivery available. Great family atmosphere.

8 Riverfront Restaurant 154 East Lee Highway • Chilhowie

(276) 646-2233

Family-style restaurant with sandwiches, salads, steak, seafood, and chicken. Facilities for large gatherings, receptions and catering. Group tour friendly.

National Name Restaurants 9 Hardee’s - 509 Whitetop Road • Chilhowie 10 McDonald’s - 309 Whitetop Road • Chilhowie 11 Subway - 156 Highway 107 • Chilhowie

Map Key: See maps pages 6-9 to locate: 12 Accommodations 9 Attractions 2 Dining A Shopping

Accommodations 1 Budget Inn 1305 East Lee Highway • Chilhowie 2 Knights Inn 108 River Road • Chilhowie

(276) 646-8411

24 rooms with Cable TV. Non-smoking rooms available. Kids stay free.

(276) 646-8981

42 rooms with cable TV. Smoking and Non-smoking. Coffee in room.


276-646-3306 13

Whetherr you com me for a daay or come for a stay, adveentture, en nterrtainment and relaaxation awaait in this beautiful Southw wesstern n Virginia town. Therre is something sppecial here for everyyone! If you need mo ore re inffo orrma maĆ&#x; Ć&#x;on o to he on help lp p you o pla lan a visiit to Maari rion on, we can help. Jus ustt giivee us a caalll orr drrop uss an ema mailil. We wou ould ld d lov o e to ov o see you soo on! n Dire Di rect c or of Co ct C mm mun u ityy and Ec E onnomicc Devveellop opme m nt n: 276. 27 6 783.4190 900 khe h ath@ma marion onvaa.oorg r

www.m marionvva.o org


Attractions DAY T R I P S

8 Park Place Drive-In 301 Park Boulevard, Marion 276-781-2222 A drive-in movie theatre and entertainment complex with fun for the whole family! Featuring newly released films, batting cages, mini golf, an arcade and ice cream shop with 32 flavors of Hershey’s ice cream. Open seasonally, April-October.

Fa m e r ’s M a rk e t s , L i v e M u s i c , a n d M o r e !

9 Sallie’s Crying Tree 231 West Main Street • Marion (276) 783-4190 What may look like an ordinary tree, actually bears witness to the tale of an extraordinary girl. Sallie, a six year old child purchased as a slave in 1840, wept for the loss of her family as they were sold to another slave owner. This tree gave her comfort and stands as a reminder of the strength she grew within herself. 10 Smyth-Bland Regional Library 118 S. Sheffey Street • Marion (276) 783-2323 • A Family Search Affiliate Library, SBRL is a regional center for genealogical studies – the fastest growing hobby in North America. The library’s growing catalogs include historical census data and international civilian registration records. The Sherwood Anderson Archives, documenting the life and works of the famous author, are also housed here and the friendly staff at SBRL are ready to assist you with your historical research!

6 Hungry Mother State Park 2854 Park Blvd • Marion (276) 781-7400 • 1-800-933-PARK Noted for its woodlands and lake, Hungry Mother State Park is easily accessible from Interstate 81, this park has folklore and history, swimming, camping, cabin rentals, boat rentals, hiking and the park system’s first conference center, Hemlock Haven.

7 The Lincoln Theatre - 117 E. Main Street • (276) 783-6093 • The Lincoln Theatre 117 East Main (276) 783-6093 Home of the nationally-syndicated “Song of the Mountains” bluegrass television series and an Affiliate Venue of the famous “Crooked Road” Heritage Music Trail, the Lincoln Theatre is one of only three remaining Mayan Revival theatres in America. This Virginia Historic Landmark is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and its history harkens back to the romantic heyday of the grand movie palaces of the “Roarin’ Twenties”. The stage was once graced by legends like Roy Rogers and Roy Acuff. Now, the Lincoln regularly showcases local, regional, and national performances including the Steep Canyon Rangers, Riders in the Sky, and Rhonda Vincent. Whether it’s bluegrass or live theatre and performing arts, you’ll want to reserve your seats to be a part of making history at the Lincoln Theatre!

11 Smyth County Museum and Historical Society 123 East Main Street, Marion 276-783-7286 With artifacts, photographs, and manuscripts dating from the early 1800’s this “tour through time” reflects the economic and social development of Smyth County and of Southwest Virginia.

276-646-3306 15

Dining 12 Apple Tree Restaurant 1050 Highway Sixteen • Marion

(276) 782-997

Daily specials, breakfast served all day, private banquet facilities up to 50 available.

13 Black Rooster Restaurant 107 E. Main Street • Marion

(877) 783-4802

Elegant yet casual. Dine by candle light or have a family meal with the kids.

14 CJ’s Pizza 534 South Main Street • Marion

(275) 783-2655

Pizza, stromboli, subs. Call-in orders are welcome.

15 Casey’s Diner 988 South Fork Road • Marion

(276) 783-2937

Home style cooking, daily features.

16 Dip Dog Stand Hwy 11 West • Marion

(276) 783-2698

Dip Dog, fries, and custard! Located on Hwy 11 between Marion and Seven Mile Ford, Virginia.

17 Four Seasons Bakery & Deli 138 East Main Street • Marion

(276) 781-1411

Restaurant, bakery and deli, specializing in Amish meats and cheeses as well as homemade jellies and jams.

18 Great Wall Chinese Restaurant 1133 North Main Street • Marion

(276) 783-8818

Lunch specials, or select from an assortment of meals, buffet.

19 Handsome Molly’s Bistro 118 East Main St • Marion

(276) 783-2300

Specialty salads, paninis, grilled wraps, gourmet pizzas, an espresso bar, beer and wine.

20 The Hideaway 123 South Chesnut Street • Marion

(276) 781-7200

Casual dining, offering take out and delivery, American cuisine

21 The Restaurant at Hungry Mother 2854 Park Blvd. • Marion

(276) 781-7425

During your visit to Hungry Mother State Park, be sure to enjoy one of the original CCC facilities, the park’s full-service, park-operated The Restaurant.

22 Little’s Quick Check 1027 Lee Highway • Marion

(276) 646-5300

Burgers and Fries, home cooking, daily specials

23 Macado’s 142 E. Main Street • Marion

(276) 783-2115

Large menu of overstuffed sandwiches, entrees and gourmet desserts and antique decor.

24 Main Street Gifts and Eatery 212 East Main Street • Marion

(276) 783-9244

Soups, sandwiches, wide selection of wines, desserts and daily specials

25 Mi Puerto 1319 North Main Street • Marion

(276) 783-4844

Authentic Mexican cuisine.

26 Smokey’s BBQ 400 North Main Street • Marion

(276) 782-9049

Ribs, brisket, pulled pork, BBQ

27 Sugar Grove Diner 1424 North Main Street • Marion

(276) 782-3351

28 Tuscan Italian Grill 784 North Main Street • Marion

(276) 782-1707

Appetizers, salads, soups. Italian classics such as lasagna, spaghetti, baked ziti, fettuccini, pizza, and subs.

29 Yummy Yummy Japanese 232 East Main Street • Marion

(276) 783-7288

Sushi, shrimp, chicken, and steak.

Southern comfort food, country cooking


NATIONAL NAME RESTAURANTS 30 Arby’s 947 North Main Street • Marion 31 Hardee’s 347 North Main Street • Marion 32 Kentucky Fried Chicken/Taco Bell 798 North Main Street • Marion 33 Little Caesar’s Pizza 1129 North Main • Marion 34 Long John Silver’s 905 North Main • Marion 35 McDonald’s 1120 North Main • Marion 36 Pizza Hut 1038 North Main • Marion 37 Sonic Drive in 1210 North Main Street • Marion 38 Subway 1121 North Main Street • Marion 39 Wendy’s

Map Key: See maps pages 6-9 to locate: 12 Accommodations 9 Attractions 2 Dining A Shopping

811 North Main • Marion

The Appalachian Advantage… Residential - Commercial - Auctions Land - Farms - Recreational VA Auction Firm #2908-000695

“The Appalachian Advantage” - Experienced Real Estate Professionals Appalachian Realty Co., Inc. Real Estate and Auction Services 123 West Main Street Marion, VA  24354 276.783.5173 Serving Smyth and Surrounding Counties Since 1977

Hungry Mother Cabins

Welcome to Marion!

Six Smyth County Branches to serve all your financial needs. Seven ATM locations in Smyth County.

Beaver Trail Retreat

Nestled in the mountains of Southwest Virginia, Marion is a great escape! Hungry Mother Cabins are available weekly or nightly! • Near National Forest and Hungry Mother State Park • 3 BR, Kitchen & Dining Area, 2 Baths, Rec Room, Washer/Dryer, Cable TV, Wi-Fi, Gas Grill, Covered Porch, Yard and more!

888-682-2264 Member FDIC

276-646-3306 17

Hotels / Motels

3 America’s Best Value Inn 1424 North Main Street • Marion 4 Budget Inn 259 Chestnut Ridge Road • Marion 5 Econo Lodge 1420 North Main Street • Marion

(877) 747-8713

Pool, restaurant, free continental breakfast.

(276) 646-8961

Cable TV. Non-Smoking rooms also available. Kids stay free.

(276) 783-6031

40 rooms with Cable TV. Handicapped rooms available. Microwave and Fridge available on request. Free Continental Breakfast.

6 General Francis Marion Hotel 107 East Main Street • Marion

(877) 783-4800

Restored grand hotel offering elegant lodging and modern amenities, showcasing the stately architecture and refined décor that first awed travelers in the late ‘20s. Historic Landmark.

7 Lorenzen’s Motel, Marion 606 South Main • Marion 8 Royal Inn 435 South Main • Marion 9 Virginia House Inn 1419 North Main Street • Marion

(276) 783-2316

11 rooms with cable TV. Smoking and Non-smoking. Kids to 12 stay free.

(276) 783-8511

Cable TV, 15 rooms. Smoking and Non-Smoking available. In-room coffee. Kids up to 12 stay free.

(276) 783-5112

38 rooms with TV, Free Continental Breakfast.

(276) 781-0250

AAA 3-Diamond rated B&B, located in historic downtown Marion.

Bed & Breakfast 10 Collins House Inn 204 W. Main Street • Marion

11 The Lincoln House Bed & Breakfast (276) 781-0804 305 N. Church Street • Marion

Located in historic downtown Marion, restored and renovated.

12 Teapot Lodge 2240 Teapot Lane • Marion

(276) 783-4745

Adjacent to Hungry Mother State Park, view of the lake and the mountains.

13 Windswept Bed and Breakfast 316 John Street • Marion

(276) 783-1853

Three guest rooms, public areas, and home-cooked breakfasts, cable TV. Rooms come with plush robes to encourage use of the hot tub.

Cabins & Camping 14 Beaver Trail Retreat 642 East Hungry Mother Drive • Marion

(888) 682-2264

Furnished, near Nat’l Forest and Hungry Mother State Park. 3 Bdr, Kitchen, 2 baths, Cable TV, WiFi basement rec area, washer/dryer, gas grill

15 Cedarwood Cabin 642 East Hungry Mother Drive • Marion

(888) 682-2264

Furnished, near Nat’l Forest and Hungry Mother State Park. 2 Bdr, Kitchen, 1 bath, TV, porch w/ rockers, gas grill, washer/dryer

16 Hungry Mother State Park 2854 Park Blvd. • Marion

(276) 781-7400 or (800) 933-7275

One room efficiency cabins, one bedroom cabins, and two bedroom cabins. Swimming and boat launching free for overnight guests. Also RV and tent campsites.

17 Interstate Campground 124 Jenna Lane • Marion, I-81, Exit 39


Open year round. Swimming pool, electric/water/sewer hookups, grocery store, picnic shelter, laundry room, shower rooms, and trout fishing available nearby.


& Conference Center Suite


Southwest Virginia’s Premier Choice for Evenings… Events… Experiences The General Francis Marion Hotel… an historic boutique hotel showcasing the stately architecture and refined décor that first awed travelers in the late ‘20s. Smoke Free • High Speed Internet


The Black Rooster Restaurant… lounge offers an extensive selection of specialty drinks and light dining fare in a Fine Arts and Crafts gallery atmosphere. Art show openings and artists receptions held throughout the year. Elegant dining in a relaxed atmosphere.


276.783.4800 • 107 East Main Street in Historic Downtown Marion, Virginia • I-81, Exit 45 276-646-3306 19


214 West Main Street • Marion, VA 24354 (276) 783-3161 •

The Art Place

“Dedicated to the Recognition of the Arts in Our Community” 127 East Main Street, Chilhowie, VA 24319 (276) 759-1800 Art Exhibits • Classes for All Ages Open Thursdays and Fridays, Call for other times.

Exploring Smyth County Blue Ridge Job Corps Center

For more information call 276-783-7221 Extension 280 Job Corps is an Equal Opportunity Program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

A Place Where Dreams Come True

Virginia Locations to Serve You: Marion Glade Spring MEMBER FDIC Abingdon Bristol

Marion Office 1.276.782.9394 • A Full Service Agency, Servicing Your Real Estate Needs For More Than Thirty Years 120 West Main Street Marion, VA 24354 (276) 783-3178

Looking for a Better Life? FIND IT! Blue Ridge Job Corps offers career and educational training to qualified students who want to become a Certified Nurse Assistant, Certified Medical Assistant or who want to become certified in an area of medical office support. For qualified local students attending community colleges, we can also provide financial assistance, medical benefits and placement support.

Office: (276) 646-2700 Fax: (276) 646-2715

Member FDIC

155 E. Lee Highway • Chilhowie, VA 24319

Smyth County Animal Hospital

Clinic Hours: Mon - Fri 8:30a - 12:30p & 2:00p - 5:30p Sat 8:30a - 12:30p

Benjamin B. Halsey, DVM Veterinarian

1353 South Main Street Marion, VA 24354 276-783-5164

245 Medical Park Drive • Marion, VA 24354 • (276) 378-1000

Teapot Lodge at Hungry Mother State Park

All the Beauty of the Park, All the Comforts of Home


Virginia Highlands Community College PO Box 828 • Abingdon, VA

276-646-3306 21


Some of Marion’s Unique Shopping Experiences!

Map Key: See maps pages 6-9 to locate: 12 Accommodations 9 Attractions 2 Dining A Shopping

F A Simple Life 112 East Main Street • Marion (276) 781-0300 Handcrafted Amish furniture, antiques and gifts.

I Classic Antiques 204 East Main Street • Marion (276) 783-7787 Various antiques including furniture, collectibles, and décor

G Appalachian Spirit Gallery 144 West Main Street • Marion (276) 783-8891 Locally made work including clay, glass, wood and mixed media.

J Cornett Jewelers 124 East Main Street • Marion (276) 783-5047 A ‘Round the Mountain craft venue, featuring The Lincoln Collection - hand-crafted fine jewelry inspired by the Mayan Revival decor at The Lincoln Theatre.

H Black Rooster Gallery 107 East Main Street • Marion (276) 783-4800 Representing 30 artists with signature crafts in pottery, candles, wood working, jewelry and photography.

New Venue • Opening 2012 Call for Information 276-356-9832

• Antiques • Local Goods • Ice Cream • “Art in You!” do-it-yourself art studio/parties, pottery, glass, art classes, afterhours events

Located off Rt. 16: Just look for the Marion Mural!

Herb House Trading Company 107 Pendleton Street • Marion, VA


K Dean’s Bikes & Locksmith 512 N. Main Street • Marion (276) 783-5760 Full service bicycle shop offering locksmith services for the home or auto. L Factory Connection 116 South Commerce Street • Marion (276) 782-3350 Name brand clothing at discount prices M Framing Unlimited 212 East Main Street • Marion (276) 783-9244 Custom framing, limited edition prints, art & vintage posters, gift baskets, bridal registery, eatery. N Handsome Molly’s 118 East Main Street • Marion (276) 783-2300 Handmade Appalachian folk art plus locally made desserts, Virginia wines and music. O Herb House Trading Company 107 Pendleton Street • Marion (276) 356-9832 Historic venue offering regional art and crafts, clothing, antiques, local produce, studio for ceramics and other arts based projects and classes.

P Main Street Gifts & Eatery 212 East Main Street Marion, Virginia (276) 783-9244 Custom framing and popular prints. Unique gifts and a large selection of wines and gourmet foods. Lunch features landmark sandwiches and Nannie’s homemade soups. Work by regional artists adorn our walls. Q Marion Family Pharmacy’s Gift Shop 1581 N Main Street • Marion (276) 783-7284 Books, candles, gifts, jewelry, watches & more! R Marion Flower & Gift Shop 249 East Main Street • Marion (276) 783-2110 Unique gifts such as gourmet baskets and china roses. Grapevine wreaths, green plants, as well silk and fresh floral arrangements. S Marion Regional Farmers Market 138 West Main • Marion (276) 783-4190 Locally-grown produce, fruits, canned goods, farm-fresh eggs, homemade baked goodies, grass-fed meats, handmade local crafts, local art. Town Square, corner of Cherry and Iron Streets T Molly’s Gift Shop 2854 Park Blvd. • Marion (276) 781-7400 Hungry Mother State Park Variety of crafts, books, gifts and novelty items. U Vashti, Beautiful Woman 140 East Main Street, Marion 276-685-1503 New and consignment women’s clothing and accessories. V Weddings Plus 208 East Main Street • Marion (276) 783-7787 Formal wear and gifts


i i i i i i i e i i d i i i R i i i i i i i i i i i Take A i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ! i i ! i i e i i i i d i i i i i i i S i i i i i d i i i l i i i i a i i i i n i i i W g i i r i i i e i V i i i t h i s n T iiiii uthwe iiii For a free brochure, call 877-755-9928

iiiiOiiiiOififiii-i77Tih&ieiiiC-i8lai1iwiinioiSfiotihieiidiriaigioiniiiiiiii i i i i i i i i i i iii

Titled “The Claw of the Dragon”, the trail features loops that range from 62 to 224 miles long with names such as “Possum Run”, “The Wooly Mammoth”, “Turkey Strut”, and the “Horn of the Cow”.

A riding experience with 32 miles of endless curves and beautiful scenery inthe mountains of Southwest Virginia between Tazewell and Marion. Are you the one to tame the dragon? 32 miles of excitement, with over 260 curves and elevations of up to 3,500 feet from the valley floor to the top of the mountain! This unforgettable driving excursion extends across three mountains on State Route 16 between Frog Level in Tazewell County and Marion in Smyth County. The Claw of the Dragon Horn of the Cow Possum Run Turkey Strut Woolly Mammoth Lake/River County Boundary Interstate £ ¤ US Highway VA Primary VA Secondary VA Scenic Byway ® Info/Tourism Center f t Convenience n W Lodging Æ w Food n j Attraction " ) " ) Interstate Exit

Once you’ve ridden the Back of the Dragon™, register at to become a dragon master and keep abreast of the trail’s upcoming events. SAFE RIDING. See you onthe Back of the Dragon™!

§ ¨ ¦ 23

Saltville Preserving History for Over 30,000 Years

Saltville, an Essential Ingredient of the Past! Tucked in the mountains of Southwest Virginia lies one of the most historically significant communities in our nation: Saltville, Virginia. The inland saline marsh of Saltville possesses one of the most essential ingredients of worldwide history: salt. Wars were fought over salt; cultures were built around it. Since the 1780s, salt has been continuously produced in the town. Industry capitalized on salt products, and created the first fully infra-structured “company town.” Beautifully situated in a valley of the Appalachian Mountains, Saltville demonstrates a remarkable passage through history, with unique character to experience today!

Shopping W Museum of the Middle Appalachians Store 123 Palmer Avenue, Saltville 276-496-3633 Local books, hand-crafted gifts, jewelry, stationary, and educational toys. Featuring unique Paleo Pots clay pottery and historic photographs.

Saltville Town Hall

217 Palmer Avenue PO Box 730, Saltville, VA 24370 Telephone: (276) 496-5342 FAX: (276) 496-4814 Town Manager: Mike Taylor

X Sportsmen’s Den 320 Palmer Avenue, Saltville 276-496-5231 Family owned and operated, offering supplies for hunting, fishing, target shooting, and more. Carrying top name brands of guns, supplies, and clothing.

From the Ice Age to the Space Age

Museum of the Middle Appalachians Journey back in time 14,000 years to when prehistoric creatures visited the Saltville Valley! Visit our exhibits on Geology, Ice Age, Woodland Indians, Civil War, Salt and Gypsum Industry, Company Town Life, and a unique Wetlands. Located in Saltville, Virginia, 8 miles north of I-81 at Exit 35. 123 Palmer Avenue, Saltville, VA 24370 276-496-3633 • Mon-Sat 10 - 4, Sun 1 - 4


Attractions 12 Civil War Battlefield Overlook 275 Buckeye Street • Saltville (276) 496-5342 During the Civil War, the North battled to gain control of this town, the main supplier of the salt the Confederate army used to preserve meat. See restored fortifications, battle relics at the town museum. Other historic sites: Salt Park, with reconstructed salt furnace; replica of cabin where Patrick Henry’s sister lived and other historic buildings; two steam locomotives. 13 King-Stuart House 217 Palmer Avenue • Saltville (276) 496-5342 • The cabin was occupied from its beginning (circa 1795) through the 1960s. See the many visible indicators of the numerous transitional modernization periods the cabin has experienced. Enjoy the stories relating to the various families occupying the cabin including William King, William Alexander Stuart brother of Confederate Cavalry General J. E. B. Stuart, Flora Stuart, the widow of Gen. Stuart and others. Map Key: See maps pages 6-9 to locate: 12 Accommodations 9 Attractions


2 Dining A Shopping

14 Madam Russell Methodist Church and Cabin 207 West Main Street • Saltville (276) 496-5342 • Visit the church which was named as a memorial to Madam Russell, Patrick Henry’s sister. Magnificent stain glass windows. Tour the replica cabin of Madam Russell and enjoy stories of her tremendous influence throughout the years. The lives that Madam Russell touched are limitless, by some she is referred to as “The Mother of Methodism”.

16 Palmer Mill and Playhouse 618 Palmer Avenue • Saltville (276) 496-5342 • Replica water powered Grist Mill houses a community theatre.

15 Museum of the Middle Appalachians 123 Palmer Avenue Saltville, VA 24370 (276) 496-3633. The main hall of the Museum of the Middle Appalachians features an interactive model of the Saltville Valley. Various points of historical and geological significance are represented on the model. Surrounding the Saltville Valley Model are five permanent exhibits: Geology, Woodland Indians, Company Town, Ice Age, Civil War, and the Picture Library. Mon-Sat 10 - 4, Sun 1 - 4.

40 Buck’s Drive-in 1214 East Main Street • Saltville

(276) 496-7231

Burgers, fries, onion rings, tots, milkshakes and custards. Closed on Sundays and Mondays.

41 Edd’s Drive-in East Main Street • Saltville

(276) 496-7141

Sub sandwiches, salads, hamburger steak, fried chicken, fried flounder, shrimp. Kids menu available. Desserts.

42 New China Kitchen 135 Palmer Avenue • Saltville

(276) 496-0083

Chinese cuisine including soup, fried rice, chow mein, chop suey, lo mein, egg foo young, pork, chicken, seafood, vegetables.Combination platters.

43 Pizza Plus 248 West Main Street • Saltville

(276) 496-5100

Pizza, buffet and delivery.

44 Subway 402 Palmer Avenue • Saltville

(276) 496-7013

National chain restaurant.

276-646-3306 25


W h i te to p Sugar Grove


18 Foxtail Cabin 342 Foxtail Lane • Sugar Grove (276) 677-3600 Newly-built 1100 sq. ft. cabin near Sugar Grove, VA. on secluded one-acre completely surrounded by national forest. Sleeps up to eight. Modern with electric heat, woodstove, dishwasher, washer/dryer, fully furnished and equipped. Available yearround. Vaulted ceilings, huge porch and deck. Wheelchair accessible. Tobacco-free. No pets. 19 Grindstone Campground 1946 Laurel Valley Road (276) 388-3983 • (877)-444-6777 Within the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area, this high-elevation campground provides cool shaded summer camping. 90 single and 7 double sites plus tables, flush toilets, showers and electric and water hookups. The Campground also

has a water play area, trails, trout fishing in nearby creeks and an amphitheater with weekend programs. Reservations can be made by calling Reserve America at Mount Rogers National Recreation Area 20 Hurricane Campground 2021 Hurricane Campground Road (276) 783-5196 30 camping units with parking spurs, picnic tables and fireplaces. Hurricane Knob Trail is a 1.5 mile trail in the campground and access to the Appalachian Trial is within a half mile. Hunting in this area and trout fishing in Hurricane and Comers Creeks are excellent. 21 Kissing Rock Camp 1224 Horne Hollow Rd • Sugar Grove (276) 677-3851 Primitive camp for the mostly self sufficient. It is centrally located in the Mount Rogers

Map Key: See maps pages 6-9 to locate: 12 Accommodations 9 Attractions 2 Dining A Shopping National Recreation Area, about 12 miles off I-81. Direct access to the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail. . Horses may be kept in paddocks, or your own electric pens. Stalls are available. The “Looney Cabin” located in Camp, Va. is accessible from Kissing Rock Camp by horseback. 22 Raccoon Branch Campground 6416 Sugar Grove Highway • (276) 7835196 • 20 camping units at Raccoon Branch have paved parking spurs, picnic tables and fireplaces and some have electric and water hookups. The campground has connections to the Appalachian Trail and the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail. There is a 2-mile trail to Dickey Knob. Dickey Creek and Raccoon Branch are beside the campground and provide opportunities for fishing and wading. Reservations can be made by calling Reserve America at 877-444-6777 or online at



Aerial View of Whitetop Mountain


17 Davis Valley Winery 1167 Davis Valley Road, Rural Retreat 276-686-8855 Sample wines on a 100-year old oak bar, tour the winery, browse the gift shop, or just sit on the veranda and enjoy the spectacular view. Enjoy live entertainment on special occasions in the vineyard amphitheatre. 18 Settlers Museum of Southwest Virginia Step 100 years into the past. 67 acre open air museum featuring the story of the people who settled the area. View the Migration Story and map at our visitor’s center, visit the restored 19th-century living history farm complete with

Atkins farmhouse and 8 original outbuildings, and tour the restored 1894 one-room Lindamood schoolhouse. The Appalachian Trail runs through the property, as well as Virginia’s Wildlife and Birding Trail number MBW10. Kids 12 & under are free! 1322 Rocky Hollow Road • Atkins (276) 686-4401 •


23 Comfort Inn 5558 Lee Highway • Atkins (276) 783-2144 50 rooms, cable TV, phone and data port lines, private bath and individually controlled AC and heat. Smoking and Nonsmoking. Continental Deluxe Breakfast. Kids up to 13 stay free.


45 Atkins Tank Restaurant. 5533 Lee Highway • Atkins (276) 781-2006 Family style restaurant. 46 The Barn Restaurant 7412 Lee Highway, Rural Retreat 276-686-6222 Casual family dining. Offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 47 Subway 5522 Lee Highway, Atkins 276-783-2668 National name franchise.

276-646-3306 27

Outdoor Recreation

Saltville Wave Pool

22 Hungry Mother State Park 2854 Park Boulevard, Marion (276) 781-7400 • state_parks/hun.shtml Beautiful woodlands and placid 108-acre lake in the heart of the mountains, sandy beach with bathhouse, boats and boat launch, fishing pier, campgrounds, cabins, restaurant, gift shop, visitor center, a five-bedroom lodge that sleeps 16, and hiking and biking trails. Hemlock Haven Conference Center, for retreats, conferences and special events. 19 Appalachian Trail, Mt. Rogers NRA USDA Forest Svc, 3714 Hwy 16, Marion (276) 783-5196 • SW VA includes spectacular sections of this famous Maine-to-Georgia footpath, with wilderness high summits, mature timber and vivid floral displays in June and July. 20 Clinch Mountain Wildlife Mgmt Area Laurel Bed Lake need address • Saltville (276) 944-5024 Hunting, fishing, ample parking, boat ramps available at Laurel Bed Lake, shooting range for archery, campground and B&B, horseback riding, hiking, wildflowers in spring. 21 Helen Williams Barbrow Interpretative Trail 217 Palmer Ave., Saltville (276) 496-5342 The historical area on this trail, commonly called the well fields, is the site of paleontological and archaeological digs and salt production from the late 1700’s to the present. It is home to various flora and fauna including salt loving plants rare to the mountains of Southwest Virginia. The area was also the site of the Second Battle of Saltville in 1864.

23 Mount Rogers National Recreation Area 3714 Highway 16 (800) 628-6202 • A 200,000 acre mountain recreation wonderland within the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests. The highest point in the state of Virginia as its centerpiece, Mount Rogers.Hiking, camping and fishing. The old rail bed trail called the Virginia Creeper runs along the Whitetop Laurel Creek from Abingdon, VA to West Jefferson, NC. It is part of the Appalachian Trail that extends from Maine to Georgia. 24 Salt Trail Town of Saltville • 496-5342 Once a railroad trail from Saltville to Glade Spring. 11 mile converted railroad bed for hiking and biking. 25 Saltville Wave Pool 416 Panther Lane, Saltville (276) 496-5342 • Saltville’s new wave pool, has the ability to generate ocean-like waves. Pool is 150 feet long by 60 feet wide and includes a children’s area with a fountain. 26 Skulls Gap Picnic Area Mount Rogers Nat’l. Rec. Area Rt. 762, Whitetop Road, Marion (276) 783-5196 7 picnic units with tables, grills and parking spurs.

Public Golf Courses:

28 Holston Hills Community Golf Course 1000 Country Club Rd., Marion (276) 783-7484 18 hole course features 6,536 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 72. The course rating is 70.8 and it has a slope rating of 126. 29 Saltville Golf Course 1 Stadium Drive, Saltville (276) 496-7779 9 hole course features 2,802 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 35. The course rating is 0 and it has a slope rating of 125. Water hazards and sand traps make playing a challenge. Pro shop. 30 Scenic View Golf Course 969 Loves Mill Road, Chilhowie (276) 646-3535 9 hole course features 3,105 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 36.

27 Virginia Highlands Horse Trail Mount Rogers Nat’l. Recreation Area 3714 Highway16, Marion (276) 783-5196 68-mile trail between Elk Garden and VA Rt. 94. It features mountainous terrain, valley views and valley crossings. The trail includes parking and primitive camping for those who trailer horses.


“Fish the Blue”

A guide to 18 popular fishing destinations in a four county area of Southwest Virginia (Washington, Smyth, Grayson, Wythe) including lakes, rivers, creeks and runs.

Welcome to the Blue Ridge Highlands Fishing Trail

For more information, visit

Along the trail you will find some of the best fishing in the state such as Whitetop Laurel Creek, which is one of Virginia’s largest and most beautiful trout streams. In Wythe and Grayson counties, you’ll find the New River which is ranked in the top 5 best smallmouth bass fisheries in the nation! The South Fork of the Holston River in Smyth County features two special regulation areas that help make the stream one of the premier trout fisheries in the Commonwealth. There are two fee fishing areas along the trail, the Clinch Mountain Fee Fishing area and the stocked trout waters along Cripple Creek. The fee fishing areas offer put-and-take trout fishing with the added advantage that trout are stocked several times weekly throughout the season. If lake fishing is more your style, you are in luck! South Holston Lake is a 7,580-acre impoundment operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). Much of the reservoir is in Tennessee, but the Washington County Virginia portion of the reservoir offers anglers more than 1,600 surface acres of water. Another lake fishing destination is Hungry Mother Lake which is located within Hungry Mother State Park in Marion, Virginia. Hungry Mother Lake is a really peaceful place to spend an afternoon, a weekend or your entire vacation. The countless Virginia State Park amenities make it a great family destination. Grab your tackle box and get “hooked” on the Blue Ridge Highlands Fishing Trail by ordering a free guide today. 276-646-3306 29

FA I R S A N D F E S T I VA L S Re g i o n a l S p e c i a l E v e n t s i n S my t h C o u n t y, Vi r g i n i a

JANUARY – DECEMBER Museum of the Middle Appalachians Main Street, Saltville, VA Info: 276-496-3633 “Song of the Mountains” First Saturday each month Lincoln Theatre, Marion Smyth County Jam Every Monday, Lions Clubs Building, Chilhowie, Info: 496-5467 Saltville Jam Every Friday, Allisons Gap Ruritan APRIL – DECEMBER Alive After 5/Art Walk: Downtown Marion Second Friday Art Walk Info: Town of Marion 783-4190

APRIL – OCTOBER Saltville Farmer’s Market Saturdays 3 – 6 pm, Info: 496-5342

MARCH Whitetop Mountain Maple Festival 4th Saturday in March, Whitetop, VA

MAY – OCTOBER Marion Regional Farmers’ Market Town Square parking lot, Saturdays 8:00am - Noon Info: Town of Marion 783-4190

APRIL Annual Mountain Dew Triathlon Hungry Mother State Park Last Saturday in April Info: 781-7412 or 781-7400

JUNE – OCTOBER Chilhowie Farmers’ Market Warrior Park, Thursdays from 3:00 – 7:00 pm Info: Town of Chilhowie 646-3232 SEPTEMBER- NOVEMBER Sherwood Anderson Festival Info: Library - 783-2323 Ext: 228

MAY Naturalist Rally Second weekend in May, Konnarock, VA Whitetop Mountain Ramp Festival Mid-May, Whitetop, VA Memorial Day Celebration Food, music, patriotic flag display, parade Downtown Marion JUNE Back of the Dragon Motorcycle Rally First weekend in June, info: 877-755-9928 JULY Hungry Mother Arts & Crafts Festival Hungry Mother State Park Third Weekend, Marion, VA, Info: 781-7400 Car Nuts Club Show Chilhowie Recreation Park, July 4th Weekend Info: 646-3232 Saltville Trail Days Info: 496-5342



Fa m e r ’s M a rk e t s , L i v e M u s i c , a n d M o r e !

Marion Downtown Days & Chili Cookoff Downtown Marion, Info: 783-4190 Kid’s Digs Museum of the Middle Appalachians, Info: 496-3633 JULY- AUGUST Rich Valley Fair Last Fri July - 1st Saturday in August Rich Valley Fairgrounds, Rich Valley, Info: 624-3263 AUGUST War Between the States Reenactment Second weekend in August, Saltville VA SEPTEMBER Saltville Labor Day Festival Saltville, VA Chilhowie Community Apple Festival Info: 646-8213, Chilhowie, last weekend in September SEPTEMBER - NOVEMBER Sherwood Anderson Festival Marion, VA, Info: 783-2323 OCTOBER Back of the Dragon Motorcycle Rally 2nd Weekend in October, Info: 877-755-9928 Whitetop Mountain Molasses Festival Whitetop, VA Civil War Troops Memorial Service Buckeye Street, Saltville, Info: 496-5342 Heritage Day Settlers Museum of SWVA Info: 686-4401 Halloween Madness Historic Downtown Marion, Info: 783-4190

NOVEMBER – JANUARY Christmas Tree Exhibit Museum of the Middle Appalachians Info: 496-3633 NOVEMBER Veteran’s Day Program Wall of Honor Info: 783-5342 Marion Christmas Market Farmer’s Market Pavilion, Marion Info: 783-4190 Marion Kaleidoscope Parade Main Street, Marion Info: 783-4190

Farmer’s Markets Chilhowie Farmers’ Market June through October Warrior Park (in front of Old High School / Chilhowie Library), Thursdays from 3:00 - 7:00 pm. 276-646-3232. Marion Regional Farmers’ Market May through October Town Square Pavilion Every Saturday 8:00am – Noon. 276-783-4190. Saltville Farmer’s Market April - October Downtown Saltville Saturdays 3:00 - 6:00 pm 276-496-5342

Live Music Weekly Music & Jam Sessions Smyth County Jam Monday 6:30 p.m. at the Chilhowie Lions Club, Chilhowie, VA Salty Dog Jam Tuesday 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at the Saltville Coon Club – Lake Drive, Saltville, VA Allison Gap Ruritan Club Friday 6:30 p.m. at the Allison Gap Community Center in Saltville, VA Chilhowie Lions Club Dance Friday 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at the Chilhowie Lions Club, Chilhowie, VA Music in the Park Friday 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Fridays June - August Hungry Mother State Park, Marion, VA Song of the Mountains at the Lincoln Theatre, Marion, VA First Saturday each month

276-646-3306 31



M ountains of Possibilities VISITORS


Things To Do • Outdoor Recreation • History & Heritage

Music & Arts • Museums • Shopping • Dining • Maps

Places To Stay • Beautiful Scenery • Events & Festivals

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